Who will win Gulu City Mayor seat, the fight is between NRM ally Independent candidates and Opposition parties


One woman left her food and walked away when the issue of Fr. Onen name was mentioned and says I have voted for an NRM ruling party candidate instead of the oppositions. “I can’t eat my food when you mention the issue of Fr. Onen, if my one vote can be picked, I would have withdrawn it, I didn’t know that he was a National Resistance Movement.

GULU CITY-UGANDA: Community in Gulu City they are engagingin a felony outlaw activity after realizing that they have been dubbed by Independence candidates Fr. Onen and Martin Ojara Mapenduzi  who have declared themselves  National Resistance Movement NRM ruling party candidates

.Ajok Catharine, one of the voters in Gulu City decries forvoting for Fr. Onen who has been campaigning as an Independent candidate, butwhen voted in he declared himself to be N RM party member.

“If I had known that Fr. Onen was an NRM candidate, I would nothave voted for him, can’t you imagine that they have joined Alfred Okwanga, thecandidate for City Mayor.” she walked out leaving her meal.

Wokorach Simon, reporter of Gulu FM Radio station says during their discussion on radio, even senior NRM party leader confirmed that indeed there is low opinion, those who have voted for Ojara and Fr. Onen,mostly women are in loggerhead.

Tomorrow January 20, Uganda will vote for City Mayor andCity Councilors, there are 7 candidates competing for  the mayor-ship. Alfred Okwanga, NRM candidate,George Lapir Aigaz  Independent candidate, Christopher Achire Forum for Democratic Change FDC, Zeru OO Abuka an Independent candidate, Rocky Manya Oyoo DP candidate, Robert Mugabi Alliance for National transformation and others.Can we trust our cityto NRM or NRM leaning candidates?

Okwanga and Zeru Abuka cannot be trusted, since NRM have been voted 80 percent in Acholi Sub Region, let people wait and see what will happen, if land conflict will be history?

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