Untold story of the Odek mass killing


Tom Apila, the former Special District Commissioner for Kitgum District, order the Division Intelligence  Lt. Maxwell Olweny, the Lira 5th UPDF to stop the advance National Resistance Army (NRA)  which was killing and burning people alive in their grass thatch huts, otherwise Lt. Olweny had already massacre 3,000 people in three days military purge.

38 people were buried alive, by Museveni’s occupational; forces in Binya primary school

OMORO DISTRICT-UGANDA: It was in January, 1989, a year when the Guerilla of the then Uganda People Democratic Army (UPDA) signed peace deal with Uganda dictatorship Yoweri Kaguta Museveni; it just came a son of the soil Lt. Olweny surprised own his village mate Agweng Tina, in Odek by blowing his uncle Captain Obura Lalaa house.

Lt. Olweny had surrendered to NRA in Lira city, defected from Holy Spirit Movement led by Joseph Kony, in 1988, and he was deployed to wipe out the Holy Spirit forces in the areas.

According Hellen Lamayiling, own account, who she lost her brother called Kidega Messy, says 3,000 people who were arrested from the various villages in Odek Sub County were killed and their bodies was dumped and buried in a mass grave.

‘’I counted 3,000 who were killed by NRA in Acet Primary School, my own brother was one of the death people whom they were arrested in military operation led by Lt. Olweny, it was tardy ‘’ Hellen Lamayiling recalled.

Otima Bosco 63 years old, his brother Ojok Metoch was born alive; his homestead was behind Odek Primary School, his brother Ojok was burn to death in his hut, just because his residence was near the school, where Joseph Kony went to.

‘’My brother innocently was arrested and pushed inside his hut, the NRA set fire, guarding while putting everyone at gun point.’’ Otima still remembered.

Ojara Lapok says his mother called Esesa Okok, his sister Acayo Okok and his uncle Opiyo were all killed by advancing NRA rage thug.

‘’We survived narrowly, because we rent away, otherwise. All of us we would have been killed, Lt. Olweny groups of NRA were animals, whoever they meet on the way, they could liquidate them, that was their sign of term behind.’’

Okello Mark, one of the survivors of the 38 Binya massacre, says he witnessed how the 38 people were buried alive by NRA, among the 38 people who were buried alive, is one former Amin state Research Bureau called John Latigo. Who President Museveni accused him of plotted to kill when they open guerrilla camp at Awere with his friend Okuya Lindo in 1973.

‘’The 38 people how were buried alive was part of the forces that was fighting Kampala regime. Up to now know body know where is the body of Latigo John, this is my first time of coming up with this information.’’ Okello Alluded.

Dr. Oketta William, not real name says the family of Lt. Olweny should be responsible and pay reparation for killing those 3,000 people.

Lt. Olweny died soon after the massacre, he died without pay reparation.

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