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The Acholi community, who are viewed as an endangered ethnic group based in Northern Uganda are facing national purging under Kampala regime rule, since President Museveni shot his way to power in 1986, after guerrilla war campaigned in Luwero triangle in Central Uganda toppling six months of Gen. Tito Okello Lutwa military junta from Acholi community.

Am carrying president interest whatsoever I am doing, those did not register for National Resistance Movement during the NRM registration will not be able to get job.

Livingstone Okumu Langol.

Stephen Odong Latek, dismisses all allegation that he has been fired from Amuru District Residence Commissioner RDC, says he still the Amuru District Residence District Commissioner, Odong Latek was speaking at Gulu University yesterday Sunday, March 17, 2024, in compacity of Amuru RDC.

“I want to tell whoever did not registered for National Rsistance Movement party organ, when the opportunity for job is there you will not be consider, I am still RRDC Amuru.”Odong Latek boastfully warns.

Dr. Samael Michael Ochora, the slay Amuru District Veterinary Officer allegedly murdered in cold blood in the farm of Uganda Army Officer in Northern Uganda while re-enforcing Presidential Executive Order No.3, 2023 raised fear of clandestine earth to scorch operation by the regime

On Friday, 26, January 2024. The Acholi community in Northern Uganda woke up with shocking news of the death of Dr. Samuel Michael Ochora, Amuru District Veterinary Officer, DVO. The news was announced by Amuru District Residence Commissioner, Mr. Stephen Odong Latek. He confirmed that Dr. Samuel Michael Ochora was shot by one of the security officers from Uganda People Defense Forces UPDF, who had left his bullet in a camber and got fired accidentally, ending up shooting Dr. Ochora from the back and killing him instantly. Mr. Odong Latek reportedly said.

The father of the late Dr. Samuel Michael Ochora, disclosed that his son was picked from his residence at Akuru-Kwer village 8 kilometers outskirt, west of Gulu City by Joseph Nsabimana Amuru District Police Commander at 8.00PM local time and forcefully pushed into waiting Security Pick-up and he was taken to Lakang village 108 kilometers, where him the District Police Commander and Deputy District Internal Security Organization Julius Monday accompany and executed the plan of murdering the DVO, in Amuru district where he was slain in cold blood.

“At about 5.00Am on Tuesday, January 26, 2024. Mr. Odong Latek, Amuru District Commissioner RDC, came to his village in Kirombe 3 kilometer South-West outskirt of Gulu City. And informed him that his son Dr. Ochora was killed by mistaken gun short from one of the UPDF soldiers who had left his bullet in camber, and his body has been taken Gulu 4th UPDF Barrack military hospital, as he was telling him, the deceased body was lying in cool room.” Ben Okwamoi, the slain father, codified the CBC News source based in Gulu City Northern Uganda.

According to Mr. Mike Lakony, Amuru District Chairman Local Government, top political head of Amuru District in an exclusive interview says the former DVO, Dr. Samuel Michael Ochora was picked from his home in Akuru-Kwer village and taken to President Museveni’s brother ranch and where he was murdered.

“Dr. Samuel Michael Ochora on Monday January 22, 2024. In meeting with him, we agreed to go for animal’s eviction in Amuru, and his driver went and fueled the DVO vehicle, but later went and parked the vehicle at Amuru District Headquarter and the driver disappeared.  I was surprised to learn that night when news about his death was circulating in the social media.

I want to tell you that Dr. Samuel Michael Ochora once while he was on duty for evict the Balaalo cattle keepers who have invaded Acholi Sub Region, with over 80,000 head of cattle, there was an attempt to kill him, when he went to re-enforced the President Executive Order no. 3. He survived because he refused to get out of his vehicle.

Dr. Ochora was killed because he refused to sign for the document with fault information that indicates the Balaalo have few cattle in Amuru District, and also the Balaalo he was forced to sign the fault document to indicate that animal’s disease Foot and Mouth disease present in Amuru so that eviction order should be halted. Which he adamantly refused, that led to his alienation in cold blood.

In 2011, Col Walter Ochora, Gulu District Chairman, was killed in cold blood soon after failing to win an election as District Chairman for Gulu District. He was found dead in his room, in Kampala hotel, died while on working visits to state house, meeting president Museveni.

In 2016 five year later. Major General Julius Oketta said while he went to meet with President Museveni, Gen. Oketta had already been appointed as African Com Commander with the UN working in South Sudan. Major Gen. Oketta was deployed in Liberia, a West African Country to fight the Ebola outbreak, which he did very well.
Then in late 2022, Lt. General Paul Lukoech, the renowned battle hardened hero, was named. The lion of Mogadishu.” Who brought AL-Baab terrorist groups in the horn of Africa on its knees was slay. Lt. Gen. Lukech was Deputy Inspector General of Police.

And in Feb. 2023. Jacob Oulanyah, the Speaker of Uganda parliament was assassinated, the killing of Jacob Oulanyah almost brought President Museveni government down, as he failed to attend his close ally’s burial.
In 2023, yet another Minister of President Museveni Col. Okello Engola, State Minister of Defense under President Museveni.

In January, 2024. Iron Lady Cissy Atim Ogwal was alienated during 38 President Museveni National Resistance Movement anniversary, and a week later Dr. Samael Michael Ochora, Amuru DVO followed the bandwagon of the lnisists.
Early in 2004 in January Francis Ayume, the Speaker of Parliament the 10th Parliament was shot in ambush in Luwero district Central Uganda.

And also, Al-haji Abiriga was assassinated, he was the MP for Arua Municipality in 11th parliament.
Thirdly, there is military purging of the Acholi community under President Museveni led government because top leaders in Acholi Sub Region have been murdered since 1986, when the National Resistance Army/Movement shot their way to the reign of leadership in Uganda.

First, before president Museveni was sworn in after capturing power on 25th January 1986. For one-day President Museveni allowed Baganda to burn alive Acholi community in thousands on the streets of Kampala, and soon after swearing in on January 26, 1986. A week later he called off the Acholi killing on Kampala streets.
However, the National Resistance Army, NRA the then Guerrilla rag thug child soldiers advance forces when they reached Gulu and Kitgum districts in Northern Uganda, started earth to scorched killing that involved beheading young girls, tying youths in kandoya style, while hanging them on trees and roasting them alive.

A case in point, the Bur-coro burring over hundreds people alive in open graves were conducted by 50 Bridge, and it was alleged that the 50 Bridge battalion were Uganda Army NRA were the soldiers who were infected by HIV, and those 50 battalions caused massive HIV infection in Acholi Sub Region.

Mr. Gilbert Olanya, the MP for Kilak South in the 11th Uganda August House, allegedly says. The alienation of Dr. Samuel Michael Ochora, Amuru DVO listened to the list of top leaders assassinated under President Museveni. We don’t know and realize that most of the sons and daughters who had passed on under unclear circumstances died because of the cold war President Museveni used as a biochemical weapon.

In 1986, when President Museveni toppled Gen. Okello Tito Lutuwa an Acholi president all military officers, the former Uganda National Liberation Army UNLA forces who had surrendered to President led government, were taken to Luzira Maximum government prison, they former UNLA was arrest in thousands, and non-came back alive, some of them were taken to government prison Kibura in western Uganda.

That was in the period of 1986-1990 when the former UNLA and civil servants hailing from Northern Uganda were dismissed from Public service.

By 1991, Gen. David Tenyifunza was sent to conduct what is known as Operation Forgia North, Gen. Tenyifunza arrested 19 political leaders in Northern Uganda including Omara Atube, the then Minister of Defense working in Uganda government.

Grace Freedom Kwecwiny, state Minister for Northern Uganda said during the burial of Dr, Samuel Michael Ochora at his father in Kirombe outskirt of Gulu City on 2ed that the government have instituted in the investigation, and call for arrest of suspect involved in murdered of Amuru DVO.

“Government will send the teams of investigators that will include intelligence from Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence CMI, Internal Security Organization ISO Uganda Police Forces Intelligence from Head office.” The minister Kwecwiny remarked.

The Acholi Community which was led by Mr. Gilbert Olanya had planned to lead massive demonstrations to kick out the top Amuru District Leaders that participated in the alienation of Dr. Ochora. But on Sunday 11th Feb. the government fired Joseph Nsabimana, the DPC of Amuru, The Deputy DISO Julius Monday and Mr. Odong Latek the Amuru RDC.

Acholi community according Uganda Bureau of Statistic UBS 2023, indicates that the are minority ethics population with about 2.6 million out 48 million populations due to long northern Uganda conflict between Lord Resistance Army LRA and UODF forces, the over two decades which forced about 1.8 million into Internal Displaced People Camps IDP. The war started in 1986 soon after the President took over power.

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