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THE INDO-PAKISTANIS,THE CHINESE:THE LEBANESE treat us as second class citizens

When billionaire ALIKO DANGOTE (richest African) speaks in simple and clear language, he says:

By observing different social groups, a fact will disturb you.


The Chinese always evolve into a very closed group and if you see an African among them, it is surely the one who occupies the lowest level of the group: driver, security agent, maintenance agent. The Chinese always eat in Chinese restaurants. When they have to stock up, they prefer Chinese shops. When they want to import produts into Africa, they only take it from China.


The Lebanese remain partitioned between them. They eat Lebanese, they buy Lebanese, send their children to Lebanese schools. Do Africans date Lebanese girls? But an African girl will be proud to strut with a Lebanese. And when they both go to Lebanon, you will hear that the young African girl is mistreated, introduced into prostitution networks or even killed at the great indifference of the African elites and NGOS.


They, like Chinese and Lebanese, return to each other. They don’t eat African, don’t wear African clothes. And paradoxically, they import African fabrics in Africa. And in the major market of Africa, they hold with the Lebanese, whole parts of the economics of the States. The always go home to marry their own. These three groups are the top of the distribution of imported products in Africa. They are wholesalers or semi-wholesalers. And the Negroes we are, let us remain simple retailers on our own soil. Can Africans have as much power in those countries? I wonder.


The Europeans, on the other hand, constitute a seperate group, that of the very superior. You will never see them own a store in an African market. It’s too low for them. It will tarnish their skin. They come under the name “co-operators”. With a Bachelor’s degree plus two years of education, they come to give lessons to African graduates, on topics… much better mastered by the Africans. Neither the European, the Chinese, the Lebanese or the Indo-Pakistani, will ever open the doors of a restaurant “African specialities”.

Dear Africans, when we buy from a Lebanese, a Chinese, an Indo-Pakistani, rather than an African, we enrich a foreigner who will one day take out his money fraudulently, without ever anything lasting in our States before going home. There is no connection.

On the other hand, the African is linked to a given level to your family, near or far. When we buy from an African, we help a family member somewhere.

“AFRICANS BECOME AWARE, SHARE THIS AWARENESS. Why should we take so long to figure this out? But it is never too late to come to reason. Doesn’t it bother us to be the last? The poorest (knowing that we are the richest)? The least respected? The least educated? The least considered when they need us to get rich?

Yes, they all come to us to get rich. We can change things without relying on politicians. They only have their eyes on money, power, betray their people and unfairly open the door of our continent to these same traitors groups.

Dear brothers and sisters let us seek African, find African, consume African, create African, enrich ourselves and/or another African family, or our own country, city, village, we will experience prosperity. It does not lie and it has proven its worth in the Jewish community, which is one, if not the most prosperous on the world. Let us organize ourselves. We are more powerful than you think. Everything starts one day, they could do it, why not us? We have the same number of brains.

Let’s erase the feeling of inferiority they injected into our heads. If every African takes the first step, that’s a lot of steps.

The Speech Analyst

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