There was counter attack of UPDF after forces from DR Congo raided Uganda boarder post in Zombo, UPDF Spokesperson confirmed

The ill that follow a fool goes with it to his mother In-law, Acholi adage saying

ZOMBO- UGANDA: Major Caecer Olweny the Spokesperson for  4th  Division of UPDF base on Monday 9, March, 2020 who appeared on Radio Ruupiny FM in Gulu reputed the allegation that there was a new rebels activity in West Nile in Zombo, he told Radio Ruupiny that those who came attack the UPDF position in Zombo barrack were mere bandit, the civilians who were harmed with bows and arrows.

“I would like to reassure the people that there is no rebels activities in Northern Uganda, those people who came and attack our position in Zombo, they believed in witchcraft, how can you come to fight UPDF who have guns with bows and spears.” Olweny urged.

He further more says when the UPDF pursued them the following day, they were blocked by DR Congo army and we have to capture them, “In deed we managed to arrest 27 of them,most of them are now being arrested by community in Zombo.” Olweny reiterates.

However, an independent instigation by Oyeng Yeng News under cover revealed  that prior to first hand information by Major Olweny was just a matter of misinformation to hoodwinks the public.

However, independent information reaching Oyeng Yeng News desk indicated that there were some section of forces from DR Congo who took advantaged of security lap spora boarder between Uganda and DR Congo, to attack Uganda forces,sources says.

This follow the creak down of boada boda motor cycle which was believed to be stolen from Uganda side and being driven into DR Congo. so some of the affected people who are part of the forces across or belong to DR Congo the aggrieve party sneak across the boarder and attack UPDF barrack,, source revealed.



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