Research by Oyeny-yeng publication: the aftermath of the primary living examinations results released late January, 2020

According to Wycliffe Onencan verbatim; the recruitment of teacher’s DURING NORTHERN Uganda conflict was not scrutinized. Enhance teachers recruited to join Primary Teacher’s College in Acholi sub region was done without considering quality.


Head teacher of Koch Goma Primary School lamented that some of those who were recruited did not qualify to be admitted in teaching profession, while others who had been recruited came with their relative’s academic papers.

This was confirmed during the validation exercises carried out by the ministry of education which has discovered that thousands of teachers were using fake academic documents.

We cannot blame tutor for producing ill-fated Teachers who hails from Teacher’s Training College because people who were recruited as teachers did not have qualifications, some of them didn’t complete senior four, and some of them joined with their brother’s paper or sister’s paper.

Those teachers are always so aggressive on administrators; their characters always are towards defending themselves, because since they cannot deliver service.

Normally those teachers when they fail they are transferred their aggression start right from their homes, family to and transferred to the school and later down on children. They are too much money minded, have low self esteem and they stayed with people who do not belong to their classes.

Even their social lives are so low, they don’t display the attributes of role models, and their behavior is not different from those of villagers.

For female teachers, they are not selective. They marry anybody so long as they have money, including those who did not go to school mostly boda bodas.

Head teachers are fond of hanging and eating in the trading centers, though not all of them do that, there are good head teachers but most of them are women head teachers.


The parents just send their children to school, and there is no follow up, children stay in school until end of term, women from the rural setting are semi illiterate they take their children to school but no follow up.

However, even literate men from the rural areas have abandoned public schools for private schools, while for the semi illiterates it has become business for them to enroll their children in poor public schools.

Children intelligence

Children intelligence quos right from the day they are born remains the same, but, what determines the IQ, future of a child is the kind of environment a child lives and brought up, the kind of food the particular child eats, where the child sleeps, where the child plays, medical care, comfort and less domestic violence.

In a rural set up particularly in rich homes or families, the children are very assertive; the children are not shy when in class unlike the children from poor families. The kind of clothes they put are different from the children of the rich family, they also eat poorly.

Children of the rich don’t suffer with the 6 commutable diseases, the killer diseases, but children of the poor suffer with all kind of sickness. This as a consequence can affect their intelligence capacity.

Domestic violence

Domestic violence is subject of intense debate that destroys even brighter children especially when couples/parents are very aggressive, how the parents behave from home affects the character of children in school. If the parents behaved well, the children will imitate their parents but if the parents behaved badly then the logic is simple that their children will also behave in the same way. This is also determined by the way the child is treated by his or her caretakers at home, that is why at times children show different characters in different places. For instance if the parents are hostile, the likely outcomes will be that from home they are slave, while from school they are free slaves.

It is for this reason child from domestic violent family would want to leave school late, because at school they feel free and they think they stay in school for long and do not want to go back to their homes. (Domestic violence and Divorce school children form their home is salve, from school they are free slave Wycliffe Onencan 2020).

Children behavior

Children do not have mood for learning, most of them do not know why they are in school, and they even go to school as social gathering and place for luxury.

Children from the rural areas set up do not have ambition; they lack role models, their role models are people in the community like teachers, nurses, sub county staff, shop keepers and boda boda riders. And yet this was not the case in the past where the children of the poor were the best in school, they loved every thing about school and really wanted to please their parents with good performances.

Thus, most of the role models are not associated to the specific subject to inspire their pupils in primary school, for example. In one of the meeting’s where the school management Committee was addressing pupils there was a slip in tongue from the chairperson when he told the pupils in front of their teachers present in the  assembly that, “If you don’t work hard and concentrate in your studies, even mere teaching you may not get.”

The chairperson instead of advising pupils that if you do not study very hard, even being porter slashing roadside you will not be employed (Wycliffe Onencan 2020)

Wycliffe Onencan sees lack of role models and poor career guidance’s as conflict theory in Uganda education system, while policy public school is being run differently to the private schools and UPE policy on private schools which are properly managed with a enough supervision. And beside that they go beyond the stipulated time in teaching unlike in most public schools were it is limited, the private schools reopen early before public schools.

Even day to day teaching starts in private schools early and ends late in the night, because most of them are in boarding. This is where the conflict theory emerged between public schools and private schools leading to low self esteem of public school teachers as early mentioned.

For example teachers go to a village gathering, when teachers are welcome and honored with a chair, teachers always hope to sit on a log. (Kel ki lapwony kom, en gamo ni kany bene romo bedo) this has brought third generation of teachers.

School with enough resources

School with enough resource both financially and materially do better, compared to schools with a poor resources and materials.


Uganda primary Education Curriculum does not favor free primary education sector, because it is too congested, and keeps conflicts with private education sector. UPE policy has been interpreted as a free education, parents take it free education, and yet not all of them, well free education, instead they take their children to private schools

In public schools no teaching takes place during holiday, but this policy does not affect private business school owners, this leaves public schools in a disadvantaged position as they are poorly managed and supervised.

While on the other hand teachers are marrying their own pupils from the upper primary classes while parents of the victims with desire for wealth do not hesitate to accept money and pride price.

Wycliffe Onencan Graduate in BA Education from Makerere University.

Post Graduate from Unyama NATIONAL Teacher College

Grade Three Certificate from Cannolanrnce Teacher College








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