The death Col. Charles Engola Macodwogo, what does it means to Uganda polarize political divide, South-North


“Tong Oromo Lyec, the Luo killing is enough.”

LIRA CITY- TUESDAY, May 30, 2023. Early this month of May 2,2023 Ugandans witnessed yet another gruesome killing in Kampala Capital City suburb, one of the most mass rooming town within Kampala city, Kyanja in Kira.

“A bodyguard name Sabiti gunned down his boss Charles Okello Engola, the most feared UPDF officer killed in cold blood in power struggle.” the cry from Lango community.

The alienation of Col. Charles Okello Engola open a new wound, it happened just has he founded a new movement foundation called F.K Foundation, a military outfit replace, a renounced Lango Militia formerly known as Amuka Militia group founded at the peak of Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) which was very instrumental of dislodging LRA rebels group from Lango Sub Region in 2003.

Col. Charles Okello Engola, the Deputy Minister for Gender and Labor was gunned down by Uganda national army soldier government ministry who he was guarding for a simple issue which speculated by anomy’s sources because he is one of the trained terrorist who feared to reveal those who have paid him to killed his boss in cold blood.

“The F.K Foundation which was founded by Col. Charles Okello Engola was to stop all sons and daughters from Lango community not to joined nonpolitical movement, and is the bandwagon for Lango to redirect their political move to join Gen. Muhoozi first son or to support President Museveni 2026 presidential agitating for presidential candidate, hopefully bid for 2026.”

The Black Star News desk unearths that UPDF, a private Wilson Sabiti was stopped by Col. Engola not to be a lead bodyguard, first and he was supposed to leave his duty prior to his mission, because the late assailant had the smell rat that he was a mole who had been on a mission to cause mayhem.

Odong Ogik 70 years old, narrate to the Black Star News that, the Uganda army soldiers Wilson Sabiti was working with Col. Engola Okello concubine sweet heart (her name withheld).

A daughter from Western Uganda who hail from the ruling circle (sic) mole daughter of Adam who are now being supply to UPDF general from Northern Uganda as part of network data collector, such ladies must be given to all non Bayankole army officers or government officials to spy on their spouses, about unti Gen. Muhoozi project for 2026, which Col. Okello Engola Macodwogo was one of those who hardened against the project.

“And that is why by the time Wilson assassinator went round looking for the contact person, so that she follows the husband.” Odong Ogik revealed.

Is there still a holy moon with the Kampala regime, following elimination of Col. Okello Engola macodwoggo?

No, since 1986 when president Museveni shot his way to the realm of power, from a rags thug rebellion by recruiting child soldiers into his army, that later that claimed tenth hundred thousands of innocent lives during bush Luwero Triangle.

The National Resistance Army (NRA), Cord name Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF), the Black Star News political pundit observed that from guerrilla movement tactic use of alienating the enemies in cold blood has never been change,

Whenever, massacre happened in Luwero Triangle where the NRA forces who were fighting Uganda government forces, the Uganda National Liberation Army (ULFA), the then Uganda Army, Museveni forces would have purportedly turned up in rages clothes as sympathy forces, they would have blamed the killing of the innocent civilians on Uganda Army.

And that is why the five years of NRA bush war popularity turned against Dr. Milton Obote II regime, Uganda People’s Congress ruling party (UPC) Ugandans were believing that they were responsible for the Luwero Triangle massacre.

Is Col. Okello Engola Macodwogo killing has anything to do with the current terrorism bomb throwing in Kampala, and mafia shooting?







Those are fundamental question that need to be answer aftermath of May 2, 2o23 why Uganda Army soldiers shooting his boss, not only that, the shooting it did not last long, a famous Uganda blogger, Ibrahim Tusubira, was short on Saturday night, short dead near his home in the capital Kampala, information obtained by The Black Star News indicated that he posted on his blogger celebrating the demise of Col. Charles Engola Macodwogo.

An insider disclosed that Ibrahim was a close supporter of Gen. Muhoozi, but turned critic.

In the same vain Derrick Nyeko Keko (born 1992) the current Uganda Politician who is the Member of Parliament resenting Makindye East IN Uganda 11th Parliament and shadow Minister for Presidency and Security has been threaten by the so called mafia who wrote to him that they are coming for him should he not deposit UGX 20 million in their account.

Such groups of mafia they are based everywhere in Uganda, some of them are in Central region, other are in Western, while some of them are in part of Northern Uganda.

Who are the victims of the dread regime mafia:

In 2002 the former Vice-President, Brig. Gad Wilson Toko was killed in a car accident in the company of Constitutional Review Commissioner, Christine, Kania, and two others were also killed in the accident, Bulumagi 12 kilometer from Jinja on the highway to Kampala.

In 2003, The Attorney General (AG), Francis Ayume, was killed in a gruesome road accident on Kampala-Gulu highway on Sunday crash

On March 2, 2011, Col. Walter Ochora 54-years-old, the former Gulu District Chairman Walter Ochora died, he passed on a short while ago on Thursday at International Hospital.

November 8, 2016, Maj. Gen. Julius Oketta, the Deputy Coordinator Operation Wealth Creation died at Kadric Hospital.

Controversial parliamentarian in Uganda has been shot dead, Ibrahim Abiriga and his personal bodyguard gunned down close to Uganda Capital city.

Maj. Gen. Paul Lokech, aka Mogadishu iron man was killed in cold blood. According to a statement by the Force’s Spokesperson, Mr. Fred Enanga, a team of four pathologists carried out an autopsy on the deceased General’s body in the percent of four witnesses, Brig. Gen. Dr. Kasasira Stephen, The Director Medical Services in the UPDF, the deceased personal doctor, Kilingi Been and two family representatives.

Jacob Oulanyah, the speaker of 11th Parliament also succumbed cold blood scheme, who was Jacob Oulanyah? According to Jacob Oulanyah profile Wikipedia, he was a Ugandan agricultural economist, lawyer and politician who served as speaker of 11th Parliament of Uganda from 2021 until he died in 2022.

And now from last year May 2022. When Northern Uganda mourned their son, the late Jacob Oulanyah.

From the Lango Sub Region, the National Resistance Movement ruling party organ, aura and holy moon atmosphere was okay, so longest others regions were nursing their hunger on NRM, for the community in Lango NRM hegemony was cannon fodder.

Rest in peace, wod, Patiko Pugweny, Charles Okello Engola Macodwogo, Fare thee well   



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