“My opponents they are provoking me in order to destroy me integrity the looser are the people who can loose nothing.” Deputy Speaker alluded.


“I am sure to win the Omoro Member parliamentary seat with a landslide, no body can cross Omoro County without my knowledge, within five minuets I will be informed of any infiltrator.” Jacob Ounlanyah warns.

Eng. Hilary Onek Obaloker, the Lawmo County area MP, after thwarting Ochira as Member of Parliament for Lawmo West, after petitioning Constitutional Court for bank craft, now he as extended his political might to campaign for his former political assistance;  

GULU CITY-UGANDA:  Jacob Oulanyah a.k Lanywen, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament in the 10th Parliament is accusing NRM mafia to sponsor two Kampala based journalists in a clandestine fifth cololumis mission on propagandist pre-empty attack that he is losing election.

There are two journalists sent from Kampala to come out with the story that the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah is losing the Presidential General and Parliamentary election 2021 polls, so that when  he wins the election. The opposition candidates will get the ground to petition the result of the election and the two journalists will write a story to back up the claim that the election was rigged.

“I know they are staying in Omoro, one of the old man homes you journalists from the Northern Uganda Media Club be aware.” Without ascertaining which news room and what kind of journalists they are.

Oulanyah when pushed by members of Northern Uganda Media Club NUMEC, that his political opponents Eng. Odonga Terrance accusing him and his political campaign manager Ben Acellam kidnapped his supporter from Idure village, Lukwir Parish, Lakwaya Sub County, registered case number Omoro CPS SD21/28/2020.

Oulanyah warns that those MP candidates who treading in rumor their time will run out, for me when  lost twice in election I to invest in political integrity, I lost in 1997 when he stood for Chairman Gulu District, by then Nwoya, Amuru and Omoro districts was still in Gulu District.

“My opponents they are provoking me in order to destroy me integrity the looser are the people who can loose nothing.” Deputy Speaker alluded.

Eng. Odonga Forum for Democratic Change FDC party flag barer while addressing media conference told media that there is new group of B15 terrorizing Omoro County, one of my supporters was abducted one day by Acellam the Chief Campaign Manager of Jacob Oulanyah.

Adding that the whole of Lakwaya, Lakwana, Lalogi and Odek Sub Counties is under his control, let come the 14 January 2021, they will votes me.

Betty Layika, the Women MP Independent candidate for Omoro district while addressing parliament also accused some of her rivals who she did not name for intimidation her and her supporters.

“I have received phone calls from Catherine Lamwaka on two times, although I have reported the matter to Omoro CPS, no any arrest have so far been infected.”  Layika mooted.

Attempt to contact Catharine Lamwaka has been futile as her known phone she cannot be reach, however, the computation is between Layika and Lamwaka. Akech Betty too

Eng. Olal Obong second runner up and Cakondo Abok candidate for NUP he is the fourth positions.

Meanwhile, the Omoro Chairmanship the race is between Okello Douglas Okao, the incumbent Local government Chairman, Simon Tolit Akecha, and Francisco Awori while Odongo Damasco on the tail end.

Peter Okot, the incumbent MP for Toci County on the lead beating Obuto Francis.

Gulu City East, Laroo-Pece Division Caesar Lubangakene is maintaining his early leads amidst 13 candidates, his first and second runner up are between Fr. Charles Onen MP Independent candidate and Opka Simon DP MP candidate.

Fr. Onen is being bank roles by Gen Salim Saleh that is Gen. Muhoozi project While Nancy Atimango she is being sponsored by NRM ruling party for Gulu City East MP

Gulu City West , Layibi-Bar-dege MP, the fight is between the big three, Lyandor Komakech the incumbent MP for Gulu City, Komakech strong hall are within Gulu City urban areas, where the most elite dweller.

The areas like Kanyagoga ward B, Kanyagoga ward A, Kanyagoga ward C, Kasubi, and entire Layibi Division.

Most voters Oyeng Yeng News interview say Ojara Martin did poor road construction and eaten most of the World Bank Road Found, resulting narrow road construction on Layibi three kilometer road to Custom Coiner. And also, from Custom to Gulu Airport road works was poorly done under his leadership.

Ojara Martin,  is rumored to be being of land deals in Gulu City and behind the sales of Kidere hill, Kijuu hill in Bwongatira, where he will loose to his clan mate Tony Kitara on that ground.

Kitara and Ojara will share the votes from both NRM party and FDC loyalties, what come may.

The City Mayor

The Alfred Okwanga, the Director of Gulu School of Nursing, the NRM City Mayor Candidate is lurk warn for the mayorship.

Akwero Jenifer a Vendor from Gulu Main Market says Acholi cannot trust him, since he has been bank rolled for years.

Ojara has solid votes of 4,000 from the good will, those who have shared his loots, and being the Gen. Muhoozi project, about 6,000 votes from the Gulu 4th UPDF barrack is a block votes for him.

Laker Jolly, she on the lead, follows by Aol Betty Ocan, Vento Auma Ogora she in the second runner up

Gulu district

Okumu Ronald Reagan is fighting teeth and nail as an incumbent MP for Aswa to maintain his seat, although Okello Onguti is on the lead follow by Simon Wokorach NRM flag bare.

Gulu Women MPs, Lapoti Lucy she in the lead follow by Rose Amono Abili, and Aber Balmio.

Nwoya district, Tony Awany for Nowya west on the lead, follow by Okello Oryema, and Oola.

Nwoya East MP, Geoffrey Okello DP candidate is in the lead, follow by Oyet Simon.

Amuru district.

Amuru women MP, Lucy Akello, in the lead, for Kilak South, Olanya Gilbert and Okello Mogi they are on tide race, while Hon Nokrach is a second runner up.

Kilak North, the two candidates Ojara Christopher the former LC3 for Pabbo and Ocan Bosco the vice Chairman for Amuru district they are  running neck to neck, while Anthony Akol is the third position.

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