Rwot David Onen Achana II, Acholi paramount Chief calls for Acholi Land Trust registration to stop land grabbers, this should be work on within the shortest time


Okello Okello, the former Uganda Land Commissioner warns Zerubabel Abuka, the chairman Nwoya District Land Board against intimidating Nwoya community by leasing their lands to investors.

GULU-UGANDA: Livingstone Okello Okello, the Chairman of Wang OO (bonfire), an Acholi platform aimed at combating land grabbing in Acholi Sub-Region says there is no public land in Uganda.

His statement refutes an early allegation by the Nwoya District Chairman Land Board Zerubabel Abuka.

Okello says prior to the 1995, the amalgamation took back land into the hands Ugandan citizens.

“Before 1995 all the land in Uganda was a public land, including former Kilak Lolim Game Hunting ground that was degazette by former Uganda dictatorship President Idi Amin in 1972.” Okello Okello noted.

He further says there are four types of land tenure systems in Uganda which include; the Mailo land tenure system, freehold land tenure system, customary land tenure system and lease hold land tenure system.

“Zero Abuka should not confuse people that President Idi Amin degazzeted Kilak Ololim Game Hunting ground making a public land. Public land ceased to exist when the 1995 constitution was enacted.” He clarifies.

Okello Okello adds that Got Apwoyo and Laminlato farms were community farms, making the government of Uganda not the legal land owner. And that even Aswa ranch which Uganda Livestock claims its ownership, belongs to the community.

Zerubabel Abuka, however dismissed Okello Okello’s position on public land, saying that the 1972 President Idi Amin’s degazetment is still applicable up to date since the current government still controls the former public land.

Rwot David Onen Achana II, the paramount chief of Acholi says the only option for the Acholi communities is to have land trust to stop land grabbing in the region.

According to him, all the 53 chiefs of Acholi and himself will soon tour all the 8 districts of Acholi to mobilize the communities to form a land trust.

“The Acholi communities are sinking like a ship and yet they do not know that they are in big problem.” Rwot Achana decries.

David Mwaka, the former Constitutional Delegate during the 1994-1995 Uganda Constitutional making says Nwoya District Land Board Zerubabel Abuka, and some unknown people deployed Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) and are terrorizing Arana community in Lungulu Sub-County in Nwoya District

“We have some marauding guns welding military people telling the Arana community not to plant maize in their garden, our people are living in fear.” Mwaka said.

To urgently seek Constitutional Court interpretation on the existence of all alleged Public Land in Acholi Sub Region, to establish and constitute a central Committee that will handle all matters related to land in Acholi including vetting all potential investors. “There was a prior proposal that all the sons and daughters of the Acholi communities should be given priority to invest in the land rather than giving foreign investor.

To all upon all relevant local  and international authorities to restrain all government agents and other officials, real or preserved; from use of force, intimidation and or eviction of the local community from their own place of ordinary residence.

To totally reject the proposed Cabinet Resolution to, among others, offer of a purported resettlement package (10,000,000million cement and iron sheets) for the mockery that it is and with the contempt that it deserves.

And finally, to expeditiously explore the possibility of registering all land in Acholi Sub Region under a Land Trust, to be vested in ker Kwaro Acholi.

James Okeja Latigo the former Coordinator for Tracare Acholi land Trust researcher who they conducted research in way of registering all Acholi land in 2017 to 2018  says they conducted their research in the 20 chiefdoms in Acholi which they agreed to registered their land under Land Trust.

“Our research was blamed by Acholi Ker Kwaro, if they now adopted our position, them it’s okay, and we are going to protect our land.” Ojera Latigo commented.

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