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Speaker Anita Amongi, says the MPs who has stollen money so longest he can use it with people is not corruption

Uganda has reached the situation of organised criminality, corruption has been legitimized

Parliament of Uganda, Chicken came home to be roasted.

Okumu Livingstone Langol (The Guardian News UK.)


Dozens of Uganda Legislative Assembly are facing arrest following the police summoned on June, 17, 2024. While three Legislators have been arrested by Parliamentary Police a week ago.

Hon. Gilbert Olanya, the MP for Kilak South, Amuru district on Wednesday June 19, during the National Broadcasting Service Television morning breakfast shows called for the Government of Uganda to stop the brutal arrest of Members of Parliament. This followed the re-arrest of Hon. Akamba, the Bunyole East MP, wished away by plain clothes paramilitary commandos.

“Yesterday June, 18,business came to stand as MPs are alluding to arrest, what is happening, the Executives look clean, But they are the one approving all businesses contracts being awarded, the ministers get their part of funds meant for road works. Although now the MPs are being arrested. For example, Gulu/juba road was constructed 10 years ago because of shadowed work.” Amuru Legislator wondered.

Gilbert Olanya insinuated that the prosecution process go hand in hand with political process, that is why President Museveni has to take action, corruption is now hydra it has infiltrated the society, it has trickled down to the grass root where even Cassava sellers in the market seat their customers.

Adding, it will be a Clariant   task, let’s be like the Singapore country, where if you have a hand of corruption, you will be dropped. To stop corruption, a leader who is a dictator, any legal  or arm prosecution does not bar head of department, tells the suspect to step aside, where the person has not been arrested, the Speaker of Parliament says you can step aside.

When a leader is being charged with criminal offense, it goes on the record of parliament, right now we are quite embraced as Uganda Legislators, anybody right from Pakiri my village in Amuru District, knows that Members of Parliament are corrupt.

“Members of parliament represent hundreds of thousands, but you are being labeled as a corrupt person, when some MPs among us are trying to solicit bribes, the Speaker of parliament may not be aware, the other people in parliament just there to amass wealth.

Dr. Daniel, a lecturer from Makerere University, we now see Rwanda as a country that came from bloodshed and they are now okay. For example, we have seen the institution of Uganda Revenue Authority, URA, THE INSTITUTION WHICH WAS FULL OF CORRUPTION, but, now a good institution.

Dr. Rumehezza Daniel gives hope that even the parliament of Uganda that sometimes has cream with a tainted name, can rise up.

Makerere University Don, echoed as citing that the majority of Uganda Legislators are young, they may not have a political cloud that is being transited into corruption in this country is hyper.

“Everything’s is polarized, you have seen how the politicians behave to young groups, and there is a culture now. Being culture, treating yourself the way you handle business, even in parliament you have to be honest, citing the former Uganda People Congress iron lady, the late Cissy Atim Ogwal, who was considered as the best honest and hardworking Women Legislators.” Dr. Daniel appealed.

The way Ugandans elect their Legislators is wanting

Anita Anneta Among, the Speaker of the 11th Uganda Parliament photo with a friend, says, so longest the MPs who stolen money, he or she can invest it within his area

Dr. Rumehezza Daniel out of the power of his heart says the way we Ugandans elect the MPs wants, we have to take it a notch higher, even the qualifications are being forced, maybe we should have the two houses of parliament, the house of common and Assembly house.

The Kenya government and Nigeria and United Kingdom UK has, giving example when the Kenya government wanted to appoint their Chief Justice, there was a public debate. Where the public gave their views.

Hon. Gilbert Olanya discourse narrative how the Legislators being chosen is personal, the house of speaker should condemn what is going on, the MPs arrest is Chicken coming home to be roasted.

Uganda Police Forces have summoned 40 MPs out of 529 MPs who sit in the August House. The characters we are seeing are different from when he was elected in 6th parliament up to 9th Uganda parliament there were real MPs with commitment and they had issues.

Three MPs have been arrested, MP Akamaba, Bunyole East, MP Yusuf Mutembala, and Lwengo District Women MP Cissy Namujju.

They were arrested upon appearing at Criminal Investigation Directorate of Kibuli Police HEADQUARTER in Kampala last Monday.

Additional MPs were summoned to appear in Kibuli CID headquarter on last Monday, June, 17, 2024 at 10.30 AM East African times and therefore to be arrested over corruption in the 11th parliament.

Hon. Elijah Okupa MP Kasilo County, Hon. Abdul Katuntu MP Bugweri County, Hon. Harold Muhindo MP Bukonzo East,Hon. Peter Mugema MP Iganga Municipality, Hon. Iddi Isabirye MP Bunya South, Hon. Ferigo Kambala, MP Kasese Municipality, Hon. Florence Asimuwe Masindi Women MP, Hon. Joel Ssenyonyi MP Nakwa East,Hon. Francis Mwijuke MP Buwhweju County, Hon. Alex Ruhunda, MP Fort Portal Municipality, Hon. Silas Aogon, MP Kumi Municipality, Hon. Mwanga Kibumbi, MP Buambala, Hon. Aisha Babanda, MP Buambala, Hon. Sanon Bwire, MP Bulamogi County, Hon. Miriam Naigaga, MP Lwemiyaga MP Namutumba, Hon. Joyce Bugala, MP Mityana, Hon. Theodore Sekikubo MPLwemiyaga County, Hon. Geoffrey Ekanya, MP Tororo County North.

Others summoned MPs are, Hon. Daniel Kimosho, MP Kazo County, Hon. Akol Anthony, MP Kilak North, Hon. Tom Bright Amooti, MP Kyegegwa, Hon. Iburahim Ssemunjju Naands, MP Kira Municipality, Hon. Henry Maurice Kibalya, MP Bugabula County South, and Hon. Ojara Martin Mapenduzi Gulu West MP.

They were summoned over allegations of soliciting bribes from Ms. Mariam Wangady, the Chairperson of Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) ON May 13, 2024, at Hotel Africana.

They claimed they could influence the parliament Budget committee to increase the UHRC’s budget for the financial year 2024/2025 in exchange for the bribe which was 20 percent of her institution’s enhanced budget.

The episode of Hollywood play took place in Kampala, last Friday 14, June 2024. When MP Akamaba was granted bail, he was re-arrested outside the court premises by armed men in plain clothes, who wished him away in a tainted glass.

Onekalit Dennis Amere, the MP Kitgum Municipality also appeared on NBS TV castigating his fellow MP over corruption, intimating that corruption undermines development.

Hon. Onekalit Amere argues as a citizen of this country who understands it, we have to fight the corrupt person, because they are very connected and say they are a clan of corruption. Advised that when you want to fight them, be careful, the president called them mistake makers, and honest.

When you call them mistake makers, you support corruption, this so-called order from above says police officer will arrest the corrupt person, on the way that corrupt person will turned to the police officer and say if you don’t release me I will expose you too, then the police officer will release the corrupt official.

Prof. Augustine Nwagaba education experts and political Analyst from Makerere University has no word for the corruption, saying corruption is now a culture, when it started, it began from the person who buys stationary paper from school, what should be for the public goes in his or her pockets.

Prof. Nwagaba, says corruption is like a general who owns a fighter jet, giving an example of Singapore how they fight corruption, for him he also conducted research in Uganda to find out the view from Ugandans about how they feel about corruption.

His finding was, out of 9574 correspondents he interviewed, 7500 answered his investigation saying corruption they do not want.

Because of his finding, when he goes to the hospital in Uganda, he does not trust medication whether tablets or injection being serve to him, because corruption is epidemic chronic, is what we called erosion of this country, it started in the late 1980s, 1990, 2000 and now in 2024 is the worst



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