We will walk with our heads as Acholi Parliamentary Groups for the region, we shall boast of your George Openyjuru Ladaah, V.C Gulu University FOR THE BEST African Award.” Betty Aol Ocan, Gulu City Women MP, made a welcoming remark at Gulu University.

Gulu City was litter by convey of motorcades escorting George Openyjuru Ladaah, the VC of Gulu University home welcome from Addis Ababa Ethiopia capital, Prof. Openyjuru won African Magazine Prestige’s Best Award which was voted for all 55 African Countries, the best achievement in the discipline Leadership and Administrative Management so far that Gulu University has beaten over 40 Ugandans Universities.


Prof. George Openyjuru Ladaah, V.C OF Gulu University won 2023 the best excellence performance of African Magazine Leadership and Management Award beating 55 African Universities, received the award from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Friday, March 15, 2024.

Prof. Openyjuru during a thanks giving ceremony at Gulu University Focally of Agriculture acknowledged his achievement and said the African Magazine Award was given because of good leadership and Management Gulu University has displayed during the time he became Gulu University Vice Chancellor.

Prof. Openyjuru elaborates that if Gulu University students went on demonstration, beating and destroying people’s poverty and beating innocent people on the streets, he would have not gotten the award.

“I thinks, I have a very civil job, I would like to reorganized MP Betty Aol Ocan, Gulu City Women MP, Gulu City Lord Mayor, Alfred Okwonga, for impromptu respond to come and welcome me, Betty Aol Ocan always come to see us in Gulu University, unlike other MPs who also they are near here. This achievement that has been awarded in my name is not me alone, is not mind alone.  Is leadership and to lead you must have staff, academics and members of management.” Prof. Openyjuru reiterates.

Adds this award is called, “Prof. George Openyjuru Ladaah Vice Chancellor Gulu University, if I am not managing Gulu University and working with all academic staff, Gulu University Council and entire students body, you guys I would not have gotten. You students, if you were beating people on the streets, I wouldn’t have gotten, this is not me, but our award, I will leave it when I leave University, I will leave office.” Prof. Openyjuru Ladaah insists.

Prof. Openyjuru revealed that since Gulu University won African Magazine Award for leadership and Management, Gulu University will also award the best academic excellence performance yearly award. Gulu University is ready to introduce new faculty including Engineering and others.

At the moment Gulu University has introduced faculty of law evening and weekend programs.

“We are going to introduce alternative law and evening and morning weekend programs.”

Prof. Openyjuru who introduced armful academic staff, and he was backed up by Gulu University Chairman of Gulu University Council Mrs. Teddy Obbo says he was accompanied to Addis Ababa with his wife and a son, not forgetting teams of Gulu University top leadership. If the plane came down with us, Gulu University would have lost all manpower, all of you will be at home for a month.

Mrs. Teddy Obbo, was enthusiastic, said to the Vice Chancellor you ingrained Gulu University in the map of Africa, we wish you should continue with this award, we are going to borrow this award in African Magazine who have honored you.

“We are going to award poor students from rural settings in Acholi Sub Region, registering academics.”

Gulu University Gerry Bagaya academic register, revealed that the theme for award is building reliance for Africa, is education you preserve, the award given to Prof. Openyjuru Ladaah.

Betty Aol Ocan, says Gulu University has given Members of Acholi Legislators added advantages, there is nothing we have been proud of, apart from Gulu University, the award given to Prof. George Ladaah is for all of us as northern.

“We will walk with our heads as MPs for the region, we shall boast of your award as Acholi Sub Region, other regions have been boasting for their achievement, but in education.” Betty Aol Ocan reiterated.


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