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Norbert Mao the Democratic Party Presidential General says Uganda Police Forces are ill equip to handle public, they should have used mounted speaker to communicate to people in the markets places

.Uganda Government harry to close down public transport, if President Museveni hold talk with Religious leaders why cant he called for Taxi operator, boda boda and Uganda bus company, this people are very organize.

COVID-19 it has advantage, massage from an X MP from Egypt.

Don’t cure Covid-19

It has brought back humanity, brought back people to their creator and their moral, it has brought down close down bar, night club, brothelhs and Casinos, brought down interest rates, brought family together, it stopped people eating death and forbidden animals,, so far it has moved one third of military expenditure to health care.

Arab countries have banned Shish, COVID-19 is pushing people to prayers, it undermines dictators and their powers, human are now worshiping God rather than progress and technology, it forcing authority to look at it prisons and prisoners, it has thought human how to sneeze, yawn and cough, COVID-19 has now making us stay at home living simple live

KAMPALA-UGANDA: The government Spokesperson Opondo Ofoundo says Dubai cases of COVID-19 the people who boarded Ethiopian plane came to Uganda were 517, although those people sneaks to their home, but we have managed positively to trace them.

Robert Mao the Opposition politician castigated the government says this is a crisis; we are not exempted in crises no leaders cannot stop to talk.

“I would like to advices technocrats’ people that this is not the time of apportion of blame, every body who want to talk gives them time, and we are ready to count the death body.” Opposition warns

He argues that even at the time of war military try court marshal, insist they were not willing to listen to anybody; we have the economy that needs us. If the president has to do so, he has to talk with the boda boda leaders, Uganda Bus Company and Taxi Operator.

Adds on that those people are very organized, when Museveni invited the Religious leaders he fears that thing will boomerang.

“We expect solution, the question is only balance the problem, we are facing today is bigger than COVID-19,some people are not living by example, some big people in Government like ministers are deceiving people when their relative came from outside they rush and took them away from isolation center. But I am not that person, I have even my relative who is in isolation unit, in one of the University, but I am not the type”

Mao argues that you attack COVID-19,but he leave that to media, the Hotel Manager in Kampala Harriet Nyanga is being attack because she is Forum for Democratic Change, an opposition lineal. He says security forces are not trained to be polite, but they are trained to follow us and tell you that you are under arrest, and they pick you and take you to the court of law.

Mao advices Uganda Police Forces that they should be speaking with loud speaker mounted on a police van to speak to peoples in the market places.

“I saw incidence of looting, I saw the people helping themselves while sitting on a track loaded with Pineapple,” Opondo Ofoundo shifted in says, ”Some people are breaking the shops.”

Mao says he don’t enjoy staying with Local Defense Forces LDU, the role of government is not to chore people, but you don’t need to chore people, they should go to the market and tell them that we need you to leave

Dr. Joyce Moriko Kaducu State Minister for Primary Health Care has got one suspected case in Gulu Regional Referral Hospital, is yet to be confirm

However, Martin Ojara Mapenduzi, Gulu District Chairman in today Friday March 27, 2020, says all suspected cases in isolation quarantine they are all negative.

“None has not yet been confirmed after the Government laboratory test done by Uganda Research Virus. We have picked their sample for testing; we have to wait for result

Gulu, COVID-19 task forces ill equip

Okello John not real name, trained Biological weapon says the COVID-19 Epidemic police always move to arrest the suspected cases without wearing mask. And those police and doctors after the operation should isolated first and sanitize before going to their home.

“This bio-chemical weapon, we must be ready to handle with care, the infection will be much in Acholi Sub Region”.

However, Evelyn Oyella a mother 8 child footed from Kitgum up to Angagura Sub County, Pader district and she was picked by Good Samaritan.

Oyella says that she went look after her mother who is bed ridden in Kitgum Hospital, but she has to come back to Gulu because she has left children alone in the house.

“I started walking late from Kitgum at around 10.00AM, I have been walking slowly, by the time I reach Angagura Sub County, it was late and some driver picked me, otherwise I would sleep on the way.” Oyella narrated.

Oyella she is not alone, many people in Gulu City have to walk a long distance coming to seek for medicine in Gulu Regional Referral Hospital, an eyes witness account indicates.

Gulu Police Forces and COVID-19 Pandemic who are on patrol has to used forces to disperse crowd who are gather in big numbers.







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