Mrs. Grace Amongi the Principal Director for Gulu School of Science her libido wake up at 1.AM, need another service. She would calls whoever she is in need to bong her wet.



GULU-UGANDA: Allan Obwona a private contractor got a contract job in Gulu School of Science last year in 2018 to put a face-lift, but he has to cut short his contraction work when he failed to turn up for midnight calls to answer nature.

Allan Obwona narrative goes as cannon fodder, says on the fateful midnight he was enjoying his sleep at his home in Kirombe, 2 kilometer outskirt west of Gulu city. Then suddenly he received a surprise phone call, the phone calls was none from rather than Mrs. Grace Amongi, the Principal Director for Gulu School of Science.

Adding that he thought of emergency, but when he pick up the phone calls, the caller says ‘would you mine to come and meet in Kakanyero Hotel’. His response was, for what at this time pass mid night.

Sources privy to Allan Obwona revealed the man instead of accepting to go and meet his wife to be, Mrs. Grace Amongi! He went infuriated, sort back stop this type of nonsense.

“Don’t called me again late at night, I am not a monster who could fall into allot” Allan Obwona rebuked her.

Joyce Lamuno has confirmed that five of them the senior tutors including her has been transfer without sufficient reason, says sexual immorality has surpassed the corridor of the Campus.

“That lady, the Principal Director Amongi she uses and things to keep her position, can you imagine when the board meeting is called, the councilors and Boards official go and meet her in difference room, and later they come and meet” Lamuno decries  

The victims are the Gulu RDC Maj. Okot Lapolo, the Chairman for Gulu District Martin Ojara Mapenduzi, even the so called Doctor from St Mary Hospital Lacor who has not been speared.

“The queen, when she failed to Conroe you through her libido, she will advance green envelop to sweet talks you into business.” Sources who asked not to be name said.

Grace the queen, when she was done with top icons of the management, she used that opportunity to transfer all the five senior Tutors leaving Gulu College of Science to the vulnerable

Grace transfer of 5 established staff from School are as follow: Mr. Okot Isaac Obol Principal Head of Tutor has been transfer to Forth portal, Ms. Lamuno Joyce Dean of Students has been transfer to Mbale School of Hygiene, Mr. Obura Geoffrey Senior Health Tutor Homology, Deputy Academic Register, Mr.Ojok Hudson Health Tutor and Mr. Mulumba Teddea Academic Register.

All the tutors which has been transfer appointed by Public Service, but they have to apply again to Public Services in their new transfer areas

Those fired said, if it were in Lango Sub Region such sexual advance would have not been tolerated.

However, intimate source from Grace Amongi dismissed the allegation level against her about advance sex that such things she believed to originated from those who have been transferred.

“That can’t happened the Principal Director she a marriage woman, it is fall.” Source said

The attempt to reach Gulu RDC Okot Lapolo and Gulu District Chairman was futile as they could not be reach

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