KAMPALA-UGANDA: Muzee John Onyango Odongo has launched his book that is published by Amazon, the book is about removing article 99 Section 3. 

In this book, the author emerged with a novel historical explanation of the reason why the people of Uganda have been ruled, by the backward politicians, like sheep, without well written national political system for over 56 years.

Onyango argues that at the time the British carved Uganda into the present shape, the people of the Great Lakes Region were governed by ancient law handed to them by their ancestors from time immemorial. The ancient laws prescribed for them what every person must DO and what they must NOT DO while on the surface of the Earth.

The ancient Laws were written in the heart of every person. For this reason, no person of sound mind could violate them. Therefore, there were no habitual criminals in their society.When the British conquered the defenders of the unique society, they consigned the system of education which produced sinless men to oblivion.

They usurped responsibility for the education of the native children only to produce men and women for employment as mere helpers. Hence, from 1900 to 1960, British produced highly trained Ugandan doctors and engineers, who knew nothing about art or science of management of society.

In 1960 British yielded to the demand of the people of Uganda for political independence, and permitted them to give their children education which they preferred, to produce thinkers, but there were no independent thinkers to change the colonial system of education.

The Prime Minister Milton Obote seized the opportunity presented by the absence of political thinkers in Uganda, and imposed his own illegitimate government on the people of Uganda, as narrated in Chapter Three in this Book.

Yoweri Museveni inherited the illegitimate government, which he is using to rule Uganda to date.Onyango Ondongo was born in Puranga, Acholi, on 7th March 1917. He worked with Edward L. Bateman limited of South Africa until 1956, and then he joined Uganda Credit and Savings Bank, becoming the second Black African to be appointed Bank Manager in East Africa, in 1960.

Odongo was appointed by the British Governor to represent the Northern Province on Uganda Labour Advisory Board, from 1958 to 1960. At the same time he was elected Councilor to Acholi Distrit Council and also became a member of the Central Executive Committee of the Democratic Party (DP) from 1960 to 1963. In 1964,

Onyango Odongo became Secretary to the Opposition in the Uganda Parliament, until 1966, when Milton Obote abrogated the 1962 Independence Constitution.In October, 1986 Yoweri Museveni sent him to Bundibugyo as District Administrator and in 1988, he became Director of Information and Mass Mobilisation at the NRM Secretariat.

He retired in 1995.He is the author of The Central Luo During Aconya 1976; The Dawn of NRM Revolution, 1989; Why Uganda Independence Constitution Failed, 1994; A political History of Uganda (The Origin of Museveni’s Referendum 2000).



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