The poem from inter University Open Space Debate at Gulu University recently.

GULU-UGANDA: The tussle ardous freaks

Like falling brisk

Trumpeting in fury

The hunk slipping duo duel

Swerving each other and stumbling

The combatant slept unto the ground

Leaving ditches of an erosion

Losing their feet in the mingled grass

While the trees are sawyed away in reckless rage

One plunge

Mood covers the whole scene

All that is felt is the slow blowing of air

Companions ravage the scene

Not even any bird can sing a sweet melody

Colleagues touch the body gently with their trunks

Tips along the lower jaw and the tusks

Like the saysing goes,

When the Elephants fight, the grass suffers.

Ironically, if one of them dies in the fight, everyone must wail.

In 1980s I saw the Elephants fighting.

The grass was left pounded and buried in mud.

Yet when elephants harm each other, today.

We all go wailing and panting, things turned tipsy tury in forest.



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