The Queen of Oryema, the granddaughter of the former IGP Erinayo Wilson Oryema in action


The police post at Purongo Sub County will facilitate net out poachers.

GULU CITY-UGANDA:  The grand daughter of the late Inspector General of Police Erinayo Wilson Oryema  in a move to open police force detach at Tangi village in Purongo Sub County as part of the homage, this was disclosed by Jimmy Patrick Okema, the Aswa Region Spokesperson on Monday 12, April in Gulu.

Jimmy Patrick Okema on Monday early this week in a joined media conference at Northern Uganda Media Club, NUMEC disclosed that the Northern Uganda Regional Police commander has directed Nwoya district Police Commander to create Uganda Police Post detach at Tangi Village as part of community policing to curb out felony in Purongo Sub County.

In 2014 the body of former Inspector General of Police Wilson Oryema his wife was exhumed from Gulu City taken to Nwoya district and Oryema body was exhumed reburied at Tangi village.

Okema says the government of Uganda accorded the late IPG Wilson Oryema state burial to honor him, and during his burial president Museveni promised to provide the family with security, later on the government posted three police officers.

“We are going to open a Police post at Tangi village, during the reburial of the late IGP Wilson Oryema, president Museveni promised the family that the police post should be created as part of the security to the family of former IGP Oryema. But we have deployed three police officers at Tangi village, but since then the lives of those police officers have been in danger.” Aswa Region Police Spokesperson urged.

Nancy Oryema, the granddaughter of the late IPG says president Museveni promised them the family security, but three years ago some unknown people attacked them, but since the place is isolated nobody came to their rescue.

Adds that President Museveni also asked them if the families of the late IGP Oryema would come back the government would provide for them security, Nancy Oryema elaborates.

“When my father died, the family appointed me to be the administrator of the estate of the late IGP Erinayo Wilson Oryema, I am happy to be here with you, I want you to support our family since we have some problems.” Nancy Oryema mooted Northern Uganda Journalists.

Nancy Oryema says the family has given one acre that will be officially handed over to Uganda Police soon; we have realized that our lives are not safe.

She further reveals that although there was a court ruling handing some of their property which was encroached by Gen. Charles Otema Awany, she says that the family is negotiating with Gen. Otema Awany, and the issue will be handled since the High Court has ruled.

“Currently we have given some land to the community of Purongo to help them to plant some crops, I hope it will help them, so far we have not registered any threatening violence from anyone.” Nancy Oryema answered.

Ben.Okot, the Chairman Local Councilor III of Purongo who also jointly addresses media was upbeat about the development of opening Uganda Police Post at Tangi village, says this will also protect investors workers who come from different places.

Okot cited a case of murder among the workers, says one time the was a scuffle between the workers, one person was killed and his body was hide in the bush, until bad odor led people to discovered that some one was killed.

“With the creation of a new Police Post at Tangi village, I hope it will solve the security matter in Purongo Sub County, not only at Tangi village. And will also help to arrest poachers.” Okot urged.

The attempt to reach Gen. Charles Otema Awany for comment was futile as his phone was not answered.

Life history Erinayo Wilson Oryema

On1 January 1917 – 16 February 1977 was Uganda’s first African Inspector General of Police (1964–1971), Minister of Land, Mineral, and Water Resources (1971–1974) and Minister of Land, Housing and Physical Planning (1974–1977). In February 1977, Oryema, together with Archbishop Janani Luwum and Interior Minister Charles Oboth Ofumbi, is generally accepted as having been murdered by the security forces of the government of President Idi Amin.


Erinayo Wilson Oryema began his career as a teacher. In 1935 he graduated from Buwalasi Teacher Training College in Mbale, after which he was posted to Gulu Primary School in Northern Uganda. He taught at the primary schools in Gulu and Kitgum  between 1936 and 1939, and later became School Master.

Erinayo Wilson Oryema then enlisted in the Uganda Police Force in 1939. A year later he was promoted to the rank of Corporal, and the following year to Sub-Inspector. During World War II, he enlisted in the King’s African Rifles Regiment and after the war ended, he returned to the Uganda Police Force. He made Inspector of Police in 1951, and was listed in the Queen’s birthday honors in 1952 receiving the Colonial Police Madel for exemplary service. He was promoted to Assistant Superintendent of Police in 1954, and in 1956 to Deputy Superintendent.

When the colonial government started identifying African officers to take over the leadership of the force, Oryema was promoted to the rank of Superintendent in 1961, and the following year to Senior Superintendent of Police, then to Assistant Commissioner of Police.

In 1963 Oryema was appointed the first African Deputy Inspector General of Police, and the following year, Inspector General of Police. He served in that capacity until 1971. In 1971, Oryema was appointed Minister of Minerals and Water Resources, and from 1976 he served as a Minister of Lands, Housing and Physical Planning

 Personal life

Oryema was born into the Acholi tribe from Northern Uganda. He was born in 1917 to Victoria Abum Daramoi, daughter of a blacksmith, Dwoka Adat, and Owiny Okoli of the Payira (Northern Uganda).

He met his wife, Janet Manjeri Acoyo, daughter of Lasto Olum, and Abwoyo P’Wali of Palabek, Kitgum (Northern Uganda), a teacher who had qualified at Kabwangazi Teacher Training College, and they married in 1937 at the parish church of St Philips in Gulu town.

They both taught at the same primary schools in Gulu and Kitgum between 1936 and 1939, where EW Oryema later became school master. They had 11 children: Gertrude, Mary, Joyce, William, Henry, Pamela, Betty, John, Irene, Anna, and Geoffrey, who went on to become an internationally renowned musician.


In February 1977, Oryema, together with Archbishop Janani Luwum and Interior Minister Charles Oboth Ofumbi were arrested for their part in an alleged coup and died shortly after

The official account describes the trio as being killed in a road traffic accident while trying to overpower their driver.

However, Henry Kyemba Minister of Health in Amin’s government, later wrote in his book A State of Blood, that “The bodies were bullet-riddled. The archbishop had been shot through the mouth and at least three bullets in the chest. The ministers had been shot in a similar way but one only in the chest and not through the mouth. Oryema had a bullet wound through the leg.” According to the later testimony of witnesses, the victims had been taken to an army barracks, where they were interrogated, beaten and shot dead.

Erinayo Oryema was by the time of his death the longest serving minister in Amin’s government. The murder of Oryema and Luwum had profound effects. Their deaths made many realise that no one was safe, and shortly thereafter several of Amin’s ministers defected or fled to exile.

In May 2014, as part 100 years of service of Uganda Police Force, the current Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura announced a rectification campaign to make good what was done wrong in the past, and said that the late IGP Erinayo Oryema will be given a reburial with full honors


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