UGANDA:Kidnap former Local Councilor candidate in Pader Appeals to Justice Minister for release.

Jusyine Komakech, the former Councilor 3 candidate of Lunyiri Sub County when he stood ad an Independent candidate in Pader district, never dream that he will tot in jail, but now since January this year the power that be kidnapped him and he is now behind the bar.

PADER DISTRICT-UGANDA. The relative of Komakech Justice are in pain ad the bread winer is rotting in Gulu Main Prison.

Okot martin, Uncle of Komakech narrates to Oyeng Yeng News that Komakech was kidnapped from Odek Sub County early this year, by groups of operatives intelligence and he was kept in safe house for months before transferred Lamita prison in Abom district, Karamoja dub region.

“Now as talk to you, Komakech has been transferred to Gulu Main Prison, he was kidnapped from Odek sun county in September 2021. He has never been taken to court of law, so we presumably say that his disappearance is associated politically. Okot decries.

Adding that the person behind him is his former political rival Odongtoo, the current Chairman of Lunyiri LC 3.

“Now we are appealing Justice Minister Norbert Mao for intervention in his case. Odongtoo and other people at Large have team up with Obeoya Oyat Chairman Local Government who used his political position Io kidnapped him.” Okot says

Odongtoo, the Chairman LC of Lunyiri sub county when pressed, he has distanced himself, says he was not behind the arrest or kidnapped of Komakech. But, confirmed that Komakech was a former candidate in the Local Government race in 2031 polls

Odongtoo says Komakech was charged for robbing some one in Angole Awen village in Lunyiri Sub County. But when Oyeng Yeng News pin him down, that he was behind the disappearance, he says he is not even the witness in the case.

“I am not behind the arrest of Komakech, but what I know right Local Councilors 1 of my sub county penned the dignitary demanding that he should be arrested.”

Okidi Phillip who the relative accused him to be part of the kidnapped, when contacted for comment his phone was out of reach, but since then no any witnessed have turned up in court

Now, his fate lying before God if Minister of Justice did not have murcy, now his wives have deserted over 20 children.

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