• Cuda village is home to molesting old women, Martin Laliker former Executive Director of Uganda Breweries Limited, UBL, former Chairman of Nation Media Group, and former Chancellor Gulu University is not aware that back home in Cuda village, an law-lessens are rampant.


  • FlAMA Uganda medical health services in Gulu is giving helping hand for treating batter old women.
  • Okello is ready to form Task Force to support older people in Acholi Sub Region to benefit in social benefit.


  • GULU-UGANDA: On Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020. Residence of Cuda village was treated to rare shows, the news of horror that truck the in social media. The face of an old woman being batter by her grand son went viral on the social media platform.


  • Brain Okello 28 years old, a father of one kid, battered her grand Mother Anek Lucy 86 years old for an hour just because the old grand mother failed to give him the proceed from the sales of Such incident has become household in Acholi Sub Region at the advent of destruction of cultural norms as young teenage turn beast man slaughter subjecting their parents for a beating and other ill-gotten.


  • Jaja Anek she among the many older women who are the victim during the over two decades of Northern Uganda conflict, she lost all children. And now remain to look after her grand children of the departed kids, but luckily Jaja Anek survived with one daughter, who even stay afar.


The old woman only sources for survival capital

is the land which was left behind when her

husband passed on, unfortunately when our

News sources got to her hospital bed, she was

in state of despair.


  • According to an eyes witnesses account who saw how her grand son one called Okello Brian was batter her, the witness say the grand son Okello wanted the old woman to hand all the money from the sales of land to him.


  • Okello came from his usual drinking place and ask his grand mum to give him UGX 6 million, beside that he was suspected to have been high with bangi.


  • The witness says his grand mother told him to wait or come later, but for that moment she cannot give her part of the money because Okello is drank and if he wanted money he should come back and she will give him the money, an eyes witness recalled.


  • “Okello became made and started beating his grand mother till she lost became an consensus.”
  • However, later Jaja Anek gained some consensuses and she decided to go to the local authority where she collapse on her was, but she clapped amidst way.
  • This is the sixth time Jaja Anek has been clobber by her grand son Okello, and yet another elder grand son one called Okello is humble person who could not dare to touch on his grand mother

A Good Samaritan


  • Flavia Okello the Coordinator of FLAMA Uganda medical facilities in Gulu, Northern Uganda who is currently treating Jaja Anek says the old lady could not be in position to talk to media. But promised that she will be well.
  • Okello decries that young children this day do not care for older people, not knowing that when they grow up their health condition would be like the older people they are mistreating now.
  • Okello recalled that her father was also a victim; her brother was also mistreating him the same way, the most important things she came in.
  • FLAMA Uganda medical health services to the victims are for all such victim.
  • “The problem this day younger people do not think one day they will get old, now they are mistreating elderly people, they still being healthy they will not become weak one day.”


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