Dr. Odong Emmiltot Ayella, the Director of Surgical of St. Mary Hospital Lacor confirmed that one result of the death two people one is negative, but one result they are still waiting.

On  Monday April 27, 2020, the Communications officer of St Mary Hospital Lacor confirmed that the two out of the three patients suspected of having COVID-19 who were admitted at the hospital’s isolation ward had died.

GULU-UGANDA: The panic of COVID-19 pandemic engulf Northern Uganda, following the result of the two suspected Corona virus who die in St Mary Hospital Lacor isolation ward, one is already been declared to be negative, but  ministry of health spokesperson Emma Ebona  when contacted says the Kenya tuck driver whose result has not been declare is because taking result to Entebbe virus research is different, but releasing it take about 24 hours, but since the negative result came. although  the ministry has not release, the offical result will be  release the the government.

“I will get from you later on, we are still in Lamwo District with the minister of Health, i will update you”

Dr. Odong says the company of the Kenyan truck driver they are still follow the issues of their truck driver, and they are still waiting for the result from Uganda government.

“We are still having the two death bodies of the people who died from isolation ward of COVID-19, although the result of w woman who was brought from Aber Health facility is still here with us in the isolation ward.” Dr. Odong reiterates

A source at the hospital who preferred to stay anonymous says one of the dead, a Kenyan truck driver who was picked from Elegu along Uganda-South Sudan boarder died of the virus. his result, according to the source, came out positive.

Okello John, a boda boda rider in Gulu  complain that if  Elegu was in Western Uganda,President Museveni would have closed all boarders and denied every truck drivers by now, but unfortunately Elegu is in northern Uganda.

“The president is reluctant because when COVID-19 cases shoot up from Northern Uganda, is business will have more funding from WHO.” Okello urged.



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