Kabulate Kizza Joseph, Independent candidate says he cannot work with Gen Muhhozi a person whose his gene is bellow him

“I can work for Gen Muhoozi Kanierugaba, does he have that gene of mind I better work for you. Joseph Kubleta Kizza warns Joseph Omagor.”
Key major sector Kabuleta government will address.
Education, Health, Financial liberation, Social Services
GULU CITY-UGANDA: Kabuleta Kizza Joseph, the Independent Presidential Candidate on Monday November 8, 2020 makes in road in Gulu City Northern Uganda for the first campaign in Northern Uganda calling President the Fork that should retire from politic.
Kabuleta Kizza who addressed hundreds people who turn up for his campaign at Bomha Hotel in Gulu City, says in his government he will break the ceiling of corruption where the COVID-19 money debt has hit $ 70 billion, when Uganda debt has hits 58 trillion dollar.
When Media Club (NUMEC) journalists question by Northern Uganda why is not putting on COVID-19 pandemic? Mr. Kabuleta says this Musevenism’s regime is using the COVID-19 pandemic as policy to malign the member of opposition parties on the basic of the January 15, 2021 presidential polls.
“For me I cannot put on a mask even if you sneeze around me, this coronavirus is only a bad flu, that when you treat it is finished. It is only that this government is using the coronavirus as tools to fight its political war.” Joseph Kabuleta reasoned.
Kabuleta warns Museveni that his time is up, Uganda has seen enough on corruption which is being condoned by the Museveni’s first family who are romancing with the Uganda economy, in fact 90 percent of Uganda wealth are under their control
Stress that the Uganda economy good in the first Dr. Apollo Milton Obote government in 1960s, and the second Dr. Obote government of the 1960s, even when this bushman took over power in 1986, the Uganda economy was still good after five years.
But, the Uganda economy started to fall later till now.
“I will strike the Shepherd of devil and the all Sheep will scatter”
Kabuleta says his government has planned to remove the financial sector into the hands of people, lifting our inspiration of putting money into people’s pockets, Uganda is known for experimenting with resources.
However, according to 2016 Uganda censers 19 percent of Ugandans are working groups, 80 percent are not firstly gainfully employees on salary. Uganda teachers are earning only UGX 168,000 per month, per year is 2.6 million.
Adding that right now Uganda is milking cows that they cannot not feed, and yet majority of Uganda are persistence farmers, Uganda who engage in non-agricultural activities are for survival.

Under his regime, Kabuleta says he had come with a message of financial liberation that comes with the will of his government to see Ugandans prosper.

He argued that the ruling government had made a deliberate move not to help people get land titles, but his regime had come to solve such a problem.

“When people have land titles, which limits wrangles in the communities. Within six months of my election, the government will facilitate a process of titling land and for those with issues, the matters will also be solved within six months through district courts,” he pledged.

Kabuleta explained that with Northern Uganda having fertile land, people need to have resources to put the land into proper use, which will also eliminate the cry for lack of jobs.

He cited Kenyan farmers who come to Kapchorwa and buy maize at sh300 and a few months later they come back with the same maize and sell it to Ugandans at sh1,500.
“I am not promising an improvement on Museveni. I am promising a complete overhaul of the Museveni system. What I call Musevenism.
My plan is to put farmers in groups at the regional level and revive co-operatives so that people can have money in their pockets,”

Enlighten about the country’s economy, Kabuleta noted that Uganda was spending more than what was indicated in the budget.
The congregation was also surprised to learn from the candidate that in the first quarter of 2020/2021 financial year, the Government was already asking for a supplementary budget.

Uganda’s debt burden now stands about sh53 trillion
He said the only way is to free Uganda Judiciary system top allow judges to work without interference from the presidency on the position of law because they make judgment under fear
Kabuleta when asked by the Vision group if he worked for Gen Muhoozi, he fumed that he can never work with somebody who does not have even bread on his table; it is Museveni his father who can claim to have fought his wart.
About restoring and lower income tax from 30 percent to 15 percent, while increasing consultant income tax from 15 percent to 30 percent.
To allow civil servant their income tax pay as you earn can be reduce to 15 percent, while the consultancy firms tax are increase to 30 percent
Kabuleta says he has studied the system and this government of Uganda works and discovered we don’t have the government; Uganda Revenue Authority URA has not been getting taxes from the foreigners. Yet they have a lot of money.
Uganda Revenue Authority is busy squeezing the neck of Ugandans, because pay as you earn is 30 percent , electricity bill is very high because many people are deflating , for example statehouse and the first family who are only 1 percent who owned Uganda wealth are deflating taxes.
Musevenism used URA to fight political opponents, for my case, many businessmen came to me that they are ready to fund my political campaign, but they fear that once the URA traces the funding to me, that would be the ne4d for their businesses.
Kabuleta warns that when the investors get free taxes holiday for 100 days, but when their taxes holiday is over, instead they don’t pay taxes, Twitter and Facebook they are not paying taxes, do you know how they called us “stupid fool.”
In education, Uganda has the lowest service rate of 35 percent in primary level, because of the unefficiency of teachers, our girl child abounded their education because when their menstruation period, can’t you imagine in a month girl child absences in school for one week. And yet the government has money for sanitary martial.
Kabuleta says 32 percent of our trained teachers are always absent from the classroom during teaching, and 90 percent of school tax books are missing from school.
He promised that in his government he will construct 6 International Airport in the country; starting with Gulu International Airport will be based on two issues, tourism and Agricultural sector.
“ We have to make sure that we use the present of Patiko Slave Port, Aruu fall, Awere Joseph Kony’s Hill, Murchison Park Wildlife Authority, Amuru hot spring and Kidepo Wildlife Authority because tourism cannot travel 400 kilometer from Entebbe to Northern Uganda.
Uganda is losing $ 60 million in Marine yearly and yet from Murchison fall to Uganda Sudan border River Nile can be used for Marine drive.
The second International Airport that his government is ready to construct is Kaseses Airport for tourism, because Bwindi tourism would be the only Crater Lake in western rift valley to attract tourism.

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