African Cultural Dance called Bwola by The Acholi Tribe in Northern Uganda (youtube.com)
Am very happy although we are in a trying moment (Iya yom kadi bed
watye ipige) Justice Owiny Dollo Cigamoi.
All roads in Gulu City led to Sir Samuel Baker Senior Secondary School, for
Kacoke madit, Acholi big gathering called by Justice Owiny Dollo Cigamoi
and Amb. Prof. Dr. Olara Otunnu.

It was 3.45 PM, Justice Alfonse Owiny Dollo Cigamoi took the pulpit to
address Acholi community at Sir. Samuel Baker Senior Secondary School, 7
kilometers East of Gulu City, thousand people both Acholi from diaspora.
and within the country quietly pay their attention to get glimb of his

Justice Owiny Dollo echoed, "I am so delighted to talk to you, although I am.
also, in danger. Iyi yom me lok ki wun kadi bed atye ipige beuse i have
promised you that we are going to calls for Kacoke Madit, and also ask God.
to allow us to deliberate on this matter as we cry to God to allow go through.
this trying moment.

My biggest problems facing us the Acholi of today who were born after the
fall of President Idi Amin, in 1979, and those who were born in 1985 after
the fall of Dr. Milton Obote, and the the Gen. Okello Tito military junta, and
when President Museveni took overpower in 1986. Those generations of
Acholi do not know the Acholi who were born in the 1960 backward who.
know who the Acholi Am talking about.

The Acholi of the 1960, were fearful, not because the Acholi of those times.
we’re not wrongdoing. Ugandans respect us because of our knowledge,
skills and they are worthy people. We were respected by all Uganda by all.

The mother of Acholi of today is different from the mother of Acholi in the
past, the homestead of the current Acholi is different from the homestead.
of poverty, ignorance and poverty takes tolls in amidst us.
"According to Uganda Bureau of statestestic, Acholi is the most poorer in
the country with 68 percent, the most back award in education in the
country, the only community   where people are facing famine. ; Justice.
Owiny Dollo Cigamoi mooted.

where the hailstorm began to rain on us Acholi.

It is a pity that Acholi in the past had never experienced famine, I am happy.
that in 1975, during my vacation, I came to stay with my elder brother.
called Oyaro who was a teacher here in Pongwongo SSS. Here it was full of
upland lily Oceyo where people who come to collect it come with Aduku.
Dwongo, a big basket where the name Pongdwongo got its name.
I wonder if today the Acholi community has become a laughingstock, let.
me ask you Prof. George Openy Juuru Ladaa, the Vice Chancellor of Gulu
University, for the last five years how many Acholi Students have been.
admitted to study Medicine?

Prof. George Openy Juuru responded that only five students have been.
admitted to study medicine at Gulu University. "
The Congregation burst in jeering.
Justice Owiny Dollo Cigamoi almost cried and responded. Does it mean?
when I fall sick no Acholi doctor will operate on me.

In conclusion, Justice Owiny Dollo Cigamoi warns that because the Acholi.
community is in the depths of the pit, we must all come out like Buffalo.
who, when it feels like the big pit, must come out of it through thick and

Amb. Prof. Dr. John Charles Olara Otunnu, the former UN Security Council
Under Secretary for Children and Women. also, the same adage adds.

Today I am talking with a lot of pain. Aloko ki ton cwiny madit. Because God
has given me luck, I have moved all over the world. and even though I have
seen all types of goodness and bad things in my life, I have never seen how.
human suffering has ended the people in other nations like what is taking.
place here in Acholi land.

He has never seen good things the Lord God has given to other nations like.
what God has given to us the Acholi community. Luck. Knowledge Skills of
home management, good traditional song, hymn and about 26 different
dances and dietes which are the second richest in the world.

"In the past Acholi elders were taking about calamity, too paco, Kiamunyi
we do not understand. But we have now seen it happening, where us
people have become slave in their backyard, land is being sold, like
commodity, sex is being traded like goods in the market,

Acholi sons and daughters called his brothers and sister from abroad.
Lalonyo, those are rech men. God forbid. " Amb. Olara Otunnu reechoed.
In conclusion, Olara Otunnu says, Acholi are like Buffalo who have fallen.
inthe big pit, we must come out whether it means part of the body will.
remain there.

Archbishop John Baptist Odama who opened the big gathering of Kacoke.
Madit of Acholi community pray. God, this one of the big gatherings is one.
of the ethnic groupings called Acholi of the Luo community, as Bishop Baker
Ochola says.

But I pray to Acholi of Luo,the meeting must have consent. "
I am happy that the Acholi community is now having a meeting to examine.
their past events,  i am happy that you are now hosting, let the meeting be.
for development for your people.

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