UGANDA:Was the Gulu-Kampala high way accident state managed?

Time and location of accident, why there was no investigation done

Gulu- Wed, 18 Jan. 2023. Fourth night ago there was a futle accidance on Gulu-Kampala high was that claimed the lives of 19 people died in the Roblyn Bus Company flying Gulu Kitgum high way.the accident occured in Nora corner on a danger spot where the bus rumped on parked trailer.

The question which is now the Oyeng Yeng News desk want to know why such accident happened on international high way leading to Juba.

Secondly, oyengyeng news investigation teams  learned that while the Gurosome accident that claimed a dozen plus lives happened before the meeting of Members of Parliament. Key members did not participated in the said meeting, instead attended afuneral of a young boy who is twenty something odd years live of the young person, his life was lost in the accident.

The son of Tolit the Local Councilor 3 of Kitgum Municipality died in the accident, and the morners who includes Andrew Oryem Okello, the State Foreign Minister, Bishop Baker Ochola, Pilliph Okin attended the burial of the son of Tolit.while the all Members of Parliament from Northern Uganda would have attended the first parliamentary meeting that would determine the future of northern Uganda.

The public morn while northern ugandan member parliament are having are sitting to discuss the future of the region while key MPs are at a funeral of a unknown child.


However, the incident took place which has diverted the attention of major Northern Uganda MPs.

Why, the trailer parked at the corner knowing that’s worst corner/point on Kampala Gulu highway without putting loading road signage, why the police traffic never show to the Public footages of both bus and the trailer in the accident. Why there is always such accident occurred at the time?


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