Once Rwodi Acholi learned about the coffins they cried like kids for their lives

President Museveni was shock to learned that the groups of 42 people from Apaa
who delivered coffins at Acholi Paramount Chief Rwot David Onen Acana were
bond to perform traditional cleansing ritual of slaughter goat as demanded by
traditional norms
Tong Oromo Lyec, we have to give thumbs up to National Resistance Movement
NRM supporters who turn up to welcome President Museveni during his three
days’ campaign for Parish Development Model. Right from Norbert Mao when he
was given chance to welcome president Museveni, the word that come from him,
President Museveni you have to talk about Apaa land conflict now, also, Evelyn
Anite, echoed the same, President Museveni, the Apaa issues is top on agenda in
this meeting people want to hear from you, lastly Hellen Seku, private secretary to
presidency, told Museveni, the Apaa issues people gather here want to hear from
Although president Museveni, cast-off before the Apaa coffins saga became hot
GULU CITY-THURSDAY, Feb, 28,2023. Will go on record Genie book that is
the day President Museveni feared for his life after learning that the Apaa coffins
will undergo ritual cleansing.
Feared submerged president Museveni camp in Gulu UPDF4th Division on
Wednesday February 23, 2023 as security intelligence informed him about the act
of Rwot David Onen Acana II, Acholi chief engaging in traditional performing
abomination cleansing, slaughtering goat to cleansing of Apaa three coffins.
“No any coffins or dead bodies are allowed to be brought in the palace of Acholi
chiefs, not even under the traditions cultural norms allow chiefs to attend burial,
once Rwot come to the burial of any of his subjects, traditional ritual cleansing
must be done, as norms.

In this material time President Museveni belief that his time has come, so does
when President Museveni was briefed by arms of his intelligences that Rwot
Acana was going to be engaged in traditional cleansing ritual slaughtering goat to
appeases three coffins brought to his palace by irate 42 people from Apaa,
president Museveni was disturbed, the first question lingering in his mind, was the
nude’s Apaa women of 2014 who went in Adam’s suit before UPDF Army
Commander Gen. Arunda Nyakirima, that led to his demise.
“President Museveni’s security detail had wanted to raid Acholi paramount chief
palace to grab all the coffins and including 42 people who had walked 90
kilometers from Apaa village in Amuru district to Gulu City. However, some
sections of UPDF did not approve the intention of raiding the coffins, with the
view that politics will send bad messages reminding Northern Uganda of the
period of dark 20 years’ conflict.” Impeccable source mooted.
Later the president Museveni barged off the idea and called for the meeting with
Rwot Acana II and others Acholi chiefs to go in Gulu UPDF4th Division barrack
where he met them, where later the president stopped and quash Robinah Nabanja
Jan, 15,2023 government position paper three months’ ultimatum of eviction of
Apaa 40,000 community from their land.
Hell broke loose at Ker Kwaro Acholi with the coffins swing in
Wilson Acuma, the leader of Apaa carrying coffins as soon as he arrived with 42
people from Apaa, drew the wrath from Rwot Acana II and his teams, the
paramount chiefs had called his counterpart chiefs from Kitgum headed by Pope
the II Pope Paul Arob II Rwot of Labongo chiefdom in Kitgum, who head the chiefs
from East Acholi, as soon as the three coffins pop in at Acholi paramount chief
palace, all chiefs cried for the lives.
Pope the II asked Rwot Acana II, why did you call us here, have you planned for
our dead, you know Acholi chiefs will not attend for the burial, unless the Ram is
slaughtered and chiefs walk on the blood of the Ram, we call for traditions ritual
cleansing now.
“Now before we leave the paramount chief palace He goat must be slaughtered
for ritual cleansing, and we are giving the Apaa community three day to bring
white cow and a black bull, as prescribed by Acholi cultural norms” Rwot Pope the
II ordered.
Then, Gilbert Olanya was called in to bring He goat which was slaughtered the
next day, on Saturday. But before, Rwot David Onen Acana II, who was

accompanied by Rwot Ochan Jimmy Luwala, Puranga chiefdom, narrated to the
Black Star News. They asked president Museveni, now what do you want to do in
the Acholi sub region again after the LRA war, what does it mean when you
campaign about the Parish Development Model, and yet you are chasing away
40,000 people who live in Apaa village.
“We have discussed serious issues, but because I don’t have time, I will not tell
you all” Rwot Luwala before concluding says.
Museveni says the prime minister Nabanja must be mad to used old cabinet
position paper on Apaa
President Museveni in his reaction to Rwot David Onen Acana and his convoy,
says in 2019 when he appointed Dr. Rwakana Rugunda to lead the Apaa
mediation between Acholi and Madi community, the report which was given to
him was that there are only originally 70 households living in Apaa, and later new
migrants who later came and settle in Apaa 300 households.
So, he decided that if only about 370 households live in Apaa village which is
about 40 square miles, then we cannot allow only those numbers to occupy big
areas when there is need for investment.
President Museveni reaction on Robinah Nabanja, says she is a mad person to
used Dr. Rwakana Rugunda report of 2019 cabinet position paper, because after
the death of former Speaker Jacob Olanya, he has appointed Chief Justice Owiny
Dollo Cigamoi to head Judiciary Commission. But the problems, other
commissioners to work with Chief Justice, have not yet been appointed.
“When I go back to Kampala, the following day, immediately I will appoint other
Judiciary Commissioners on Apaa to work with the Chief Justice, for that matter
now I have stopped three months’ ultimatum eviction ordered which was issued
by Prime Minister Nabanja.” President Museveni warned.
President Museveni adds, “I was told that the Balalo cattle keepers now are grazing
their cattle in people’s gardens and grabbing land. I will write an executive
document on Balalo nomadic.” President Museveni reasoned.
Rwot Ochan Luwala, Puranga chief says although president Museveni dropped
three months’ ultimatum eviction order, forcing Apaa community to move out of
their land.

President Museveni is a smart person, although he stopped Apaa land eviction, the
issue is still pending. We told the president now what do you want, we have just
been in over two decades’ civil strip, now Apaa issue.
“I have a lot of issues to discuss with you, but I don’t have time now.” Rwot Ochan
Luwala said.
Peter Acaye Lukur, 42, is one of the residents of Apaa village who carried coffins
from Apaa to Gulu City.
Lukur says they walked for three days dodging road blocks and they have divided
themselves in three groups, we have used hide and seek game to alludes until we
came to Rwot David Acana palace.
Lukur says, we told we came from Apaa village where the Prime Minister has
given us three months’ ultimatum eviction order, if government have done bad
things to chest us from our land, we have been told by the Prime Minister Nabanja,
say each person will be given UGX 10 million, 10 iron sheets and 20 begs of
cements and 20,
“Now we are facing torture from the marauding forces, combine forces of Uganda
Police Forces, UPDF and Uganda Ranger from Uganda Wildlife Authority, UWA.
Our faith is now in your hand.
Livingstone Okello Okello, the former MP for Cwah County during the burial of
Simon Tolit Akecah asked mourners in Odek Sub County three questions.
Okello says, you Acholi community, I want to ask you three questions, first do the
Acholi community have land, do Acholi as a tribe exist, and in 50 years to come do
ethnic groupings called Acholi will still be existing? Okello Okello questioned.
Lamwaka Jean, 40 years old a Disabled Person living in Nwoya Namokino village
was con by Magzni John from Fort partial district Western Uganda from land sales
of UGX 4 million.
Lamwaka, today, Tuesday Feb. 28 Black Star News found her crying at Gulu Bus
Park terminal because her lover who made an agreement to borrow UGX 4 million
from Centenary Bank Limited, went missing after taking a document of sales.
“I told him to write a sales agreement of UGX 4 million which I wanted to borrow
from Centenary Bank, but when he got the document, after acquiring the loan, he
went missing.” Lamwaka decries.

Lamwaka, who does not know how to write and read, says that is her problem, and
she is among the many people in northern Uganda who are suffering on the matter
of land.
The Acholi paramount chief, still waiting white cow and bull for cultural ritual
cleansing, Gilbert Olanya says he wants Acholi Parliamentary Groups AGP body
to take charge and support the process and fund the cultural ritual. Olanya says.
Anita has blocked the scheduled Press conference by Northern Uganda Media Club
which was supposed to meet Museveni in Gulu UPDF4th Division, but allow 8
foreign journalists brought by Odyek Rabogo.
Minister Anite also sidelined Hellen Seku Gild president who doubles as a private
secretary in charge of youth.

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