The failed Acholi political bandwagon, of Norbert Mao hegemony of the National Resistance Movement, and the late Col. Walter Ochora, the former Gulu District Chairman,

Teams of Uganda Parliamentary Police Forces raided Gulu City and arrested two social media operatives of Lt. Gen. Charles Otema Awany, as part of witch hunting intimidation to curtail the media freedom.

On Wednesday last week, March, 27, 2024. Akena Lamac said two their social media was picked from Bomah hotel by parliamentary Criminal Investigative Detective police officers who claimed that they are from office of prime minister who have come to interview the youth of Acholi on coffee production

They grabbed phone from Otim Francis and Onencan Richard and took them to Gulu Central Police Station and later went with one person who was taken taken to Kampala and he was threatened by Mapenduzi who told Onencan from his office in Parliament that he would have killed Onencan because of the blackmailing and killing his legacy who he has built for more than 15 years.

You just within three months you have destroyed my political career, Ojara decries before his tormentor Oenecan in Parliament, while parading the list of six youths from Gulu that he wanted arrest them and alienate them, Ojara was speaking venom to innocent toddler, this is how alien turned master could humiliate captivity.


Before bundling him in cell intimidation Mapenduzi ordered his captive to record his statement, the tormentor refused to record a statement, from parliament he was taken to Kampala Central Police Station in the evening at 6pm, he slept there but in the middle of the night someone came to visit him. A lady police officer told the captive in the cell that someone is asking too see Onencan

Onencan says only to find out it was Mapenduzi, he refused to come out his narrative went and in the morning the parliamentary Criminal Investigation Detective CID one called Obua Denise came to record his statement still the tormentor was adamant, refusing the order, from Kampala CPS, later he found out that the person who sent his information to a parliamentary CID was media blogger of Mapenduzi called Lucuromio

As event was unfolding Onencan was taken to Kampala City Council court, when he was in the dock, Ojara Martin Mapenduzi, the complainer was not there, the parliamentary CID wasn’t even around, Onencan was given a court bail by the effort by Lagen David Atuka, the MP for Agago East and Lapyem Thomas Awany, he will go back on the 2 may 2024,

When I came back home, the parliamentary CID used my phone to call one of my friend who was left behind when at Gulu CPS, the parliamentary police Detective who was using my phone rang Otim Francis for 3o minutes, pretending that he was Onencan Richard as a ploy arrest Otim through my phone which they have communicated.

On March 27, when Onencan was arrested the dos grabbed his phone since and until now his is being used to con Martin Ojara Political opponents who do not subscribe to his political demagogy. While Mapenduzi Ojara told me from his office that Otim is the prime suspect, why did the Parliamentary Police CIDs leave Otim, instead of taking Oenecan, they should have brought all the two Gen. Otema social media.

Ojara while in Parliament he abuses me and told me point blank that I will rot in jail and I will see who will rescue us because Gen Muhoozi is on his side, sarcastically Onencan was mocked, and he will the pour of the army belonging from Gen. MK to crush whoever cross his political line

After Oencan was bailed out from Kampala City Council court, again Ojara Martin Mapenduzi sent his Parliamentary CID cop to come and arrest Otim Francis. When the parliamentary CID their contact was intercepted by Gen. Otema Awany, Gen. Otema made a phone call to the Inspector General of Police IGP, in turn the IGP called on the boss of Parliamentary Police which later directed Obura to leave Gulu City immediately the parliamentary.

However, before Parliamentary CID leave Gulu City, he had sent his Photograph hoodwinking IGP that he was within Kampala and in parliament, but he was warned and given ultimatum to leave Gulu City immediately, otherwise he will face dismissal this is how Otim Francis survived Omari’s plot to alienate him

Ojara Martin Mapenduzi failed to outsmart Mucky politics as Gen Otema took center stage with Gen. MK, over the weekend instead of the newly appointed Uganda Army Commander, Gen. Muhoozi who was invited to be the chef guest in Masindi during thanksgiving ceremony of welcoming Balaam Barugara in jubilation where was Ojara Martin Mapenduzi?

Lt. Gen. Otema Awany was the UPDF chief guest, wind around Gulu City has it that issues of General are handled with General, the returned home of Gen. MK rights hand man was a u turn for political Rwot ineka kinyero in Gulu.

Martin Ojara has been riding of the failed Acholi political bandwagon, of Norbert Mao hegemony of the National Resistance Movement, and the late Col. Walter Ochora, the former Gulu District Chairman, that is why Norbert Mao was a king maker in Acholi Sub Region, he was able to send Mrs. Betty Aol Ocan.

The NRM hegemony and the Lord Resistance Army bandwagon has been used to maintain the ruling NRM in power for years, and the countered strategies which was deployed by the Acholi opposition hardliner led by Norbert Mao, maintain the status quo of Acholi cultural norms adage when Ronald Reagan Okumu, Mike Ocula, Jacob Oulanyah Lanywen, Okello Okello Livingstone, and the later Beatrice Anywar, before throwing in the towel, were the day when Acholi MP could speak with one voice.

The hardliner came as a result of the former MPs in the 5th and 6th parliament of the likes of A.A Ongom, Eng. Olum Zacke, Eng. Anthony Oryang, Okullu Epak, Ojok Bileyo, Wassa, Omara Atubo, Dick Nyai and many others have gone to the dog.

Now we have self-seekers Members of Parliament, who line up for a token. Where has Acholi sub-region since 1962, from Obote I till today Uganda politics are being maneuvered through rule and division between Acholi and Lango.

In 1968, Uganda People Congress Party UPC delegate conference was held at Awere Primary school, where Sam Odaka and Kakonge boxed themselves, it was who is who in UPC, now we are witnessing who is who in NRM, between alien Ojara Mapenduzi and son of the soil Gen Otema Awany.

In that Dr. Obote I government, the likes of Lalobo Obadiah and Oola Peter Labara, the non- UPC, Dr. Apollo Milton Obote were the Dr. Obote ear on the ground, until they parted. Now, we see uncoordinated information between Gen. Kainda Otafire and his boss Gen Museveni, are we for what Paul Mwanga had described.

What significant Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, fondly known as “MK” has taken over the office of the Chief of Defense Forces (CDF) from Gen Mbadi, you will read more after one month?






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