As the grandson is in prison facing justice

Dear friends,
Following my visit to Mego Anek Lucy on 13/04/2020 after she was savagely beaten by her Grandson, Okello Brian, a number of you reached out to me and asked whether I could help receive your contributions and send to Mego Anek Lucy.

Today April 16th 2020, we had a meeting with the leadership of Omoro District, Director of GWED-G, Director Flama Uganda and the Chairman LC1 of Ami-Lobo village, LC3 Chairman of Ongako, the granddaughter of Mego Anek who is currently taking care of her at Flama-Uganda, Counsel Julius Ojok, Ms.Stella Kijange, Ladit Mawa Francis, Marc Anthony and a few other people who have also been raising money to help mego Anek Lucy. This meeting was majorly to create a proper coordination mechanism so that all those who have expressed interest in helping or those who are raising money can have a more coordinated approach.

The meeting resolved that the Director of Flama-Uganda should head a small committee and work closely with Mego and her relatives as well as the leadership of Omoro to ensure that all the contributions/donations reach her or handled in a manner that will address her needs and in the most accountable & transparent manner.

I therefore would like to very sincerely thank the following people who sent their contributions through me and do declare your contributions as follows:
1. Arthur Larok- 100,000/=
2. Susan Caroline Akello- 323,260/=
3. Omony Oryema/Gerald Hiotis- 50,000/=
4. Polline Omal – 432,119/=
5. Ocan Bob Mabelle- 100,000/=
6. Harriet Akullu(Thru: Ajok Sylvia)- 731,786/=
7. Regina Kaija- 5000/=
8. Owani Omara Bob Walter- 20,000/=
9. Laila Alur- 10,000/=
10. Shonga Herbert- 161,630/=
11. Christine Arach Ross- 90,575/=
12. Simon Kagwa- 5000/=
13. Emmanuel Epila Kissa- 7000/=
14. Arnold Mulamula- 72,460/=
15. Jackie Oloya- 100,000/=
16. Stella Oryang- 91,700/=
17. Ojara Martin Mapenduzi- 100,000/=
Total: 2,400,600/=

I also would like to report to you that I have today handed over to this committee in the presence of Mego Anek Lucy and her granddaughter, and the leadership of Omoro a total of 2,400,600/= (Two Million, Four hundred thousand Six hundred Shillings only).

I now request that any other contribution be channeled directly to this committee and here is the contact of the Director Flama-Uganda (Okello Flavia Teddy): 0782451889. The same committee will also be able to share with you all the details required.

Friends, thank you very much for your kindness and passion for humanity.
God bless you all!

Ojara Martin Mapenduzi
Chairman- Gulu.

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