Traditionally Acholi culture has the bondage and linkage that keeps the society convicted to good behaviors which creates environment for a godly community.

OMORO-UGANDA: Fifty years old Akello P`Lanek and her deceased brother Otto P` Lanek were cursed by their father and community respectively for disobeying their parents and community norms.

Denis Ojok Langol an elder from Lakim village narrated that in the 1960`s a youthful Otto (Rest in Peace) one day woke up and blocked the community well which was situated on their family land.

He was profusely cursed by members of the community including Adong Obonyo Damio, Min Langii Acuku, Abwok and Donancio Banya among others. They said Otto will never have children because he blocked a water source which fed thousands.

‘’ I am telling you, never temper with community well like what Otto P` Lanek did. He died without having a child!’’ Ojok exclaimed.

Ojok said Otto`s sister Akello was also a victim of her father`s curse. Akello said her father, Apollo Lanek had become a nuisance in the family with his hydrocele (hydrocele is a disease that swells the scrotum).

She reportedly demanded her father to away from the cooking pot or whenever she is cooking. ‘’ why can`t you move out with your big Hydrocele that look like pumpkin? Akello told her father.

Fumed with anger, Ojok said Apollo Lanek said that his daughter will never bear a child. But Akello was reportedly never threatened with the words and just continued with her normal duties.

‘’Akello now walk aimlessly through the villages thinking that one day she will have a child. My advice to young boys and girls is that they should never annoy their parents or relatives or even the community. Your aunt and uncle, once you provoke them, they curse you. A woman can point her breasts toward your direction or pat her private parts while calling your name or a man pulls his penis and dashes it on the ground.“ Ojok explained.

These are taboos that attract mischiefs and bad luck. They only be mended by performing rituals such as slaughtering goats and sheep to restore the relationships.

The elder further says a child should not engage in a fight with their parents or at worse touch their parent’s chest during a fight. This is considered an abomination whose only remedy is goat slaughtering.

The goat is produced by the offender which is determined during a meeting of elders.

Ojok explains that a husband also shall not have conjugal rights if he fights with a woman and the woman swears while patting her private part. If coincidentally they have sex before a cleansing ceremony the woman succumbs to bad luck.

The man will also fall a victim through death as the worst incidence.

The community also do not ululate anyhow. It is only made during party times, celebrations or merry makings. But when one ululates during disagreements or miseries it becomes a taboo and a goat must be slaughtered.

Certain theft such as bee hives, trapped animals, or from gardens also attract bad luck. Victims of the theft usually perform rituals and in most cases perpetrators die.

The Acholi community also used to have a community hunting and farming ground termed “ Koyo Aker’’.

Before dry season communities would demarcate land for hunting and farming by burning which is separated by burning during dry season. The process is termed ‘’Koyo Aker’’ in the Acholi language.

If any person tampers with the others portion curses are always made by the owners and offenders mostly fall victims to death.


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