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Godwin Okello, Puranga Prime Minister reinstated Acholi cultural chiefdom back in time to exercise the back born of LUO Egyptian founder of Democracy As road to unity in divided post Northern Uganda insurgency. Which saw decadents of Acholi traditional cultural norms that were destroyed?

Observers are eminent scholars Charles Odoch Langoya, Elder Robert Mugabi, from wan goo, Okello Mogi, Senior Counsel Oneka, Opika Opoka, Dan Oola Odiya and Dr. Okello Odonga who observed the election process.


As Uganda paramilitary police forces raided Kitgum Bomah hotel on Friday June 14th 2024 at 10.00AM local time, briefing was being conducted by Rwot Santo Richard Apire, the Interim Chairman of Lawirwodi, as dark clouds fell.

Ssegwa Jimmy Ebil, Kitgum Residence Commissioner RDC interrupted the briefing which was being conducted by Rwot Santo Apire, the Interim Chairman of Lawirwodi and picked him with two more chiefs who were Rwot John Obita Ogenga and Rwot Collin Atiko Muto with a heavy police escort and then dumped in his sitting room.

Ssegwa Jimmy Ebil outrages action forced Aswa East Regional Police Commander to question his action and demanded to know what was wrong had the Acholi chiefs committed him  to use dreaded forces instead of escorting them with police escort, They would have allowed them drive their own vehicles? As the Aswa East Regional police commander asked.

Soon after normality restored when finally, the regional police commander commandeer Acholi chiefs to drive back their own cars to Bomah hotel, he ordered Rwodi that they have only 20 minutes to prepare themselves to leave Bomah hotel, otherwise if the breach of peace was not followed, the police will swing into action.

The Regional police comment Awakened rags of words from the Acholi Council of Chiefs as they shouted instead of planning to use teargas. They complained why they can’t smoke them with motors. We saw it all during the Lord Resistance Army over two decades in the northern Uganda conflict.

Okello Godwin, the Puranga Primer, says eventually that temper was chilled down. And the council of chiefs were allowed to go to their individual hotel to have lunch but paramilitary intelligence was heavily deployed in Kitgum Municipality to track the actions of all Councils of chiefs to make sure that there was no election done.

Therefore, as it was mandated by the constitution of Ker Kwaro Acholi that was Gazzeted in March this year spelled that, Election of Acholi paramount chief (Lawirwodi) should be conducted at the palace of chiefs.

All the Council of Chiefs of Ker Kwaro Acholi moved and tracked to Labongo Amida the cultural chiefdom of Rwot John Obita Ogenga which was about five kilometers South of Kitgum.

First and foremost, there was an illegal malevolent sabotage intended to interrupt legitimate election of Lawirwodi of KKA but the police forces could only deploy an injunction/court order to stop election of the Acholi paramount chief.

He noted that the election has nothing to stop it being conducted there is a Gazzeted constitution, guidelines were Cleared with rule and procedures and all requirements were met.

Thus, the election went on smoothly as planned, one of these which was the venue for the election was conducted has been one of the palaces of chiefs (Gang kal) and agreed that the venue for the election shall be conducted at Ker Kal Labongo Amida.

Secondly, the Council of chiefs, electoral observers and electoral officials all moved to Labongo Amida palace one by one in a different direction on foot to avoid interception by intelligence which were monitoring that the election did not take place.

On arriving in the venue council of chiefs meeting was called to the order by the Interim Chairman Ker Kwaro Acholi Rwot Santo Richard Apire. Who gave an opening remark and to hand over authority with power back to the council of chiefs.

“The Council of Chiefs nominated and agreed to give power to presiding Commissioner officer to preside to conduct election in free and fair and in orderly process, what happened at the Council of chiefs nominated  Godwin Okello Puranga one of Ker Kwaro Acholi Prime Minister to conduct the election body process and called the house in order.” Godwin Okello remarked.

Godwin Okello’s narrative is that he read the KKA election constitution and election guideline and rule of procedure of KKA.

Therefore, the first thing was done where the election of Speaker was done and Rwot John Paido Lugayi of Pajule chiefdom was elected Speaker of KKA and his Deputy Rwot George Nyeko of Lukung chiefdom.

Lastly, the nomination of the Acholi Paramount chief was done in accordance with the rule of election procedure and guidelines where Rwot Santo Apire was nominated, seconded and supported.

He went to an opposed election and the election was called to an end with 58 chiefs under the Electoral College of adult suffrage.

The elected Rwot Santo Apire Lawirwodi said, the struggle that has taken one year since 2023 is not only its success but for the all councils of chiefs of KKA, with unity Acholi community will overcome the entire problem ahead of them.

“I am very proud of my people, I know there was a big Elephant that we fought as a uniting force, give us times you will see development in Acholi sub region. All of us, the council of chief who did not get any position there and lost our jobs will be offered opportunities. Let’s remain as one.” The newly elected Lawirwodi advised.

Rev. Father Joseph Okumu applauded electing Rwot Santo Richard Apire and advised all the Ker Kwaro Acholi chiefdoms who were in the race to be ready behind Lawirwodi elect, and calls for unity


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