Robert Kyagulanyi, NUP party President face the real political opponent, what lesson can you learn from Ndugu Raila Amollo Odinga, the popular hand shake between Huru Kenyatta


Two month ago, the supporters of National Unity Platform NUP party stalwarts based in the USA took to the streets to demonstrate in Settle City in the USA , triggering a political storm in the country.

The political doom characterized the main opposition as the first son took to political limelight.

KAMPALA-UGANDA: Herman Aniebyona the NUP stalwart supporter based in Settle City in the United State of America, staged a political demonstration against Jacob Oulanyah. The Omoro County MP that set unsolved political quagmire between Northern Mao, the President General of DP and a witty play boy Robert Kyagulanyi, those turn out to be cannon powder.

Why the uproar aftermath the believed poisoning of Jacob Oulanyah became a hot potato between the two brothers Norbert Mao and Robert Kyagulanyi who were five six year ago, their political unity was a talk in Uganda political corridor, then from now where the loved birds turned foe.

Why now, and why the Gander are jubilating when sons and daughters from Acholi Sub Region become decomposed? When the late L. Gen. When Paul Lokech died, the youth from the Central Region took to social media to celebrate the demise of the Lion Mogadishu.

The pundit political commentator poses the big question that is behind the Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah poisoning?  The Gander youth believed in the adage that when the enemy are clubbing themselves, just cheer them, Acholi Waco ni dong kweyo, until one destroys one another then you finish the surviving one.

What if it turns up that the Oulanyah killer neither hails from the Anyanya or Luloka, then who is on the losing hand? Are the Mao’s and Kyagulanyo’s they are fighting proxy war of Opoko.

The NUP stalwart demonstration against the Speaker has been condemned by all the Acholi both living in Diaspora and even those who are in the country, and if Norbert Mao happened to lead the political campaign against the agitator, he cannot be scarified from his political backyard.

Otherwise, the NUP from Acholi Sub Region headed by Caesar Lubangakene, the former MP aspirant candidate who was a political bearer from Laroo- pece Division dismisses the NUP stalwart who demonstrated against Jacob Oulanyah.

Lubangakene spokes on the political poplar talks shows hosted by MEGA FM radio station in Gulu City, equally condemning the NUP supporter in Settle City, says they are not NUP supporter, those who demonstrated against Jacob Oulanyah were NRM party supporter who were addressed in their party colored  T-shirt.

The political hullabaloos and political anguish tearing both NUP and DP heavy weight are just democratic abortion taking center stage, as Sabugabo make paradigm shift to smuggle Gen Muhoozi Karunagabe president bid.

Sentamu Kyagulanyi if he is serious about tackling Uganda political agenda let him learn from Ndugu Raila Amollo Odinga political marriage between Luo of Kenya and Kikuyo, when the political handshake took place.

To My younger brother Norbert Mao, you became DP President General, not because you are very smart, but because the Ganda elders the likes of Prof. Paul Ssemogerere talked to his counterpart elders.

Political pundit just poses yet another question, who is behind Gen. Katumba Wamala? Who is behind Major General Julius Oketta’s demise? Who is behind the demise of Col. Walter Ochora?

Why flog the death Frog


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