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Nwoya land board chairperson calls for Acholi MPs to present former Aswa Ololim game reserve before parliament to amend the law to allow customary land ownership


The investors at  Obira village, pajengo parish, Got Apowoyo Sub County in Nowya district  petition the Rights Honorable Speaker of Parliament seeking constitutional interpretation of customary land ownership of the former Aswa Olilim, Kilak former Game Reserve.

GULU-UGANDA: Richard Todwong the Deputy secretary general of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) on Monday May 26th appeared to address press conference at Acholi Inn Hotel in Gulu denying being part of the murdering of four Alur peoples, this followed early report that the family of the late Awany was involved in the killing of four peoples at Got Apwoyo Sub County, Nowya district in Northern Uganda.

“I would like categorically  distance myself form the incidence that occurred last week at Obira village, Pajengo parish, Got Apwoyo Sub County where so far 5 people has been reportedly killed by UPDF forces, I cannot comment on the case which is being investigated by both Uganda police and UPDF.” Todwong narrates to the team professional journalists who turn up at Acholi Inn for the press conference.

Todwong says as prior to the allegation that Lt. Gen. Otema Awany is behind the killing in his farm, the allegation Is not true, both of us was not around at that time when the UPDF shoot the Alur peoples which took place at Gen. Otema’s farm.

Adding  that every time anyone is killed in Nwoya district, the names of the Awany’s family is dragged behind the killing, “I want to dispute this.” That our family does not belief in violent.

Todwong says he believe that the politicians in Nowya are behind the situation thinking that this time, he is interested in politics in Nowya come 2021 Presidential and Parliamentary polls. But, my boss president Museveni has not yet release me from Deputy Secretary General, questioning why the local politician in Nwoya are associating in their local politics.

He argues that in 2006 when he stood in Nwoya county under National Resistance Movement party bearer, off course the Jo-nan community at Obira was his voters, but later on through his effort, he made sure that Got Apwoyo Sub County was created to accommodates them since they were complaining that the authority of Puranogo Sub County and Anaka Sub County was against them.

However, the issues of Joman community are bigger than what is going on because Pakwach district is a dry areas that can not sustain agricultural productivity, that is why  Jo-nam peoples they are moving to the East of River Nile in the area of Got Apowoyo Sub County including  areas of Obira village for farming.

The Alur and Joman community in Nwoya district to not recognized leaders

Todwong in the past has been supporting Jonam way back when he stood in Nwoya district although they have been living side by side with Alur and Jo-nam,  but they are claiming that current place they are living in are their customary land.

It is true in 1900 when the British Colonial Administrative moved transfer  Acholi community and Jo-nan from Pakuba areas including the place they are living in because of testes fly, Jo-nam community decided to go to Pakwach west of River Nile, but still claimed that the East of River Nile is their land.

Adding that the issues of poll tax has been a huge problem, because the Jo-nam were dogging paying poll tax to the authority from the West Nile, or to the authority from Acholi district Administrative.

This matter started way back in the 18 Century, it caused problems to King Leopard of Congo’s Belgium, although King Leopard had signed agreement that by the late 18 Century he would take over the all territory of Congo, but he died 6 moth before the agreed period.  Later Ladoh province was taken under British Sudan Colony in 1897, the whole West Nile were included.

However, in 1897, West  Nile region became part of   British Sudan Colony later in 1914 the British Protectorate annex it under  Uganda British Protectorate. The people of Jo-Nam, Alur, Madi, Lubgwara and Kakawa were all brought to become part of Uganda of today.

George Odoke Olam cries to media to help gain freedom on his farm

Tom Odoke Olam my investment in Obira farm has become very expensive, because Alur and Jonam communities they claims that the place belong to them, says it upon the government of Uganda to intervene for local farmers in Obira village Got Apwoyo if needs for serious farming a meaningful agricultural activities has to be realize.

Odoke Olam says  when Amuru district was curved out of Gulu District  they acquired they 5,000 hectors together  with Lt. Gen Otema Awany in Obira village

Odoko Olam  says instead of accusing Gen. Otema Awany, the Alur community should blame him since  his farm boarder River Nile, but they are now castigating  Gen. Otema and yet his  farm is outside.

Odoke Olam says they got land before Nowya district was  curved from Amuru district,but since then he has failed to do agricultural productivity because the problem has been the destruction  Alur and Jonam who come and drive his people out of the farm forcefully threaten to kill him

So far has he  has used  UGX 300 million including UGX 26 million that he has paid  for premium, in addition he has paid  UGX  1.250,000 million  for ground rent to Nwoya district Land Board, still Jonam have been a manic to his farm.

“Since when Nwoya district was curved from Amuru district in 2010, I tried to drill borehole at my farm in Obira, yet you know drilling borehole long River Nile need mady drilling I have to use about UGX 26 million, and yet whenever I went to drill borehole Jonam community would drive canoes boat in hundreds to come and chase me. Each time I want to go and drill the borehole, Nwoya District Police Commander Okello have to escort me or my wife.” Olam decried.

The area Local Council Chairman also a victim despite being Jonam

Ben Openy Latim the areas Councilor of Got Apwoyo Sub County Chairman III in his remark  to Oyeng Yeng News on the side line says his farther Elijah Latim former MP for Acholi District were the first Jonam people who got farm in Nwoya County by then, other Jonam big sort likes Onego Bel and others were the people who got farms in Nwoya District.

Openy decries that even him although is a Jonam people his people does not like him, instead of coming to work with him, they castigated him that he is a mole working with the interest of Zero Okumu Abuka the Chairman Land Board of Nowya District.

What happens and who killed 5 people in Obira

Oyeng Yeng News reporter contacted sources who asked not to be name on the ground of sensitivity of the issue, three days ago before the killing  of 5 people farmers of from Obira had burnt down three house, the people who are cited Eng. Okumu who led the attack on farmers, sources revealed.

However, Eng. Okumu who presented Obira farmers petition before the press conference at Acholi Inn Hotel never mention being a party to the saga

“I am one of the affected farmer in Obira village that is why I am leading petition complain” Eng. Okumu lamented

This incidence abided the victims of arson to went stormed General Otema farm, but they, made grave and suicide attempt because the never inform those people never made appointment  the security at Gen. Otema farm.

According to sources who talk to out Newspaper, say the affected Alur and Jonam communities had settle their dispute with Gen. Otema before  Justice Bemogerere, and when Gen. Otema paid UGX 26 million for their compensation, he even show to them the boundary of his farm, and that is why they had wanted to seek his redress, sources intimated.

“In deed many people got injury, and other they are still in the bushes with serious wound fear to be arrested” Source disclosed.

Source further revealed that among the death people there are no cops belonging to Jonam people which is being taken to Pakwach, all the four death bodies are being transported deep inside Nebbi or Jombo districts

Zero Okumu Abuka Chairman Nwoya Land Board who presented the farmers says the Alur and Jonam failed to acquire land in former Aswa Oloilim Game reserve, because then the then president Amin re-degazetted the game reserve, by that time land was still under the government of Uganda, but when the 1995 Uganda constitution came into forced, all the re-degazetted public land become under Amuru district land board.

However, the constitution of Uganda chapter (1) says, land in Uganda belong to the Citizen of Uganda and shall vest in them in accordance with the land tenner systems provided for in the Constitution.

(3) Land in Uganda shall be owned in accordance with the following land tenner systems;


(b) freehold:

(c) mailohold:

(d) leasehold:


















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