Oulanya reserves disgruntled over empty pockets

Key National Resistance Movement (NRM) cadres deserted Jacob Oulanyah Deputy; August House Speaker to joined former Forum for Democratic Change die hard Eng. Andrew Olal Obong after crossing to NRM party fighting the Oulanyah Omoro County seat.
Oulanyah has been giving them fish instead of hooks.
Ben Acellam, let them stop using my name if they have issues with Oulanyah let them face him, Paska Obina I did not shiest him

GULU-UGANDA: Billy-Graham Olanya is the Omoro Chief National Resistance Movement Cadre, and former Councilor for Awere-Sub County, in Pader district.

Later, became Councilor for Odek Sub-County Gulu district led NRM Cadres and crossed to Eng. Olal Obong the former strong loyalist of FDC Party and formerly financed Hon Tolit Akecah (outdated MP Omoro).

Olanya divulged to Oyeng Yeng News that what forced them to desert to Eng. Olal Obong camp is because of the mistrust they have with Mr Acellam Ben arrogance among others.

Acellam is the Parliamentary Secretary to the Rt. Honorable Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah.

The defectors had first meeting at Pece Pawel to engineer plots to dethrone Oulanya.

The aggression directed towards the Deputy Speaker is yet scheduled to take place on June 28th 2020 where the disgruntled men want to drum for more defection and strategize on action plan.

‘’We cross to Oulanyah political rival, we want to deny him the grassroot NRM primary election so that he must know that we are the one who fought for him in the last election.’’ Billy said.

Quinto Kidega one of the NRM cadre and a renown drummer of Acholi Cultural heartbeat said they have decided to make political exodus because there is no development in Omoro equivalent to the number five in NRM government hierarchy.

The men said for two terms, they had sweated to see the son of Jaka clan be the legislator hoping he would transform their homes but in vein.

‘’Since he became the Deputy Speaker, no single son and daughter of Omoro is employed in the office of the President as RDCs and you do not see government number plate UC in Omoro,” Kidega said.

“When you review Richard Todwong’s records in connecting people, you will be shock,” he added.

“Publish our concern to push Oulanyah to meet us,” Kidega said in a press interview on June 25.

Mr. Olal Obong who is Water Engineer of Gulu district is traversing support at grassroot.

But he needs to run in the NRM Primaries to defeat Oulanyah to become the flag bearer to challenge queue of Opposition candidates in the coming 2021 Parliamentary election.

They are Eng. Terence Odonga (FDC), and Okot Abok Secondo (Peoples Power).

The defected persons are low level literate officials and often known as opportunists who are silenced by mere out of pocket.

“We need Oulanyah to meet us and whenever we call him, he picks not!” Kidega said.

The team is led by Graham Olanya Billy, who is hopeful to contest for Omoro District Chairman.

Others are Mr. Quinto Kidega, Ocama, Okene Anyanya, Ocunu Muno, Billy-gram, Labeja Tom, Akera Balam Paska Obina former political aid to Deputy Speaker.

All these are NRM carders among them are Local council chairperson of villages and parish levels.

The Principle Parliamentary Secretary to Deputy Speaker Ben Acellam said if the so-called defectors want to meet Deputy Speaker, they needed to go to Kampala or come to Gulu city and meet him.

Mr Acellam said if the men are accusing Oulanyah of failing to receive a phone call, or calling them as poor guys, they need to say these wild allegations directly to him.

“Why accuse me falsely! I have never picked a quarrel or involved myself in trouble with any of these colleagues,” Acellam said.

“I am not the campaign agent of Jacob Oulanyah, I am employed by the Parliament of Uganda through Public Services, based on my qualification of my paper, and am paid according to that.’’ former Omoro county politician said.

“Employing RDCs is not the prerogative of Oulanya, let them negotiate with those responsible of placing those leaders@ Acellam said.

The political Assistant of Deputy Speaker Opiyo Denis said “It’s not true, and its not good to put in Newspaper. If they want to meet Oulanyah in Gulu, he will not chase them away.”

“People want to put words in others people’s mouth,” Opiyo added “When it comes to area of employment, its not Oulanyah who does it, Oulanyah is a policy maker and he can only recommend people which he did several times.”

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