Before the Koramojong looted guns from Moroto Army Garrison from 1979, when Uganda tyranny Idi Amins government was toppled by Uganda Exiles returnees,  they had encounters with  their neighboring communities  Acholi, Lango, Teso and  Kuksabiny

The Acholi warriors who lives at the Koramojong frontier,   before the advent of Musevenism, once the Koramojong tribe tried to invade Acholi Sub Region, the Koramojong would find themselves in the death trap.

The Acholi would be matching to slaughter them, while match  Heros fun songs like,

{Iywako Agora’’’, in eywako Lweny. Yeng in ibin ki wangi, Omiro!

Yee! I bin ma ping wang olak, gwok iero lweny.

Ooo’ ‘’’’ gina Lira rac, gwoki ero Ali nyeee. Latin Agora OwaLo kono!}

AGAGO-UGANDA:  Dr. Nelson Okidi from Lira Kato who grew up from childhood knowing how dangerous the Koramojong were, narrates to Oyeng Yeng News how his father would guard them against the Koramojong warriors during dry spell, and fought a running battle with the warriors.

Whenever, the Koramojong invaded our territory, some time long long ago; since in memorial, the youth from Lira Kato, Kakwet, Lira Amyel, Lapono, Adilang, Piamol would rise up and chase them like sick thief.

Okidi says because the Koramojong warriors would be coming to seek relationship during dry spell in friendly manner, they would be very friendly; one would even call you a brother. But at the start of rain fall, they would walk away with all herds of cattle and some times kill the host.

“You know in our setting, during dry season, whoever, have herds of cattle would dig a deep well to feed his livestock. So I and my father had dug a well, and in the evening we would take our livestock to drink water which is scoped and put in a big bowel of made wood for the animals to drink.” Dr. Okidi asserted.

He further says imagining cattle every day takes a lot of water, unlike goats that could last for two weeks without drinking some water, so one evening we found a groups of Koramojong warriors who they had brought in their animals to fetch in our well.

The incidence annoyed my father who went mad to the extent of beating them Koramojong warrior seriously; my father took a big pole and stroked them, while holding his spear ready for war in one hand. Until he chased them away, saying his father’s action scared him being a young kid.

Dr. Okidi says the Koramojong sometime way back in the 1960s they were so funny in tricking  our people,  because they could pay a surprise visit to any Acholi homestead, “One would be coming to share a meal at anytime when you are eating without even asking the people who would be taking  meal, without seeking for permission, of  welcome. Not even washing their hands, the person would joined the high table like other family member.” Dr. Okidi revealed.

Change of statuesque as Moroto barrack falls to Koramojong hands

By 1979, When the Uganda National Liberation Front took over the helm of power from defeating Uganda dictator Idi Amin; the Koramojong went ahead and collected all the guns which was left behind by the Amin’s fleeing soldiers.

This them upper hand to come for raiding animals, But  the Uganda UNLF soldiers which was based atLabwor Dwong  Barrack would in turn intercepts them, and Acholi communities would joined in for the hunt,  the Koramojong which were under persuade and attacked by Uganda Army, that  was a moment of relieved to Acholi Community because of Uganda Army intervention.

There were some warlord among the Koramojong called Apalu-teng, the self style General who heading the raid from the other side of Koramojong, he  would be meeting Lt. Col Ojuku allies Okanyo Tong from Acholi Sub Region who would be leading Uganda army.

However the situation changed, by 1986, when Uganda Dictator Museveni took over power from Gen. Okello Lutwa, the fleeing soldires from  Acholi and Lango were also on receiving hand facing the wrath advancing  Musevenism.

The former UNLF soldiers also left Moroto barrack in the same vain Amin’s tribes mate left, the Koramojong also took advantages of guns left, and they collected more guns adding on to the previous guns.

On the other hand, the northern Uganda civil unrest was raging on, Uganda dictator Museveni plaid his part by taking advantages of the Koramojong warriors who had better weapons than Acholi and neighboring tribes, and this time Kampala regime have supplied them with more sophisticated weapons of mass killing.

An eyes witness from Awere Sub County who talk to Oyeng Yeng News on condition of anonymous, says  Koramojong were aided with Helicopters gunship while their men dressed in National Resistance Army (NRA) uniforms.

“This Koramojong came with even with their women and children.” Sources intimated

They were moving in war formation. The new rebel’s movement of Uganda People’s Defense Army (UPDA) which was formed to counter Museveni advancing NRA which were full of the Kadogo led Army, would not fight the two front wars.

Why and how did the Koramojong warriors infiltrated the vest Acholi LAND

The Acholi who are bordering the Koramojong could not with stand the battle that was being aided by NRA forces, they are to run and leave the way to invading forces.passed their areas, Sources said.

That is how the Koramojong cattle rustlers raided cattle from EAST Acholi up to Gulu District, although they did not manage to reach Amuru and Nwoya district, the animals from west Acholi was looted by the Museveni forces which was headed by Dr. Col Kizza Besiege the then NRA political commissioner.

Mr. Langa Langa one of the medical worker who was based in Anaka referral hospital narrates to  Oyeng Yeng News, how the 50 battalion led by Dr. Kizza Besigye came to Anaka in 1987 and collected all villages in the first IDP camps, later they started the loot of cattle from Anaka and Purongo Sib Counties.

“I saw with my own eyes how the 50 battalion collected cattle from Anaka areas and Purongo areas including our home from Ywaya village, the cattle was taken through Olwiyo and  Karuma road heading to Macinidi district.” Mr.Langa Langa said.


Others victims of Koramojong  suffered and later died with heart attack

In Awere, Pajule, Pader Kilak, Lira Palwo, Odek, Lalogi, Bobi, Atanga Palaro, Paicho and Bungatira Sub Counties. in around October 1987, there was  new inventory of cattle rustling  minded by the NRA soldiers  who set foot  these areas and begin to loot, maim limps of people while rapping women and young girls at will or with impunity.

There were a total crisis darkness descended  in the entire Acholi Sub Region.

In Awere Sub County people who had over 1,000 herds of cattle especially  in Bolo Parish Awere Sub County people like Yusiya Otim, Akena Yusaloni, Baradino Oola, Odong Ludwar, Olong, and Alunyu.they were among the people who their livestock was raided by Koramojong warriors.

“It did not take long, some of those them begain to pack one by one including Yousiya Otim, Olong, and Alunyu as they could not withstand the shame







































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