gen. otafire internal affairs minister closed UN bodiesThose 26 NGOs whose offices were recently closed because their mandates were not based on Human Rights, but were fronting the homosexuality agenda in Uganda, let them complain to the Uganda Non-Governmental Organization NGOs board who is responsible to register them, not me Gen. Kainda Otafire.

Rev. Canon O. Ayella, the Vicar of Christ Church also barred one of his preachers early this year, in 2023, not to preach or teach in any Anglican Church of Uganda. The suspension came over gays cases in Uganda.

 KAMPALA-FRIDAY December 10,2023. Dark cloud and lightning and heavy downpour including thunder shook Kyambogo University playground slightly exactly at 2,00PM local time before a noising Uganda Minister of Internal Affairs made his keynote address to about 1000 Ugandan Journalists during Social Economic Transformation Symposium, as heavy downpour forced him to take shelter.

Swamps of Equatorial windstorm swept and blows part of 1,000 tents housing Uganda Journalists Association UJA members who were packed to capacity egger awaiting to catch a glimpse on Gen. Oatafire, the renounce antigay and lesbianism in Uganda for some good 27 minutes’ audience were left wondering if they could hear from him the narrative of western same sex theory.

Gen. Otafire says his office closed 26 NGOs office including UN Human Rights NGO because when they first registered, their mandate was not to fronting gays campaign, but was Human rights activities and advocacies.

“Uganda government cannot tolerate the activates gays and lesbianism, the guideline for why Non-Government Organization registered in the country is very clear, you cannot come in Uganda and disgust as UN Human Rights, fighting for the rights of people suffering with HIVS, and later you begin to carry out Homosexuality. This cannot work,” Gen. Otafire told over 700 journalists his office had closed UN OHCHR on 3th Feb 2023, during the Social Economic Transformation symposium at Kyambogo.

Rights Activists and campaigners have condemned the Uganda government’s decision to shut down the country’s UN human rights office, describing it as “A shameful” in a letter to the Office of the UN high commissioner for human Rights (OHCHUR) which established its initial mandate, signed in 2005, the current mandate signed on 9 February 2020, expires in August.

The development comes less than three months after UN’s committee against torture adopted the concluding observations on Uganda, which raised concerns that torture and ill-treatment continued to be frequently practiced, and called for more investigation and prosecution of security officials accused of excessive use of torture, violence and arbitrary detention.

Executive Director of Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum. Adrian Jjuuko communication to Uganda government says in his letter. “The closure of Human Rights in Uganda office proves that the government has lost all sense of shame, it no longer wants any close international scrutiny of its human rights record.” Jjuuko’s letter warned. Then if the protectors are sent away, what then happens to those they were protecting? We are headed for tough times”

Ofundo Opondo, the Government spokesperson also condemned the activities and the operation of 26 NGOs in the country, saying the government of Uganda does not support and allow International Humanitarians Agencies to work under cover to spread the agenda of western propaganda to mislead our children.

“We don’t support the homosexuality, gays and lesbianism activities, we know and smoked them out the 26 NGOs who have been working in the name of supporting people living with HIV, yet they have been going around to spread the gospel of homosexuality in our schools, we know it has been happening and have to stop it.” Ofundo Opondo roared.

Major General Sam Kavuma, the Pan African activist called gays and lesbianism that work of the western world who now turned their attention to hoodwinks our youths to conger their mind as African new colonialism.

“The gays and lesbianism who are now amassing their propaganda have the hallmark narratives of western propaganda that has been sweeping African countries,

they must be dealt with seriously, who told them that Uganda is a free country that they can practice homosexuality at will in the name of donor funding. Can you imagine that western world gives loans with strings attached to be paid, and yet China gives us funds in the name of grant, but still the USA and European countries say we should not get grants from China.” Gen.  Kavuma warned.

Gen. Kavuma warned that the journey to Africa by Sir Winston Churchill in 1803 who described Uganda as pearl of Africa is not for void, the pearl of Africa, Uganda has got the best weather and climate in the whole world, Uganda has the best fresh water bodies in the whole world, God given resources that includes eight elements, the best climate and weather, the best green cover and vegetation, Uganda has got the fresh water bodies in form of Lakes, Rivers, Streams and dam, Uganda has got fertile soil, Uganda has also got the best mountainous, forests wildlife, Uganda has also got minerals. The western world is using scapegoats to bring new colonialism in Africa.

The Non-Governmental Organization NGOs Bureau under the Ministry of Internal Affairs which has been mandated to relate and register all the NGOs activities in the Country banned SMUG in August 2022 citing their failure to register with Uganda Registration Services Bureau.

However, Dr. Mugisha commented that their registration was blocked by the officials at the registration bureau in 2022, which rejected the name.

Rev. Otanile Ayella Okot, the Vicar of Christ Church banned Youths preachers in Anglican Church of Uganda over gays and lesbianism early this year 2023. Say I have suspended some of you youths based on homosexuality which is being visible within yourself.

“From today on ward, I have suspended youths preaching in Christ Church, and we shall be very visible in monitoring some of you, we have understood that gays and lesbianism have been taking course here.”

An eyewitness narrated to the Black Star News that in Gulu city, in Kirombe village he witnessed two ladies in their teens inviting her friend to accompany her to the bath.

Their father warned them that he will not tolerate the practice that is happening, “Girls in our community do not chair bathy rooms, unless one is sick, our customs allow a helper to give hand.” An eye witness observed.

Archbishop Stephen Kaziimba, the head of Anglican Church of Uganda condemned the activities of homosexuality in Uganda, argues Christians that church shall continue to emphasis heterosexual marriages as the lifelong, excluding bond between one man and one woman for procreation as reflected in the Bible, adds, that the trend in the western world and some Anglican churches in those contexts are being pressured into doing this, including our mother church of England. But for us in Uganda, as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” This when he was being handed episcopal authority from his predecessor Stanley Ntagali

Archbishop Kaziimba warns the Archbishop of Canterbury and York on gays and lesbians, the Archbishop of Canterbury wrote a letter and sent to all presiding archbishops of Anglican communion that gays and lesbians should not be victimized, the letter was also sent to President of Uganda and Nigeria, who recently introduced anti-gays legislation.

Archbishop John Baptist Odama of Gulu Arc Dioceses says he is not aware of the closing of UN Human Rights bodies, he said.

“I don’t want you to put a ward in my mouth, about gays and lesbian” Archbishop Odama argued

Francis Mawa, the Prime minister of Ker Kwaro Puranga supported the stand of closing 26 NOGs, says the western world is now reintroducing the third new colonial era in Africa.

“I have been Chairman of Laity of Dioceses of Northern Uganda Anglican Church of Uganda until I retired, God told me to go and revised the traditional cultural norms of Acholi Ker Kwaro. Of which now I am put in place. What I could say, when the Church Missionaries Society came to African countries, they came under the guise of exploreries, then what follow was the Christianity followed them, then came colonials who came with guns to control Africa.”

My advices as the prime minister of Ker Kwaro, we cannot allow NGOs to come spread gays and lesbianism to spoil our children. Reasons why as Mawa he is in the realm of cultural norms, we have to guard against western culture.

“God destroyed Sodomy and Gomora because of {Gungu tek} homosexuality, when the Christianity was preaching against homosexuality then why now the Archbishop of Canterbury and Pope who are the head of Christianity they are telling us to practice homosexuality. We cannot tolerate, gays and lesbian.

Official from Gulu City Education office who asked to not to be named because of sensitivity of the subject, the issues of homosexuality in Gulu City and surrounding districts, cases of gays and lesbian have not been featuring.

However, in the past such cases of lesbian some girl’s students were suspended from Sacred Heart Secondary School, and Canlorance Secondary School in Lira, but such cases were rare.

“One day a girl from Sacred Heart Secondary School who was engaged in love affairs, during her period wrote a letter with her blood, what I can say is that in single girl’s schools the practices of homosexuality were common.”

Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu, a.k Bobi Wine the leader of National Unity Platform NUP who’s his supporters have been rounded up to 2021 presidential and parliamentary polls remanded in unauthorized places of detention or “’Safe” houses are not surprised that president Museveni who has been in power for the last 37 years has closed the OHCHR, “Tyrant Museveni has responded by shutting down NGOs,

FACEBOOK, DGF Democratic Government Facility and declaring several International Persona Non-Granta or deporting them, now he shuts down UH Human Rights Uganda.

Livingstone Sewanyana, founder of the Foundation for Human Rights Initiative in the capital when contacted by the Black Star News says the decision not to renew the mandate stopped short Uganda critical player in the field of Human Rights promotion.

He disclosed that at the moment 38 local and international staff at the head office in Kampala and two field offices in Gulu City and Moroto Municipality in Eastern Uganda are the victims stand to lose.

Francis Odongyoo, Director of Gulu Human Rights Watch codified to Black Star News that in 2018 UN OHCHR when Apaa community seek refuge in Gulu UN Human Right Office that their mandate was not renew, since the Apaa land victims by government of Uganda came to their office, they will not refuse to host them, even if the government refuse to renew their office they will not mind.

Odongyoo says if government of Uganda closed un Human Rights office, then they are running away from their responsibility, argues UN Human Rights do not practice gays and lesbianism, let the government prove by bring evidence to pin them on gays and lesbian.

“if I am the government I could be shy, but they should pick an individual person of the staff and put him under the bar, or take them to their Embassy and face legal action, if Gen. Otafire say, I think the government is running away from their responsibility, I don’t belief that.” Odongyoo.

However, UN Human Rights was very instrumental during the Lord\s Resistance Army conflict in Northern Uganda, by exposing gross Human Rights atrocities in Northern Uganda.








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