Lt. Gen. claimed he did not trespass into Erinayo Oryema's farm


I have registered an attempted murder case against Lt. Gen. Charles Otema Awany- Nancy Oryema.

NWOYA DISTRICT- MONDAY, August 21, 2023.

Nancy Oryema, the granddaughter of Erinayo Wilson Oryema, the former IGP, was standing at the stream of Nyelo Munya just outskirt of her ground father’s tomb, the late IGP Oryema.

Look here, I just installed a CCTV camera here to monitor activity taking place within my farm. In the morning at 9.30Am I received a message from CCTV informing me that there was a movement of people coming toward my place. But a moment later the CCTV camera was shifted off.” Nancy Oryema narrated to the media.

However, one of my workers called Patrick Onen reach here he found the UPDF and some other people who accompany them, says when he was coming to this place, even other people who they were in their garden, they show a groups of Uganda People Defense Forces UPDF soldiers walking in a single line moving toward this place.

Later when the UPDF soldiers arrived, another vehicle came and two UPDF walked out of the vehicle, came uproot the gate and vandalized the including CCTV camera form her gate, Nancy Oryema claimed.

Adds that the UPDF who came threatened her in verbal attack, what they are doing is nothing, they have done things like burying people while blood is oozing that is tantamount to crimes.

“When my worker was filming the activities which were taking place, those UPDF soldiers threatened to shoot him, but she told them that she was going to ring Gulu UPDF 4th Division Commander and Commander of Defense Forces, CDF, this forced them to walk out to the scene. the gun short which was fired is part of intimidation which he is using on us

She talk to Gen. Charles  Otema Awany on phone

I was told that Gen. Otema is the one who came here and carried  the CCTV camera and solar panel  when his  son  rang him and inform what happened, telling him that they have destroyed the gate and removed CCTV camera, them he Otema with other UPDF arrived and carried more work

Nancy revealed that while she was talking on phone, Lt. Gen. Charles Otema Awany she asked him why his people were shooting on Elephants but to scare them , and why did he sent people to vandalized her gate and CCTV camera.. But, he denied that they were not shooting to scared them insisting that he did not trespass in his land

When asked by the Black Star News if she contacted Lt. Gen. Charles Otema Awany over the incident?

.Gen. Otema acknowledged that his people indeed  destroyed the camera and the gate, but  the gate and CCTV cameras was put illegally in his land

CCTV cameras cost over UGX 10 million which destroyed, because it was imported into the country

Nancy Oryema insisted that the part she had planted CCTV camera was not part of the land that they took Gen Otema to court, although she revealed that the late Erinayo Wilson Oryema case is before High Court Judge

Justice Phillip Odoki, Gulu High Court Judge came for a locker visit in July this year, for the case which is before court cannot be the subject matter, she narrates.

Nancy Oryema says in 2022 Gen. Otema came plough land near her late father’s tomb, when the tractor ploughs the areas which we have worked on, his men come and also plough off the plantation which we have planted like maize.

She accused Gen. Otema Awany of making fall statement that, she has been using her Police body Guards to shoot on them, this is not the first time her neighbor has been crossing to her compound, sometime back before she made gate from Eastern road entrance to their farm. Gen Otema accused her of blocking them.

“Last year in 2022, over 50 trucks crossed to our farm damaged our road, because they planted 50 acres of sugar cane, but that issues has been shorted.” Nancy remarked.

Gen. Charles Otema Awany, when contacted about the incident, says that lady is stupid.

Why did she block the road going to our water sources, the gate which she built was on my way where my people go to fetch water? When she knows for sure that the land case is still in court.

“I have never traced the past into the late Erinayo Wilson Oryema, the former IGP, that land she claimed to be long to her I bought it from Getrude Auma, the daughter of Erinayo Oryema, and the case is before Gulu High Court. Until the High Court Judge rules over the case, then any activities can take place.

That lady Nancy is very stupid, when first blocks our roots and then she runs to the media.” Gen. Otema warns.

David Mudong, Aswa Region Regional Spokesperson when contacted to give his comment, he was out of reach. However, Regional Police Commander for Aswa Region. to comment of registered CRB 482/2023, the case registered in Nwoya District Police Station for Aggravated robbery and robbery of CCTV camera REF: 26/19/08/2023









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