Is Kaunda ground will be another Nakivobo decleration


President Museveni is in Gulu City, to celebrate Uganda National Youth Day, as whole the roads leading to Gulu City hundred thousand on looker trek to Kaunda ground to listen to un promised presidential pledges of Acholi War Debt Claimants Compensation.

Socio-Political commentator Okumu Langol Livingstone on the mark

GULU CITY-UGANDA: Would Norbert Mao’s and Museveni agenda galvanize the long lasting democratization to bailout the limbo Uganda opposition parties as part of Uganda political transition?

Today Friday August 26, 2022. Will be the first time for both President Museveni and Norbert Mao’s Presidential General of Democratic Party (DP) public meeting at Kaunda ground in Gulu City, epic center for central Luo hegemony, the two foes turned political ally.

On July 23, 2022.  President Museveni appointed Norbert Mao, the oldest opposition Party leader in Uganda to become his cabinet minister of Constitutional Affairs after marathon political negotiation for years between them, Mao codified to Oyeng Yeng News Editor.

But, is the end of road to Mao the most critical of Uganda dictatorial regime, or is just the beginning of Uganda upheaval, this is what Acholi community hanger to hear from Museveni and Mao.

Top on agenda, the Acholi community wanted Mao and Museveni to agree on Apaa land issues that have locked Madi and Acholi communities that have been living as neighbors for time in memorial.

Secondly, the Acholi community wanted to hear from Mao who is the new minister of Constitutional Affairs whose docket for Acholi War Debt Compensations falls under, if he is committed to wipeout corruption, since UGX 50 billion has been released for payment, but no one gets the money.

The rest will be later.

Who is president Museveni, since he shorts his way to power from 1986, President Museveni when he came to power in 1986, he used what later he described as Ox bow tactic to rule Uganda.

First of all, he built his base in western Uganda, by recruiting the late Eriya Katigaya, his longtime child friend, John Patrick Amama Mbazi, Sir Richard Kajuka, Gen. Otahinda Otafire, Dr. Ruakanda Rudunda, Gen. David Ssejua, Gen. Elly Tumuinde, Gen. Tumukunde and others to create who remain on his side, although he parted away with others.

In Central region, the Ganda, president Museveni recruited the former Prime minister Kintu Musoke, Sauda Bumba, the former primer Apollo Sebambi, Abu Mayanja, Bidende Saleh, Mayanja Kanzi and the bulk of Democratic Party led by Pual Ssemogerere, Sebana Kizittto, Francis Babu and other.

But later Museveni ditched them to dustbin, while moving to eastern Uganda, Busoga region, he grabbed Dr. Seketeloke, Dr. Specioza. Kajubi, Alaji Hijji, but restwill be later




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