Why did President Museveni hurry to blacklist the Daily Monitor Publications?


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Were the backup security bodyguards in the know? why did they shift off  on another the road?

Gen. David Sejusa, once upon a time alluded that, in order for Muhoozi Project to mature, all the UPDF generals must be liquidated

The Uganda police traffic took over the scene of the assassination side.
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KAMPALA-UGANDA:  Haruna Kyaondo the killed driver of Gen. Katumba Wamala who died in ill-fated attempt assassination of the former Army Commander of Uganda Arms forces UPDF Gen. Katumaba Wamala was on leave, but his co driver asked him that he had dire family issue to handle, Haruna should come and drive the general, according to the daily Monitor of 3th, June 2021.

Political pundit argues that if the report are true, then the first suspect in Gen. Katumba Wamala assassination attempt was an insider planned move, and if the information we have read in the Daily Monitor June 3th, 2021 that the backup bodyguard who was supposed to follow him, but they took Ntinda road, and they allegedly say when the Gen. Katumaba was ambushed they heard the guns shot, bad news.

The trio should now be in the military quota guard helping investigation.

The shocking news bulletins on MEGA 103 FM, Gulu City based Radio Station on Thursday June 3th, 2021 aired and broadcasted information, “The caller from the Gen. Katumba Wamala residential area called the people within Kisasi area that they should not come out in the morning hours because something will happens” What is that things, and who is the caller?

How many senior UPDF commanders so far have been assassinated in broad daylight, why did the assassins use the same Spot motor bikes? And they rifles used in all the known assassination, name them, Major SSP Andrew Kaweesi, Major Abiriga Arua Municipal MP.

Responding to repeated murders — including State Prosecutor Joan Kagezi in 2015 and People’s Defense Force Maj. Kiggundu Mohammed last year — President Yoweri Museveni has ordered the installation of cameras in all major towns and along the highways

.Other question was the assertion of the Aruu South former MP, Odonga Otto Facebook message that Gen. Katumba Wamala will one day be responsible for boxing Zace, the MP for Mityana Municipality during the FSC raid in Parliament.

Then came the outburst of Gen. David Ssejusa , who made public revelation some years ago that all the generals of UPDF were going to be killed in order for Muhoozi Kanugire, the first son of President Museveni.

Let watch and see the an folding events

In March 2015 Joan Kagezi, a prosecutor in charge of investigating an attack in Kampala in 2010, was killed by men on motorbike as she returned home.

No one has been convicted of any killings, however Museveni laugh off all the noise coming to condemn his weak military intelligence covered up of investigation, some political pundit urged that is the works of wet ministry, engaging to alienates the forces standing on his programs to hand over power to his grandchildren as he pose to.

The shocking revelation and eye witnesses say how Gen Katumba Wamala was shot by unknown assassins  who was riding on motorbike just peeping inside the Gen. vehicle, and later bye passed the on coming motorbike and soon they hail sporadic guns shot.

In March 2017, witnesses described how Uganda police spokesman Andrew Kaweesi was killed in a hail of bullets, also by four masked assailants riding two motorcycles near the site of the latest attack of Wamala.

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