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Uganda government in big slumber as two cases of Ebola outbreak reported in Kampala City.

  1. Erias Lukwago, Kampala City with two cases of Ebola outbreaks reported in Kampala City, the all Country is not safe with 4 million population of people in Kampala City.
    The teams of Ebola task force have to be prepare to managed Ebola.
    Four patients of Ebola outbreak in Mubende district fled from isolation center, while other infected people vow never to be taken to government treatment facilities, rather they died from home.
    KAMPALA-UGANDA: Mubende district l, the Ebola epicenter remain a death bath in the country. Residence District Commissioner (RDC) Rosemary Byabashaija says the medical officials are stacked with dead bodies (sic).
    “There is no fund to help us as the district to fight for Ebola outbreaks. We are stacked with dead bodies and even no funds to transport the affected patient from their contact points, we need Health Ministry to bail us, as the death toll rise up to 11 people who have succumbed to Ebola outbreak. Byashaija decried
    Erias Lukwago Kampala Lord Mayor of Kampala City Authority, commented about the two medical team from Mubende which has been reported to be among the suspected cases of Ebola virus in Kampala, that is bad news.
    The teams of Ebola task forces must be form, if so that two medical teams who have been working to fight Ebola outbreak in Mubende is true, then the all Country are in trouble, the Lord Mayor observed.
    “The team of Ebola task ask force must be prepare to managed the Ebola, the moment we get three to four cases in Kampala, the all Country will be in trouble, two contact of Ebola is reported to be in Kampala City, the teams of the medical workers who was part of the team in Mubende district then the Government is in big slumber” Erias Lukwago remark.Dr.
    Jean Ruth Aceng, the Health Minister implores Ebola task force fighting the outbreak in Mubende district to work hard, says soon the government will release Ebola fund,
    “I know the Ebola is 213 contact without trace, but police will help us to get them, we have lost three people today in health facilities.” Health Minister Ruth Aceng disclosed
    Emmanuel Ainebyoona, Senior Public Relation Communication spokesperson have confirmed that there are many suspected Ebola people who are still in their home who do not want to come to health facilities.
    This follow repeated calls by Mubende RDC who says the victims from isolated protected areas are running out, and at large without trace
    “Indeed there are some people who have contact with the five people who was reported d from one family, but they vowed not to go to hospital, of course if someone refuse to go to the hospital what can you do. Wr need to sendetize them first, so when they are convinced them we can find the way to transport them to hospital.” Public Communication Officer remarked.
    The Health Communication Public Relation Officer says, the young man who passed on, was part of the UPDF officer who was in DR.Congo.
    The government should have isolated those forces who came back from Eastern DR. Congo first to settle elsewhere instead to allow them to go back and mixed up with their families.
    “Even me, one of my brother came back from DR. Congo, but we did not allow him at our home, he was isolated from the members of family. The UPDF who came back they are suspect of the Ebola outbreak in the country.” Niaobyonna lamented

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