Rest in peace Jacob Oulanyah


.On Sunday, March 20,2022. The Night, all the Acholi Sub Region remains quite, ACHOIL remain a ghostplace.

A young woman in her mid 50 sat quietly leaning on her cheek in Gulu City, worry about the destiny future young generations, even  members of media fraternity took to Ayom Lony village, the Speaker’s Oulanyah home, found father Okori Nathan  92 years old surround by chorus of friend’s relatives and district leaders from all walks of life.

Emuna disclosed that Oulanyah father’s phone was blocked to contact his son who was hospitalized in the Seattle City USA, ON Thursday March 24, array Ugandans legislators including Information Minister Dr. Christ Baryomunsi, Ofondo Opondo the Spokesperson for the Government of Uganda all voiced that Oulanyah succumb to cancer illness.

GULU CITY-UGANDA: Tuesday, March 22, 2022. The road to Ayom Lony, Lalogi district headquarter home to the former Speaker Jacob Oulanyah remain a busy root, the  dusty marram road 47 kilometer east Gulu City remain clouded with tick dusty pollution, by 2.30PM we had arrived for the meeting preparation send off Jacob Oulanyah. Nathan Okori, father of the fallen lion of Omoro District, was sitting in the middle, ready to begin the meeting. Nathan Okori looked pale and withdrawn, however, he took courage to shake my arm, and said wait for the meeting; we are beginning the meeting now.

The event was chaired by Okello Douglas Okao which went well, by6.00PM, John Opira  Akweny, Oulanyah close confident took us to Francis Emuna. Below is his narrative,  the groups of five people headed by Uganda Chief Justice Alphorn Owiny Dollo Cigamoi, including Norbert Mao, Democratic Party President General, Anita Amongi, the Deputy Speaker, Dr. Jean Ruth Aceng and his younger brother Francis Emuna headed to United State of America, the Seattle City on a mission to save Jacob Oulanyah life?

“By the time we reached the Seattle, USA Medical Hospital, we entered into the ward where Speaker Jacob Oulanyah was in critical condition, which was not under Intensive care although he had lied down. When he showed us, by the time his mate told him the person you wanted to see very much, Chief Justice Owiny Dollo is now here, open your eyes and talk to him. The only word he uttered, Mr. Cigamoi.” Emuna let slip.

His brother, Emuna narrates that after mention Mr. Cigamoi, he tried very much to talk, but his voice cannot be heard, unless you bend close to him then you can hear his voice, Chief Justice Owiny Dollo, on his account says when Jacob Oulanyah whom he described can only listen to him only, when they arrived in the Seattle Cancer Hospital.

Confirmed that Oulanyah was not on life support, although he was lying on his back, he had lost weight, when the woman who was looking after him told him that Justice Owiny Dollo you have mentioned is here now, open your eyes and talk to him.“ Then He Oulanyah who is long drawn. He mentioned my name “Cigamoi”. That is the only thing Jacob spoke for the duration of our stay in the USA.

Probably that is the only thing he said my name, tears started rolling down his eyes. I am emotionally a very weak person, but I refused to shed tears, so I went and shed tears in my hotel room.” Justice Dollo reasoned. The following day we went and met the lead doctor. He said they did their best, they even wanted to apply some of the most modern techniques, but unfortunately it couldn’t be done, the details will be in thepost mortem report that the government will read.

Justice Dollo says he wanted to tell us that the doctor was telling them that Oulanyah was going, the only thing was to save him from thepain, and so what they were giving him would sedate him. If they didn’t sedate him, the doctor said the pain would be too much; they were helping him to end his journey as peacefully as possible.

Chief Justice Owiny Dollo elaborated. Emuna the brother says when finally we came to his ward, we looked at him carefully, while lying in his sick bed, Justice Dollo and all of us prayed for his life, we stayed on that day

“I excused myself and went to a different room and  cried bitterly for an hour, and later returned to the rest of the group and later left asking me to stay behind. If I did not see him before his death, I would be traumatizing, but now after seeing him. Am now facing the reality that Jacob Oulanyah is no more, he is now dead.” his brother Jacob narrates.

The best thing the Head of Settle Hospital did was to go with the late Oulanyah in his will, which please me, the problems we African misunderstand about death. We don’t prepare ourselves for death, but Jacob had prepared himself for death. However, Jacob Oulanyah wanted to talk to his father Nathan Okori, he had tried to phone his father several times, but his phone was blocked.

“The man loved his father very much; he had wanted to talk to him about his new building and how to run the home. Oulanyah had big plans for Acholi Sub Region, you see that mansion which is not yet finished, and he wanted to spend most of his time at home. He told me that he wants to solve the Acholi problem, by calling all of the stakeholders from each district from the West Nile,

Lango and Acholi sub regions.” Emuna decried. Emuna says, when he returned from the USA, after reaching Muyenga upscale Oulanyah’s residence, some people wanted the vigil for the mourner to be hosted elsewhere, but he disagreed with them, there was no one at home, all doors were locked until when I broke the padlock. But when we broke the doors, and later within a short period, people started streaming in big numbers. When the Black Star News Correspondent asked him, who is currently staying in Muyenga, Oulanyah’s home, he said we have closed the place.“

Before I left yesterday on Tuesday, I had to go step bystep to explain to Oulanyah his two children, we are in Kampala, and two of my sisters what is next. We have tried to contact those who have his debt and even the bill he still has in Oulanyah and Onori and Co Law Chamber. For me and don’t have financial problems, but my younger sister Adong has been dependent on Oulanyah, because she is working in Oulanyah’s Law firm, Jacob Oulanyah was paying for her rent and even her kids in school.

”Nathan Okori, Oulanyah’s father on two occasions ruddily ordered for Ben Acellam, the former political Assistance of the Speaker Jacob Oulanyah, banned him from stepping his home. Muzee Okori on Sunday, the day when the Speaker was pronounced dead, Ben Acellam was among the mourners who turned up to pay his last respect to his longtime friend.

But, Omoro district Chairman Peter Doglus Okao spoke and later Omoro District Residence Commissioner Andrew Onyuk spoke later Ben Acellam took over.Okori shouted at the top of his voice, which is talking, that Ben Acellam stop addressing mourners, and immediately Ben Acellam stopped, but Oulanyah’s father insisted he should get out of his home.“Ben Acellam, now you come to celebrate the death of my son whom you killed, if Ben Acellam is still here, then all people also should get out of my home” Muzee Okori ordered Acellam out of his home.

Adds that, his son was poisoned by two people, one person who is a man is from Acholi Sub Region, and the other person is from Central Region, disclosing that the woman who work in his in Kampala gave the money and the poison to the person who is in Gulu and the person was the person who gave the poison to Oulanyah.

“My son told me that he was poisoned through the tea, when he was served the Tea, he discovered the poison in the Tea, and left taking Tea, if he had finished taking the Tea he would have died in Stanly. Oulanyah told me that my father and I are now going to the hospital, but I am not coming back alive, because the poisoning has caused a lot of damage to my organs.” Muzee Okori addressed the media .

Emuna also confirmed the ban on Ben Acellam, saying his father Okori 92 years old loses nothing, he can turn monster now and do anything because he is in pain. Emuna says that the family is going to groom Oulanyah’s elder son to replace him as the Omoro County MP. In a moving account at a vigil at Oulanyah’s Kampala home in Muyenga on Tuesday, Owiny-dollo provided regular and comprehensive details of the Speaker’s struggle in his last hours on earth.

Early. Okot Joseph said last year in August 2021, during the burial of Ben Acellam, the political personnel assistant of Jacob Oulanyah. He told the manure that he was poisoned by a man from Omoro district, that person he is a big man, when he recovers from his illness he will disclose who has poisoned him.

“My people, I was poisoned by an Acholi from Omoro district, the person is a big man, he is a witch , a killer, when I have recovered I will ell you who the person is.” Oulanyah says. “Fellow mourners when I arrive in Seattle, USA where Jacob Oulanyah died via Dubai today March 22, 2022 in the afternoon with Democratic Party President Mao. Sadly we came back with Hon. Mao empty-handed. We left, not the 11th parliament Speaker Jacob Oulanyah, we left the body of Jacob Oulanyah lying in a cold room in a top cancer institute in Seattle in the Pacific West coast of the USA.

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