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The need for a holistic review of the constitution dominated a dialogue meeting organized by the coordinating team of the Uganda National Dialogue in Gulu.

Politicians from opposition parties asked the Uganda National Dialogue team to root for a constitutional review noting that some of the articles over give power to the president.


Justine Obol, the Secretary for Democratic Party in Gulu argued that article (1) of the constitution states that power belongs to the people but this is not being manifested in the country.


He emphasized that the team should ask parliament and party leaders to consider a total review of the constitution during the dialogue instead of picking only a few like on land ownership, natural resources, election and tenures in parliament.


This he explains that it will guarantee a peaceful power transition in the 2021 elections.


Kelly Komakech the Pece Division Chairperson argued that power struggle in the country has been longstanding due to loopholes in the constitution which gives too much power to the president.


Livingstone Okumu Langol a member of the Uganda People`s Congress party explained that the constitution gives too much power to the president to appoint and fire top officials a factor which gives immunity from certain decisions against him.


According to Okumu the power of the president to appoint the chief judge, inspector general of police and top generals has jeopardized the country`s struggle towards equality.


The people claims that the Uganda National Dialogue should not leave the constitution unchecked if at all it aims at promoting peaceful power transition in the country.


Justice James Ogoola the head of Uganda National Dialogue said all the concerns will be presented during the national dialogue which date is yet to be set.


The Uganda National Dialogue team headed by Justice James Ogoola were for an envisioning meeting for selected leaders of Gulu district on the pilot exercise for the citizen`s dialogue.

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