In the forthcoming presidential polls of 2021, Ugandans will behold new faces of legislators in the August House as the old ones hit the exit.

Acholi Sub –Region which has been predominantly strong hall for Uganda opposition parties is likely to loose to National Resistance Movement –NRM as its MPs like Hon. Hilary Onek Obaloker, the Lamwo MP and Hon. Oryem Okello, the Kitgum East MPs take their supporters for a business trip to China.

GULU-UGANDA: The new faces of politicians in Acholi Sub -Region have with full forces emerged to replace the already existing political players. Jollies Okot Laker is now moving in Omoro District to throw the current Omoro MP, Catherine Lamwaka.

Other political newcomers include; Otiti Joseph who works with Action against Hunger in Kampala and Ojara Martin Mapenduzi, the Gulu District Chairman. Both are eying for Gulu West Division MP seat against strong vibrant Lyandro Komakech, the current Gulu Municipality MP.

The political filed in Omoro district the newcomers are Ben Acellam, Oryem Geoffrey and more two who asks not to bename

Ronald Reagan Okumu the Aswah MP accused internal Security Organisation and Police Officer to be behind insecurity in Northern Uganda. (Courtesy photo)


For Gulu East Division MP seat, Alfred Owonga has so far shown his interest for it, but earlier on, Ambassador Dr. Olara Otunnu the former Ambassador for UN under Secretary for Children Affairs was also rumored to have shown interest for that same position.

Vineyard sources revealed that one only identified as Owani also showed his interest for Omoro County MP seat, but that he was bribed to step down by Jacob Oulanyah with brown envelop. Okello Francis Rwotlonyo, the son of former FRONASA fighter Lt. Col Okuya Lindo who introduced Museveni to guerilla warfare, also declared his interest for Omoro County.

Aswa County Member of Parliamentary seat has attracted many newcomers that include; Otim Otti Ray, Lt. Kinyera Charles, Onguti, Achire Christopher Obema the former Gulu Municipality MP in 2011, Odong Geoffrey Ojibu, Tony Kitara, Acac Okot and the Ronald Reagan Okumu the current Aswa County MP.

For Nowoya, the newcomers are Oscar Omony Awany, Tony Awany, Patrick Okello Oryema the current Chairman Local Council V, and Hon. Simon Oyet the current MP for Nwoya District.

Francis Okodel a political analyst at Gulu University says people have begun to understand politics as politics but not politics as a way of making money.

“I expect that in the forthcoming polls of 2021, people will be aware of what to do where and when. If you want to prove that money cannot work, the people like Gen. Charles Otema Awany and other NRM officials have been using money to bribe people, but have they succeeded?” Okodel warns

Okodel observes that in the near future, the old politicians who play by the old rules will go down.

He also faults the NRM government for brainwashing the masses and making them to perceive politics as a dirty game.

The Gulu University Don also says the economic incentive that is being promoted by the NRM government will never be a substitute to real politics.

“By promoting science and technology in the education sector in the country at the expense of arts subjects, shows a clear sign that the government is diluting politics by curbing down critical thinkers.” Say Okodel

He advice that the government should not only give university loans to students perusing Engineering, medicine and Economic among other science disciplines, but also supports students pursuing other arts disciplines like social sciences, political science, literature, among others.

Oyeng Yeng News say Under the Kampala regime, politician sciences course has been ban from all the Universities and also the discipline in put on hold in Uganda curriculum vitiate.

In  1770s Napoleon Bonaparte who were at despotic leader in the equal vine like his counterpart Uganda despotic leader Museveni band all (politics) critical thinking.













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