GULU-UGANDA: Acholi deity Lagoro of Okaka has curse the Mango tree that will never be ripe this season the sign that COVID-19 will never infect the community.

Acholi deity curse mango tree never to get ripe
Gulu University Medical students of surgery grandaunts celebrated during Gulu University graduation in Jan. 11,2020
African Queen is one of the business promoter that has taken advantages to venture doing busnessin Gulu City. they are dealing in many items ranging from household

Jaka II Lakwec Investment one of the recreation center that soon will change the status of GuluCity, it is located 2 kilometer out side Gulu City on Awich Moroto road after Gulu University


The bird is in their air, as Gulu City gain City status,Gulu Airport is soon going to be open for other business services
This is Uganda Kob they are in mating
Envrionemtal politics of cutting tree and charcoal burning still top the agenda of the post war conflict
This is the work of Kampala regime,
John M. Onyango Odongo 103 years old Acholi scholar one of the oldest person remaining in Acholi Sub Region
Jacob Oulnyah the Deputy Speaker is the most popular politican in Acholi Sub Region, when any issues that need brain work and need big sort, he has been referred to. But he has not build strong political base in his area. no any person from the Odek Sub County that he awarded during his political tune.
But lately vaine yard soucre intimated that he is being the appointment of Ocheing Hos-born as Amuru Deputy RDC

Okello Dogulas Okao the current Chairman District Omoro is still is one of the most favorable candidate for Omoro District Chairman, if he contest with the current most nosing candidatures he will go through as long Jacob Oulanyah and Hon. Lamwaka they are there

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