Remember New Zealand with the source of numbers of cases like Uganda has declared her country free of COVID-19 pandemic. Uganda should also follow suit.

Uganda’s Young Democrat (UYD) President Okidi Christopher under the umbrella of the Democratic Party DP opposition Youth Wing argues that opposition parties need Citizens advocacy to achieve and force President Museveni to open up political space for election ground.

GULU-UGANDA: Christopher Okidi, President of Uganda Young Democrat reasons that the Scientific Election road map the Electoral Commissioner (EC) released, the term for scientific elections is very unfortunate and also very ambiguous because science is something empirical-based and quantitatively verifiable study through experimentation, meaning it has worked before.

Of course we understand the origin of scientific elections. The term comes from the Standard Operating Procedure the government put is borrowed from the World Health Organization that came up during the COVID-19 as a measure to address the COVID-19 contingent public health emergency. But now there is a bigger question how to deal with democracy at this time.

Remember New Zealand with the source of numbers of cases like Uganda has declared her country free of COVID-19 pandemic. Uganda should also follow suit.

“But for Uganda, it is an opportunity for politicians to steal public resources and extend their control over political power,” Okidi said “and this therefore, will come from political democracy in a political term called reverse democracy.”

Opposition has three options to aggregate their strength through advancing a coalition in a way it will counter balance the National Resistance Movement, NRM ruling party robust structure which are fused with state power.

Second option, there is also the option of the boycott, the African Union and all election observers said all Uganda’s elections have been below per.

“So now what hope do Uganda opposition have, with the purported scientific election that will not allow an interface between candidates and the voters? Because the idea of candidates with voters will create a social contract with the voter that has never been done anywhere in the world,” Okidi reiterates.

For example, when American used scientific elections, because American democracy is a very advanced state, that can allow even posting of votes, because people can post their votes.

But our situation, in Uganda media houses are owned by politicians, which is on the other side is for the government. In America, it even allows space direct engagement with the electorate which Uganda COVID-19 pandemic are lower than the USA. And the USA President Donald Trump is allowing election.

“To me COVID-19 pandemic is new rigging of election.”

The third option, would be citizens advocacy that would achieve land goals. Uganda with its 1,062 cases of COVID-19 as of July 20, 2020, can be declared free. Uganda can declare a state of emergency if it has a higher number than.

Since March 18, 2020, when all learning institutions, places of worship and arcades, sports activities closed there were no cases of the virus reported in Uganda but trucks remain operational in the name of boosting the economy.

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