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One month down the road, the parents of Dr. Samuel Michael Ochora still pleading to the President Museveni to bring to book those whose names have been mentioned and implicated in the murdered of their son, Amuru District Vet. Officer in cold blood.


six delegates of the Amuru District Vet Officer, Dr. Samuel Ochora murdered in cold blood by top Uganda Government security officials on January 25,2024 in the district of Northern Uganda, the region that bore the Lord Resistance Army LRA for over two decades.

Ben Okwarmoi, father to the slain Dr. Samuel Michael Ochora, forth nights ago led six members of his family to meet president Museveni at Uganda Statehouse Entebbe, to plead for mercy from the President Museveni, his longtime friend.

Dr. Samuel Michael Ochora was murdered in Lakang Sub County Amuru District while he was implementing Presidential Executive Order Number 3, June 2023, Eviction of Balaalo cattle keepers, from North-East of Uganda, Dr. Ochora was picked from his residence Akuru-kwer village 8 kilometers west of Gulu City, on Thursday January, 25 at 8.00PM by Joseph Nsabimana, the DPC Amuru and his hand was tied at the back, and he was driven to Kololo village in Lakang Sub County in Amuru district. When he was killed, Michael Lakony, Amuru District Chairman Local Government told thousands mourners during the burial at the family home in Kirombe village three kilometer west of Gulu City outskirt.

Secondo Abok, Director of Elego land Secondary School in Gulu City, Uncle of the late Dr. Samuel Michael Ochora one of the person who had accompany Ben Okwamoi to meet President Museveni, but he was not allow to enter into the meeting says and named, those who went to meeting with the president as Be, Okwamoi, Awilo Okwamoi, John Charles Luwa, Ojera Douglas, Odong Alo among others.

Ben Okwamoi, the father of slay Amuru DVO, Dr. Ochora Samuel, during the discussion with the President Museveni in Statehouse ask President Museveni that he want justice for his son to prevail, those who killed my son are the Amuru District Police Commander Joseph Nsabimana, Resident District Commissioner Stephen Odong Latek and District Internal Security Officer DISO Julius Monday. Secondo Abok narrates to the Guardian News.

“Put the people who have been named in the killing of my son Dr. Samuel Ochora on the firing squad, that is the only justice for our son. Dr. Ochora was picked from his house at Akwuru-kwer village 8 kilometers west of Gulu City ” Ben Okwamoi narrates to President Museveni.

Today Thursday Feb. 28, 2024. The Guardian News Correspondent who paid courtesy visits to him at his home in Kirombe village, did not deny nor confirm their meeting with President Museveni.

However, Ben. Okwamoi says president Museveni is handling the case of the murder of Dr. Samuel Ochora. However, there are some few things that he h=is handling.

“We want to engage the Lawyer of Puranga Ker Kwaro, the Counsels Julius Ojok and Francis Gimara to handle the murder case. But first I am getting the Death Certificate of Dr. Samuel Michael Ochora, I am pursuing it. And later the Lawyers will advise us.” Ben Okwamoi, father of the deceased disclosed

Okello Allan, the Chairman of Awere, Odek Lalogi AOL Community who live in Gulu City where the Ben Okwamoi hail from acknowledged that indeed President Museveni should intervene although the murder case in cold blood is politically motivated.

“I am aware that the president has met Ben Okwamoi and some of his close family members. I stand with them in that matter.” Okello Allan lamented.

Mrs. Awilo Okwamoi, mother of the slay Dr. Ben Samuel Michael Ochora, a tough talking mother who says she wants justice for her son, told President Museveni too.

“I want my son not money, previously the government of Uganda donated UGX 40 million, this money is not going to enter my house.” The mother slain Dr. Samuel Michael Ochora furiously refused.
Godwin Okello, Prime Minister for Puranga Ker Kwaro, also confirmed that the family of Dr. Samuel Michael Ochora met the president, and the case needed to exceed top leadership of Northern Uganda Police, Aswa Region.
“We have issued a statement condemning the murder of Dr. Ochora in blood, we are calling for public demonstration should the arrest of the Amuru DPC, Amuru Deputy DISO, and Amuru RDC, who are still at large enjoying killing of Amuru DVO with impunity. Puranga Prime Minister Okello warns.
Uganda Legislator calls for demonstration.

Greetings all my brothers and sisters, my name is Gilbert Olanya. I would like to appreciate the Government of Uganda for removing the three suspects in the killing of Dr. Samuel Michael Ochora.

I am happy that the Residence District Commissioner RDC of Amuru, the District Police Commander DPC of Amuru and Deputy District Internal Security DISO officer of Amuru have been removed from their offices. Now that they have been removed, we want to see justice be done.

Aware that the three suspects have been removed, they should face justice, I would like to inform you that from reliable sources that Dr. Ochora, Amuru District Vet. Officer was killed in cold blood. On that note, I would like the key investigators to go to Lakang Sub County, Amuru District to find out what exactly happened.

I am the Area Member of Parliament of the area, the DPC, the RDC and the DISO. After moving in the bushes they came and hired a lodge at Lakang called Payesu.

And at 3.AM local time the dead body of Dr. Ochora was brought to where the three suspects were sleeping. This is not a joking matter; we should not be fooling around with the death of somebody.

The RDC, DPC and DISO know exactly what happened, the statement given by RDC, that Dr. Ochora was killed by stray bullet, is a very barbaric statement not intended, it was quite baseless and useless, a very barbaric manner. We are giving two weeks to the three suspects to be arraigned before court of law.

I would like to appeal to our brothers and sisters to come together and support the family of Dr. Ochora, let us come together to rescue the family, let us come and help the family, let us come together to support the family who is killed in cold blood.

Our brothers and sisters who are lawyers come and help the family of Dr. Ochora who was killed, government, security personnel officers, we would like to see the RDC, DPC and DISO come to court.
We need justice, we need justice. Thanks.

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