The NRM militant youths smash the opposition vehicle UBD 503M and poster worth UGX 10 million

The Democratic Party, DP the MP flag bearer for Gulu City East Laroo-Pace, Simon Opoka says his party is ready to recruit vigilant youths in Gulu City to guard against National Resistance Movement NRM and paramilitary securities destroying the opposition’s posters.
Patrick Lumumba FDC, warns Alfred Okwanga, the City Lord Mayor, Christine Atimango and Maria Saka Lapolo has been frontrunner to pull down the opposition parties posters in Gulu City, we shall meet them at election box
GULU CITY-UGANDA: The Democratic Party (DP) candidate accused Uganda tyranny Museveni using former LRA returnee dismantle their poster, while engaging them to scare the community.
“President Museveni is engaging former LRA abductees to cause mayhem, because the demobilization exercise was not done, if the demobilization was carried out, the ex LRA combatants would have been resettle back to their home, or they would have benefited from statehouse scholarship. But now they are being used to kill our people.” The opposition DP candidate urged.
Opoka argues that most of the former LRA returnees, who surrendered are those people who settle in Gulu City living in makeshifts houses.
According to the Civil Societies Organization (CSO) who has been working in northern Uganda revealed that about 30,000 the abductees died in the bush, their bodies have not been discovered.
Adding that NRM ruling party used the former Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) to carry out poster destruction, wonder why the president used the former LRA to wreak havoc instead of supporting them with statehouse scholarship, but turned them against the Acholi community.
“This means that LRA demobilization was not down, following 2006 the Juba peace talk’s agreement, but during the northern insurgency, the UPDF when they killed LRA child abductees, they said we have killed LRA soldiers.
But when former child girls returned, the UPDF called them former LRA women.” This is how the Museveni regime humiliated our children. Opoka disclosed that according the Opoka the face of Democratic Party in Gulu accuse Uganda tyranny President Museveni of masterminding the removal of the opposition posters on the streets of Gulu City, says this is the hallmark of the monolithic Kampala regime.

Major Telespher, The UPDF Gulu 4th Division refuted that allegation that the former LRA abductees is being used.

“We are not in any way dealing with the former LRA ex combatant in the violent against opposition parties. “The UPDF spokesperson for the 4th Division urged.

Reported the to Gulu Central Police Station the damaged of his vehicle No. UBD 503M which was smash, says because it bared the photography of DP opposition Mao Norbert.
Opoka alleged that on Sunday night at around 11.00PM, he met about 30 youths around Don petrol station dressed in new clothes holding president Museveni posters on a military running in a military formation, little didn’t he know that they were in a mission to pull down the opposition parties posters.
However, when we woke up on Monday morning, we found that our players all have been flaking off on the streets, president Museveni posters have glued in the same place where our poster was, Opoka alleged.
Opoka says the DP party is ready to recruit vigilant youths to protect their poster, alleging that Uganda Police Forces and UPDF who are in night patrol in Gulu City are behind the destruction and removal of their posters.
“When our poster was being removed, where was the UPDF and Uganda Police Forces, if President Museveni was not in the know.”
Opoka warns Uganda Military dreaded police Forces that should they use teargas in Gulu City or in Acholi Sub Region, the Acholi will not hesitate to respond violently also.
The opposition party accused Uganda Electoral Commissioner of biasness and supporting the Kampala regime, we know for sure that all of us including president Museveni have been nominated like me Opoka Simon who is MP candidate for Gulu City East. Why Museveni has been accorded special police teargas while our party President Norbert Mao, Robert Kyagulanyi and Patrick Amuriat Oboi has been teargased.
He vows that Robert Kyagulanyi will not take control of voters in Acholi Sub Region, asserting that the Buganda has been calling us Acholi “Batembe.”
“NUP will not set foot in Northern Uganda, because we want Mao to be voted.” Opoka misfires on village chief presidential candidates.
Patrick Lumumba the FOD flag bearer for Division Mayor, Gulu West decries the NRM flag bearers Atimango Christine, Alfred Okwanga and Lapolo Maria Saka that they were the people whose vehicles were cited in pulling out their posters.
“We are going to meet them on the voting day.”

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