Land Conflict in Acholi, looter used strength subdue the weak

Nightmare in Lawiro Odiyo Cayi village as clan leaders potholed brothers
and sisters against each other to benefit in a family conflict.

OMORO-THURSDAY. April 13,2023.

On Saturday April 8, the family of Ajonga Otingamoi of Agulu Clan dared scorching noonday sun and gathered at Olam tree shade to hear a message from the clan head Okello Otit inviting them to divide Ocoko Simayi estate property without the consent of the family members.

A mean looking Agulu clan Chairman Okello Otit, 76 years old, came with
the Odong Ociti area land Chairman, and Odong Tobiya the Zonal
leader, East Zone came to divide Ocoko Simayi 1,000 hectares of land
not to Ocoko children, but to the clan members, the adage that looters
also get their share.

At exactly past noon, Okello Otit called for the attention of the people
who were present, said,

“I want all you people who have responded
to my invitation that we are going to have a meeting now, but first we are
going to develop the agenda for the meeting.”

He added, our agenda is going to be first prayer, communication from
the chair, introduction of the people who are present, lastly we are going
to divide this land between Oketta Pasqual and Patrick Ojok, he
concluded his remark.

All the people who had turned up later introduced themselves in turn.
The Agulu Chairman, later order his security to be on standby to deal
with any destructor, “You the guard take position and be ready to deal
whoever causes commission here.” The Chairman Agulu Clan warned.

In turn, Odong Ociti, the Area land chairman of Agulu took over from
his boss in a well arranged form. Ociti says that they were told that people
are disturbing and causing family conflict to Oketta Pasqual, because he
came reported his case to them that for years people have been
encroaching in his land, because the land were divided by Okumu Pakel,
the former Chairman of the Agulu clan.

“I want Oketta to tell us his side of the story, and later Ojok Patrick, who
has been accused, will answer. Then the question will be asked.” Ociti

Oketta Pasqual, says today the chairman of Agulu Clan head should
make final division between him and Ojok Patrick land, because in 2018
their boundary of land was already been demarcated, but still Ojok with
impunity defiled the land boundary between them.

“In 2018, 69 people including four Area Local Councilors 1, including
Village chairman were present, and I have their names here bearing their
signatures.” He pleaded.

The chairman ruled that, people Ojok should ask question, however, he
dismissed claimed that in 2018, his land was divided between Oketta
and him, he was not present when the said business was taking place,
and none from their family members was present that day when the said
69 people gathered to divide their estate.

Patrick Ojok Anywar 40 years old, a polygamy a father of 10 children
says, we are living a nightmare here in Lukoto sub ward, the lives
compared to the community of Agago district of East Acholi who are living
a nightmare of Karamojong rustlers.

Every day, for the last three years, Oketta Pasqual has come here at my
homestead moving with groups of armed marauding men who are
wielding  spears, matches, bow and arrows. They even came and
slashed and uprooted my Cassava, ploughing all my gardens who had
already prepared for planting, do I not have children?

“All this is taking place with the sole knowledge of my clan members.
He also caused harm to my cousin when 17 of
them beat him to death on September 18,2021. And now he is telling
people that you have seen what I have done to your cousin, we broke
his Arm, cut his head with a hoe, and we scalded him.

Now, from now is there free land where people can go and acquire, this
land belong to my grandfather Ocoko Simayi, Ocoko had other three
bother, Okello Agaza, the father of Oketta, they had demarcated their
land boundary between the valley, Ocoko lands stress east ward, while
Okello Agaza stresses the west ward, the two brothers were living side by side,
Owiny Slbio and Marino Ocitti; their land is across the Agweno River.
Added, if the family of Ocoko were to divide the land, it would be among
his sons and daughters. Ocoko children are Oyugi Becweri, Luwa,
Acayo Ester, Akwero, Lamuno Joska aka Abiba, and Grace Acellam, his
land cannot be divided among his brother’s children.

Grace Acellam, who was also in attendance, told Okello Otit that there is
no division of land before ironing out all the striking issues that are pending,
who gave them orders to divide my father land when I am still around.
“According to the Land Act (Cap 227) provides for restrictions, on
transfer of family land and state: that no person shall, exchange,
transfer, pledge, mortgage, or lease and family land, enter into and

contract for the sales, exchange, transfer pledging, mortgage or lease of
any family land or give away any family land, enter vivos, or enter into
any other transaction in respect of family land, except with the prior
consent of his or her spouse” Acellam warns.
She father alluded that in the past the same land issues they have sat
and discussed with some of her parents that includes, Rupoino Obbo 90
years old, Okello Mauricio, 90 years old Okema 88 years old. Moro F.

And yet men and women of the Agula clan members the outstanding lawyer Francis Gimara look the other way, not even inconvenient to say a word, meanwhile Ceaser Lubangakene sickened out from the family woe and yet the land belongs to them.

In Acholi Sub Region today, the fittest take their tools while the weakest person or groups of people are not pushed to ditches.

While the community of Agago district in East Acholi are battling Karamojong warrior, Ojok Patrick in Agulu clan, have different narratives, Ojok lived in nightmare at his father Anywar Bosco.

the adage of Mac Nywalo buru, Ojok grandparents were the hero of Puranga, the late Olanya Luranga, who the late Jacob Oulanyah hired his name, Luwa, Lukiko John and Oyugi Becweri were the cornerstone of Puranga.

The worst scenario now in Acholi about the land conflict, the party that has been engaged in land grabbing, they used numbers and the signatures attendant lists.

A case in point they colluded with the Clan Leader Chairman and got the book or document of the said signature attendant and instead of being honest. Copied and past the names and the signature to accompany the fraud.

Therefore, Oketta Pasqual has been using Otima Bosco who writes for him the minutes of the past meeting and even gets the approval from the chairman, since they all come from Binya, Agula Odyak.

For how long would he engage in family squabble, and yet Bosco is also a beneficiary of the same land. Whoever thinks that the clan leaders can grab the land and give them, would be wasting time, because silence of the guns does not mean the end of the conflict.

Oketta and the party involved they are just postponing problem, people do not read world [political seen, did Russia president wanted to used weapon of mass destruction just for seek of the prevent.

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