“His stories, anecdotes, wise words, and sense of humor will never be forgotten. “Dr. Martin never failed to make us laugh and chuckle


Livingstone Okumu Langol & Stephen Langole

Gulu outskirt Aworanga village had a solemn send-off the great Temajo Chief, Dr. Martin Aliker, Sunday, April 21, 2024 with various eulogies of an accomplished dental surgeon, politician, philanthropist, distinguished diplomat, peacebuilder, golfer, family icon and a down to earth gentleman full of wisdom, and jokes.

GULU CITY-FRIDAY April 26, 2024.

The procession hymn which was sung by St. Philip Cathedral choir, April 21, 2024. Guide me, O my great redeemer; pilgrim through this barren land; I am weak, but you are mighty; hold me with your powerful hand. Bread of heaven, feed me now and evermore, feed me now and evermore.

Then came Francis Gimara, senior counsel with the East African Court of Appeals, a powerful Acholi lawyer who doubled as the Master of Ceremonies read the will at the deceased’s ancestral home in Aworanga.

Amb. Dr. Olara Otunnu occasionally came in and spoke candidly about the late Dr. Martin Jerom Okech Aliker. Amb. Olara Otunnu noted that Dr. Aliker was born to a royal family of Acholi Chief called Lacito Okech and raised in Aworanga Village, Gulu District, Northern Uganda. He started his primary education at Keyo Primary School where his father Chief Lacito Okech served as a chief. As the son of a chief, he was privileged to further his education at King’s College Budo in Central Uganda that was then a key institution for sons of chiefs to get all-round quality education.

“Dr. Martin Aliker got the best education from Keyo Primary school, where there was no corrupted political education by that time, as it is now destroyed Uganda education standard. He rose from here Aworanga village, went to King’s College Budo for his O-Level and was later admitted to Makerere University. He won a scholarship to Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois, United States, where he studied political science graduating with a Bachelor Arts degree.

Following that, he was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study dental surgery at Northwestern, graduating with a doctorate degree. Later, he was awarded the title of Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons by the Royal College of Surgeons of England,” Amb. Dr. Olara Otunnu’s voice tore the hills of Aworanga.

Later on, Amb. Olara Otunnu invited Dr. Martin Aliker, best friend Eng. Byabagambi who equally took to the pulpit with the same eloquence.

Eng. Byabagambi said, we came to say bye to their brother Dr. Martin Aliker, and that he would talk on behalf of Dr. Aliker’s friends, old and new from all over the world. He said Dr. Martin Aliker was a distinguished gentleman, a wonderful person, and a great friend. A great man who was knowledgeable, very witty, full of puns.

“He had such tremendous knowledge that he would give a joke, exploiting the different meanings of the world. “I appreciate all the time we got to spend with him over the past few years, we would chat about everything from history, holiday destinations, food, wine and Cognac, from banking, politics, and advice, to school boy jokes,” Byabagambi said.

“His stories, anecdotes, wise words, and sense of humor will never be forgotten. “Dr. Martin never failed to make us laugh and chuckle, whether he engaged with friends or foes,” Byabagambi recollected about the fallen great chief.

“Dr. Martin’s fine sense of food and wine, and his eagerness to join a gathering of friends gave us great pleasure. “There was a place on our table for Martin and Camile, and their presence would be felt as we partied or debated,” the amiable engineer added.

“Dr. Martin’s zest for life was infectious, even when in the wheelchair, he approached life with boundless energy, regaling us with stories that never failed to entertain.”

“Dr. Martin would be driven to Uganda Golf Club, almost every evening, to be happy with fellow golfers. “We have different social groupings at the club. Martin was a member of Murungushi Group and chairman of the joint congress of Murungushi and Malwa group. “This is a testament to his jovial and unwavering camaraderie,” Byabagambi said about the fallen doctor.

“We would rotate in hosting the dinners from family to family, the last dinner was only two months ago and Dr. Martin and Camile attended, and hardly did we know that it would be his last dining with us. “We will never forget the humor and sense of fine dining.”

“He exuded the kind of charisma and wisdom that will remain an indelible mark on us. We were fortunate enough to meet him and we thank the almighty God for that.” Eng. Byabagambi continued.

“We friend would like to thank the following people in front of you all: Camile for fulfilling the promise you made 65 years ago when you got married to Dr. Martin Aliker, Good gave you a wonderful husband and the same God that gave you took him back, we thank God for that. “We thank the two boys who looked after Dr. Martin Aliker up to the last breath,” Byabagambi said.

“We thank his grandchildren for loving their father and his friends. “Whenever you are in Uganda, we dine together, and please keep in touch so that we view ourselves and talk,” Eng. Byabagambi said.

“Golfers who have lived with Dr. Martin Aliker for so many years as one family, Martin did a lot for his club and paid school fees for so many of you. “We sorely miss Martin, his friendship and kindness, and fine senses of humor, May Martin’s Soul Rest In Eternal Peace,” Eng. Byabagambi concluded.


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