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More COVID-19 patients at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital they jogging as other cry for food from on looker or passer by


Gulu Regional Referral Hospital is facing dilemma following the lock down, so far 61 people has been admitted in the treatment center Gulu Referral Hospital putting lives of new cases patients at risk.


GULUI-UGANDA: Easter Kwahira she is one of 28 mothers who got delivery at FLAMA UGANDA during COVID-19 lock down, says she is happy mother although the lock down has given her family


Limiting time to do some other work apart from being at home?

Kwahuira a residence of Pece outskirt in Gulu town, codified to Oyeng Yeng News that she decided to and seek medical attention at FLAMA Uganda just to follow presidential directive, otherwise Gulu Regional Referral Hospital is one of her favorable medical center she used to get medical services.

“My little baby boy of 11 days I just name him Kwahira, is doing well.” Commented Easter Kwahira.

Barbra Lajara gave birth at FLAMA Uganda Opit Center because FALMA Uganda is near her their home, beside that the way FLAMA Uganda handle their clients is different government lead medical services, PLAMA Uganda they have hospitality treatment.

“Right now I am having good time with my husband Emmanuel Okello we only fear COVID-19 lock down.”

But an fortunately the new baby Omara Jesses who is today two week old is having malaria now, but we hope he will be okay

Dr. Pebolo Pebalo from GOOD HOPE Medical Services when our Newsman pay visit to their medical center says today Wed. May 27, 2020 he has seen 10 patients, and other Consultant doctors also seen over 20 numbers of patients.

“Only today that we have got overwhelming numbers of visiting clients, but before COVID-19 lock down we used to received more than 100 clients including mother who come for Genecology.” Pebalo Pebolo observed.

Dr. Sabastian Odong who own Akot Memorial Clinic in Gulu says today Wed. they have seen about for patients, but during lock down sometime they only received one or two clients

StMary Hospital Lacor is overwhelming with the people who are going to seek for medical services, this because many people who used to get medical services at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital they fear to go for medical help in Gulu main hospital, Source who fear not to be name disclosed.

The attempt to contact the Public Relation Officer for St Mary Hospital Lacor has been futile

Ms. Okello Flavia she is upbeat when contacted for comment why many mother are going to seek for the delivery at FLAMA Uganda, she says FLAMA Uganda has come to stay and give good services to the community to file the medical services during the post LRA war.







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