“When one judge look at 40,000 people and gives vision of Uganda, without foot soldiers cases will delay to 2 and 3 years.” Owiny-Dollo urged


Chief Justice Owwiny-Dollo represent the prevalent attitude of liberal Ugandan Juris-prudent toward Museveni presidency and neo-conservative by appealing to Sebogabo regime that Uganda Commercial Court Division needs three Judges to handle UGX 2 to 3trillion in Kampala City.

KAMPALA-UGANDA: Finally at around midday on Monday September 8, 2020 Uganda has witness yet another historical event of swearing in Justice Owiny-Dollo to become the Uganda Chief Justice under President Museveni Oligarchy rule of 35 years plus, Oyeng Yeng political pundit recalled.

Justice Owiny-Dollo who spoke candid after swearing in State House applauded President Museveni upon succeeding in bringing peace, security and stability in the country after 40 years struggled, but noted that his role would be in the country election circle is very timely.

“The Chief Justice can handle justice well, this act will help you to deliver justice very well. Your Excellency the President of the republic of Uganda, Deputy Chief Justice, The Rights Prime Minister, your Excellency allow me on behalf of my family to thank you for appointing me the Chief Justice of Uganda.” Owiny-Dollo re-echo

Adding that, this speaks value in this country when we talk at time 40 years ago, because the office when the people who are not in law, we have the youths who does not understand the roles of judiciary, the new Chief Justice reiterates.

Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo Cigamio reiterates that when the Hon. Attorney General is talking about the judiciary and the rule of law, when the rules of law prevail it save Ugandans.

This understanding should provide the legislator, what I am talking is more than democracy, these are three Arms of government, which is Judiciary, Legislator and Executives arms of government.

Chief Justice Owiny-Dollo says his views is the best law that will handle, from Kasumbala to Kaberamiado Eastern Uganda, having only one judge, the chief magistrate who sit in Kasese will handle 6 districts. How can the chief justice handle this, Owiny-Dollo questioned?

“When one judge look at 40,000 people and gives vision of Uganda, without foot soldiers cases will delay to 2 and 3 years.” Owiny-Dollo urged.

On Commercial division

Commercial Division what can this UGX 2 to 3trillion will do to Uganda? We have three judges that are tightly to UGX 3 trillion provide judgment.

“Argues that if we have 3 commercials judges we will be reporting to you sir, if we have enough manpower within one year we shall have judgment”.

In conclusion, my appeals to you is understand us as we are managing your judgment to the rule of law, will give you that during one year.

Uganda under Museveni has been acting outside the law, indeed violent breach of their legal obligations, the indictment finds sufficient confirmation in various. Shocking to Ugandans ears, statement from conservative Uganda commentators.

When Museveni Oligarchy says Chief Justice Owiny-Dollo should consider hanging condemn prisoner, this is the last-ditch defense of slightly old-fashioned, but honorable legal orthodoxy.

Its Germanic formalism, law is placed above patrician consideration and policies and has the last word in deciding the great issues of the day.






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