Was members of opposition parties aware that when Norbert Mao signed MuO was going to move in the direction is moving now?



In Acholi traditions, a highly acclaimed hero from the clan is honored with a drum to indicate hire to the chiefdom. Thus, Norbert Mao was received in the pulpit on Saturday, 22, July 2023 by Pawel chiefdom as a new chief of Pawel Pa Mao broke away.

GULU-SATURDAY, 22, JULY 2022. All the roads to Gulu City Kaunda ground on Saturday July 22, 2023. The Norbert Mao former critic of National Movement Resistance (NRM) regime turned Museveni ally and dropped the Acholi community to join Museveni’s ruling government in what they called “Unity’’ in diversity.

Norbert Mao who was welcomed on the pulpit by chores of Pawel chiefdom elders who presented to him spear, shield and drum, immodestly performing mock fights is a sign of heroism.

In a classic Democratic Party (DP) slogan Kugumere DP fist song, DP supporters swing into action in their Green and white flag color turning the most luminous NRM yellow color to a nightmare.

The Pawel clan trod from Atiak 42 kilometer North-East of Gulu City in hundreds’ to attain Mao’s political really in Gulu City with awe, they all sat in the VIP tents some were quite, others were making tee-ate, while the majority of Pawel clan were making gigantic.

Mao, who first settled on a podium, first raised his voice, says my friend, the only National Chairman of the ruling party NRM Al-haji. Musa Kikongo today is not my day to make speeches.

“the tree cannot fight its own root; my root is here in Gulu City, today you see a new Norbert Mao, what makes Norbert Mao new because he has balance his book of account, I am still a democratic party DP Presidential Party General, I am in a convoy with NRM I have bye passed other political parties, now am with Uganda People Congress Party (UPC). You know where I have been throwing abusive attacks at NRM.”

Adds if other people may not have appreciated it, but I know President Museveni appreciates it. We started talking with President Museveni. Museveni says who can help me. Lum ot maa Lum tidi, anyar ma itino tino, lum tidi mo, Mao Konya lum tidi mo, Acholi konya, Baganda konya, Bunyoro konya, Lango konya, Teso konya. Nobody welcome Museveni olive branch

Mao in remorseful speech, lamented in Luo says Acholi has lost litino gi madong, ki kiwaco ni lum ot acel ka owot ci pegengo ot cwer, ento megwa ni to owot ki wang tol ba, literally many sons of Acholi succumbed to death who worked with NRM government.

He argued, Acholi community has a back log of issues, the Karamojong issues, land issues, the cattle compensation Acholi War Debt, Al-Haji Kogongo and the messages to President Museveni.

Gratitude to me, and gratitude to the

We have been in the cold for many years, but there is some small grasshopper who is blaming me and throwing stones on an Elephant like me, letting them jitter against me. Elephants will not stop, keep on moving.

Mao introduce Gen. Salim Saleh says his long times comrade, Gen. Saleh

Gen. Saleh revealed he has known Mao for the last 27 years when the founded Salim Saleh Foundation for Humanity, however, the marriage between NRA and DP this not the first of it kind, in 1986 DP party joined NRM government when Dr. Paul Kawanga Ssemogerere and his team was appointed to work with them.

“We have missed DP when they break away from 1996, I think what is there ahead of you, I have worked with him for the last 27 years, people of Acholi all over the world there at many times, the people of Babito from Bunyoro to Karagwe when you cut their DNA, you get them.

People of Acholi you say you are Elephant, your unit people of Uganda for the common ground we are standing on this ground, people of Uganda there are some excitement.

Ambassador Gen. Idro appeals to Mao that now he has paid his cent he gave him some 27 years, I have been a mentor of Mao my brother because he saw this young man, a long time ago, a very brilliant son. Ge. Idro also pleased the audience when he said Mao has blood from the Madi community, let us unite for the common good.

Dr. Paul Pulkol, former Director External Security Organization also graced u9s function



The tune says, in 1977 East African Community died, when President Amin ordered Kenyans community working in Uganda to leave, and in 1997 President Museveni revived the EAC bringing on board Franc speaking community from DR. Congo and Rwanda, while the Arab from Somali have brought on board why not Uganda we should not unite.

Tomac Tiabwa, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Mao’s move here shows the people of Uganda are moving toward unity.

“Keep negotiating in thing that you don’t benefit you, but Uganda”

Chief guest, Al-Haji Kogongo, was full of excitement, saying Mao loves Uganda. That is why I am with him, for us in NRM we want people who love Uganda.

“We are beyond petty politics, Mao I have seen how you have organized the people, the sky is the limit for you, I am not here, not like the Kigongo you know, but I am presenting the President, Mao you have a bright future.” Al-Haji Kigongo concluded.

Observer and political commentary

What does Norbert Mao adage “It time now?”  means to the region.

Many school of thought have attributed Norbert Mao’s that it an Acholi region have joined NRM party, given scenario that the National Resistance Movement NRM has embraced him, as Odoch Oalak who double as President Museveni Envoy to Acholi Sub Region, the former NRM political mobilize in the last presidential and parliamentary polls 2021.

So, if true. Acholi Sub Region like West Nile, Teso, Busoga, Kigezi, Tororo and Bunyoro Sub Regions are moving in convoys with the NRM ruling party, this NRM school of thought argument.

Norbert Mao calls for political unity means, the oligarchy regime must open up for the inclusiveness for all Uganda particularly Acholi Sub Region should be incisiveness, while other believed that now its times for Acholi to eat big since Norbert Mao have thrown in the towel, in around Gulu City drinking joint. Most people now say with Norbert Mao, cabinet minister of Constitutional Affairs, it is very easy to see president Museveni since he can talk with him at any time.

In the circle of Northern Uganda Media Club, Norbert Mao political reunion with Sabogabu regime is cannon fodder, others believe that he is Omega and Alpha with Museveni, now Mao will be among the people who can decide cabinet restful.

In the eve of Presidential and Parliamentary 2021 polls, the opinion poll in Acholi Sub Region was that this time President Museveni is ready to hand power to our son, since now Gen. Paul Lokech, has been appointed Deputy Inspector General of Police, Jacob Oulanyah is now speaker of the August House, Alphonse Owiny Dollo Cigamoi is now Chief Justice.

What next! Hardly less than six months Gen. Lokech gone, a year later Jacob Oulanyah was no more., with Norbert Mao now, our son has gotten, we are now in the government. And yet Banyankole even they are not in government, but for them they have consolation to go quite leaver power to Balaalo.

Northern Uganda’s problem is economically, since Norbert Mao joined the NRM regime a year ago. Has Museveni recruited the sons and daughters of the soil into Foreign Diplomacy, apart from the usual adage of land grabbing and Karamja cattle rustling.

Why has Lyandor Komakech, his closest political ally, shifted his close link to Ojara Martine Mapenduzi.

Norbert Mao challenges status quo of political movement

The political pundit described the latest Memorandum of Understanding between the Democratic Party led by Mao and National Resistance Movement led by president Museveni observed that Mao apply the rights of control which the president Museveni has been increasingly using to management both foes within his party, the Uganda People Defense Forces UPDF his brain child armpit army and the members of Uganda opposition parties.

Mao observed the President Museveni for the last 37 years has been deriving the country through foreign power experts rather than relying domesticated, being one of the Mavic opposition leader he sidelines and decamping his peers those who were his guild cabinets when he was Makerere University Guild President by using rationalization to cattails to jumped start his attempt to modernize Pyem Wang oo literary from chest thumbing Acholi political bandwagon of the usual critic of the ruling NRM.

When galvanizing mammoth crowds to hoodwink the Kampala regime claimed that he does not have grassroots support, his moves beat Museveni state monopoly bureaucracy, his body language indicates that his loyal dog the calculation of efficiency. Political pundit observed.

What is ballgame between Mao and Museveni            

Why now, president Museveni opted to embrace his political longtime foes, the Northern whom he described when he captured power in 1986 then that those are animals, backward primitive community, has Uganda forgotten history very fast?

The Mao and Museveni ballgame is based on the latter structure that gave rise to a person who has been pushed to the wall, panel beaten and changed to follow the rules of the game. This modern Bureaucrat-Mao who was an expert in Acholi block politics and he is still relevant in the game. Shielded by his community influence that needs economic bargain for the rule of law of fairness and objectivity.

On the other hand, yet another ballgame between the two could be beyond Musevnisim, crush my back I also crush your back, time and again Norbert Mao has been campaigning that president Museveni needs soft landing, who among the devil can grantee the post Museveni’s era. Is only not Norbert Mao. But, even the Biblically stated that my Jew black people who followed River Nile will never be defeated. “The Acholi people”, whether Ugandans like it or not remove Acholi and Lango from Uganda politics you will never manage.

However, divide them, you will rule for life, throw billions of money to them, you.

Therefore, The Mao’s Museveni’s ballgame this shift away from the tradition and inheritance permanently changed Uganda political chest thumping and being double agents, in the day you are leaders of opposition parties, in the night you are adviser of President Museveni eating together in Rwakitura, pumper with billions of taxes payers. Norbert Mao cut the short route to the statehouse by causing Uganda to follow the usual adage of invariably and automatically the objective set down by political authorities, we would be witnessing the first son taking over the mentor of the political helm.




organizations to follow, invariably and automatically, the objectives set down by political authorities.

But who is Norbert Mao?  

Dealing Museveni iron law of oligarchy, the top leaders of NRM who control the rule of law through his family setting interest in maintaining their power-controlled-tend to develop a strong personal interest in maintaining their power and privileges, Mao marriage with the NRM party is a claim in an attempt to explain why Museveni the cause of NRM, we all most reaching there.

Norbert Mao is the first son of Dusman Okee, although his mother back was little known

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