Archbishop Odama call for peace prayer


Gulu Arch Dioceses is hosting a peace prayer week that kicks off today Friday, 22, March 2024. The Prayer peace week is being hosted to bring all four Catholic Arch Dioceses of Lira, Arua, Nebbi and Gulu ArchDiocese, this came at the background when youths from West Nile demanded what is wrong why peace is not prevailing in Northern Uganda.

GULU CITY-FRIDAY, March 22, 2024

Vicar General Monsignor Mathew Odongo, yesterday during press conference organized by ArchBishop John Baptist Odama at St Monica Adel in Gulu City says Gulu Arch Dioceses is hosting one-week peace prayer to bring together the four Catholic Arch Dioceses of Lira, West Nile, Nebbi and Gulu.

“We are preparing for 17 prayers that include Lira, Nebbi, and Arua arch Diocese to come together, this has been inspired by the only spirits, war has divided us, for sure you know war brings wound and calamity, diameter loss of lives in Northern Uganda.” Mathew Odongo reiterated.

He says this was called by ArchBishop John Baptist Odama, he stresses without peace there no development, without peace there is no togetherness, let all of us convene ourselves, through the arch Dioceses of Northern Uganda, it is not of John Baptist Odama, it for all of us 17 Provincial Prayers.

The Director of Gulu Arch Diocese Komakech John Alusu was also present during the press briefing at St Monica Adel

Archbishop John Baptist Odama, who was in the high mood, at about 3.16 hours appeared to address Northern Uganda Media Club. He says it has been a long time we have been with the press, some of you may not know that I am your patron of NUMEC. This event we called GANAL PEADE WEEK, this acrimony stands for mission: we bring all those we have 13 clans in Northern Uganda, we are 39 prayers, and we have9 religious grouping.

Although we have seven religious groupings in Northern Uganda used to be one despite the fact, all those Madi, Lubgwara, Alur, Lendous, Lango politics play their roles. We are saying let us come together for peace and unity. The first prayer took place in 2009in Arua town, it should have been in Adjumani district.


The issue which arose from the youth’s generation was that young people to the elders, why there is no peace in Northern Uganda. The prayer was conducted by Arch Bishop Wamala of Kampala ArchDiocese.

The original theme was presented by POPE that we need artificial intelligence and peace., the issues of Cow, the issues with our border Sudan and the issues of Apaa and Gurre Pongdwongo, Kacoke Madit and Roco Paco we need to pray for it.

ArchBishop Odama says the call was for individuals to participate in peace, so we changed the theme building together.

According to the Pope when he was saying, the world must come together, because the baby in the worm, the baby in hand, the youths and the elders must be together.

Adding that we pick this message so that we remain together, stressing you know there is war is destroying people, property and infrastructure. Destruction in Humanity, you are all aware that destruction in Ukraine, Russia and Gaza and Israel, if your role as a journalist is meaningful we have to grow in brotherhood.


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