The political fight loom over new Gulu District Head oFFICE

TWO years ago, the District Councilors resolved that Awach Sub County is going to be the district headquarter for the new Gulu district, but yesterday District Executive Committee passed resolution that Cwero Sub County will be the new Gulu district headquarter.
GULU-UGANDA: Martin Ojara Mapenduzi, the Chairman Gulu District Local Government is under fire from his electorates for allowing Gulu district head office to move from Awach Sub County to Cwero, which is formerly Aswa County headquarters in Dr. Obote Milton regime in 1960s.
Three councilors dare the district leaders that they will face people demand, the three are, Lillian Lalam, the Councilor for Awach, Francesca Amony and Isaac Youth Chairperson for Gulu Municipality while addressing press conference in Gulu, at Northern Uganda Media Club (NUMEC) say they are ready fight the transfer of the new Gulu District politically.
‘’We have decided to called for press briefing to air out our concern in regards to the intricates of the district leaders, our politicians who have decided to transfer Gulu district head office from Awach Sub County to Cwero, and yet all along Awach has been preparing to house the district head office. As Gulu City has been declared to begin on July 1st 2020.’’
Lalam says what the DEC has decided to take office of Aswa to Cwero is out of order, we have Awach Health Center IV that now can be ready as a starting point. But the DEC they are saying that Cwero has the road network that can connect to Omoro district and Pader district.
Amony decries that although she is not the councilor for Aswa county, but being the councilor for Gulu district, Awach is the right place be the district head office for Gulu.
Willy Choowor media guro, posted in social media accusing the district councilors for being bias, says they should be ready to face political count down.
‘’The out going leaders must be ready to face to political pressure from their electorates soon.’’
Akot Mary accused Obol Simple man who is the Sec. for Work who should have been the person to make sure that his department of work finalise where the district head office should be, but instead he is dealing with sex worker.
”Obol his photo has been moving in social media alleged to be smoking private part of prositute” she allaged

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